yum. run. !!!

creepy baby.
March 2, 2009, 4:19 pm
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chim chimney!

how are we all today!?
general consensus seems to be cold. i concur.

last night..as predicted..i had a munchfest including but not necessarily limited to a cereal mishmash. a good deal of cashews almonds and dried fruit. and chocolate chocolate chocolate. keep in mind that i didnt WANT to eat any of this. but i HAD too. i had ran ten miles after all.

this morning i woke up with ease. i slept like a ROCK last night.

breakfast was sort of in parts since i had to jet off to class.
i started off with this bowl of strawberries.
jaykay. there was lots of cottage cheese and fiber one in the bowl as well. see:
and then i packed up this cutie mandarin orange clementine thing and a gnu bar that i had received from winning kristis valentines day giveaway. [thanks again galpal!]
the cutie was splendid. though many a person in my lecture gave me the stinkeye for spritzing them with the juices while i peeled away.

sad news for the gnu bar. i didnt like him. i think its because theyre sweetened with fruit juice. the taste was just a bit off for me. maybe id like a different flavor better? i hate to write off gnu bars all together because the ingredients and nutritions are pretty good. twelve grams of fiber. all which were totally necessary since i hardly got any fiber from that fiber one i had with breakfast. haha. riiiight.
only eight grams of sugar and four grams of protein though. ya dig?

once i made it back to my apartment i did my daily dose of yoga.
today was the sixtyminute yoga for runners courtesy of my girl dawnelle over at yogadownload. i do this most every monday since i do my long runs on sundays. it works out quite nicely.

lunch time was the last of some homemade chicken chili i had in the freezer from my mum. !!! i bulked it up with some veggies and had it over some spinach which wilted up quite nicely from the heat of the soup. on the side i had carrot sticks and some apple slices with hummus. mmm. apples with hummus is definitely one of my favorite blogworld discoveries. [speaking of hummus. im freakishly close to being out and was planning on making my own. anyone have a tried and true recipe sans tahini?]
and then i may have finished up with this yum.
im pretty apathetic about frangos for the most part. but i can never get enough of the limited edition candy cane ones that are only available around christmas. i have a big ole box here at school and another tucked away for me when im at home.

and it must be said that the chicago frangos trump the seattle ones. those i do love that the seattle ones are individually wrapped. like wee little presents.

oh. and about that baby. yeah. creepfest for sure. those are the babies we put in the ‘king cake’ cupcakes for mardi gras. i swiped one. but now am regretting it because the damn thing gives me the heebiejeebies. im gonna say that picture is so out of focus because my camera was absolutely petrified. ;]

im rambling. i need to go pretend im in college and do some serious work.

see you potatoheads later.

strawberryshortstuff is giving away more simplybars!
onefrugalfoodie is giving away MY cookies/brownies/granola.
and oh man. i wanna try barney butter soooo badly so do NOT comment on luckytastebuds giveaway!


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Gorgeous breakfast!!

Love the Mardi Gras baby, haha πŸ˜€

Have a lovely evening!!

Comment by VeggieGirl

yo woman. the food
is sexy.
the name.
is perfect.

the running.
i envy you.

no but really.
you’re near my age, we share the same name, i enjoy cottage cheese w/ strawbs & fibah one. & long walks on the beach

teach me to become a runner like you
i can run 4 miles if i push it
and 5 if i get to 4, walk a quarter run a quarter walk, run etc.
but i wannanaaa do a 10 miler!

give me a week in the life of erin,( the 10 mile runner ).. (not me, the wannabe)
and her workouts she uses to succeed!

totally loser i am
but whatever

blogrolling ya.

Comment by erin

Apple with hummus and homemade chicken chili…yumm!

Comment by I Run For Fun

great breakfast girlie!
LOVE the strawberries

Comment by cleanveggiex3

Hey girl! Those strawberries look crazy delicious πŸ™‚ Thanks for linking to your blog so I could find you! Yay!

Comment by Jenn (eating bender)

if it’s the fruit juice you’re offended by, try the banana or cinnamon raisin, but not the chocolate or peanut.

Comment by Hangry Pants

That baby IS creepy. I’m not diggin it one bit. I would probably have to hide it so I wouldn’t keep get creeped out by it.

That brekkie looks SO good. I have a mad craving for fresh strawberries now.

Comment by Kristie

Yummy bowl of berries. If I’m out of tahini, I always just substitute peanut or almond butter in my homemade hummus. In fact, I actually prefer the nut butters over the tahini…surprise. πŸ™‚

King Cake – I’m always afraid I’m going to chomp down of one of those little babies!

Comment by Heather Eats Almond Butter

How are the other things that I sent to you? I hope you found something that you liked!

Comment by krittie

[…] packed up this little diddie for a snack: as you may recall back in the days of my creepybabyprime i tried the orangecranberry gnu bar and was less than pleased. however..i GNU [bahaha.] that the […]

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