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March 11, 2009, 8:32 pm
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i received the above sample in the mail yesterday. its full of horrible ingredients and words i could never in a million years pronounce but hey. it was free. and im a sucker for anything free or chocolate.

i decided to be good and only have half of the bag last night. so to bulk it up i mixed up with a bowl of kashi h2h and some soymilk.

and then i was satisfied and went to bed. NOT.

ugh. then i had the rest of the package. with more h2h. and then i just had another bowl of cereal. and then i finished off the cottage cheese with more kashi crackers.

and then i was satisfied and went to bed. NOT.

as i prepped breakfast i went at this:
first with some frozen blueberries. then with heaps of jelly. and finally with chocolatechunks mixed in.
i seriously need to get my hands on some pb2 or betternpb because this is definitely the jar that i had opened only three days prior. yikes.

i have a serious latenight munching problem.
but im working on it. sort of. oh well. cest la vie.
[at least it was all scrumptious food right. ;] ]

this morning started off with a fab gina breakfast cookie!
peanutbutter. chocolateproteinpowder. oats. frozenblues. soymilk. cant get much better than that in my opinion.

then i went to class. times three. and was supposed to come home and eat lunch and such before work at two. but then trisha really needed me to come in at noon. aka straight from my last class. so i obliged and in turn she bought me lunch to eat while she ran off to a meeting she had to attend.

imagine a six inch oven roasted chicken breast sandwich from subway here. [i got a foot long so the other six inches will probably show up tomorrow if you dont have much of an imagination.]
also lots of random figs and pieces of really good THEO bread&chocolate bar. its divine. oh. and some of those chocolate malt eggs that we randomly had in the back.

and then my dearpie friend jen took me out for korean food. we split a big bowl of some sort of bi bim bop. i dont know man. but it was real good. :]
[by the by thats NOT the bowl we split. thats just a small portion of what i ate from out of the larger stone pot of sorts.]

heres my lovely dining companion. jen is definitely taiwanese so was just as much in the minority as i was in the restaurant. the owner was giving us the stinkeye because we were pretty oblivious to what was going on.

now im eating my third cutie because my day was seriously lacking in fruit. and i think dessert is in my near future. ill try to keep the intense snack session to a minimum tonight. hah. [ETA: just kidding. but at least now the ice cream is gone. ;] ]

okayokay. yoga time!


and wow wow wow. look at how lucky heather is. check out her giveaway!


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Oh wow, Chex mix!!! I want! Haha, when something is FREE, I run for it and dive straight to it. Hahaha, I’m that COOL! =D

Comment by Sharon

Yum snack!!

Comment by VeggieGirl

i love turtle munchieeee oh babby.
love asian food as well.

love it.

Comment by erin

Stick with the real PB my friend. Better’n PB tastes like rubbery plastic with fake sugar, and PB2 is super salty (but I do like using it recipes). Nothing iike the real deal!

im a sucker for anything free or chocolate. – a girl after my own heart. šŸ™‚

Korean food – yum. Gosh, I haven’t had that in a long time…I remember numerous fried eggs on top of big bowls of beefy noodles.

Thanks for the link love!

Comment by Heather McD (Heather Eats Almond Butter)

I totally have a late night munching problem. Actually, I would call it a post-dinner munching problem and it gets REALLY out of control sometimes. I find that I alternate between sweet and salty (btw I LOVE that combo idea mixing some “bad” with lots of good!!! It also looks incredibly tasty!) On Monday,I was just bored and HECK I love to eat. Your late night munchies really don’t seem bad at all compared to mine. hahah I”m a MONSTER!!

P.s. I love bibimbap!! And Taiwanese people (because my ‘rents grew up there). Glad you had fun with your friend!!!!

Comment by luckytastebuds

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind words about Pure Bars! I hope you get to try them soon. Let me know if you want me to send you some šŸ™‚

Comment by veronica

Oh I’m a sucker for trail mix with a whole buncha chocolate in it. I just bought S’more Trail Mix with marshmallows and other really bad stuff in it.

Comment by Amy S.

haha, your blog is so fun! i’m the same way with snacks too — “ok, i’m done and satisfied. hmm, ok, i’m done. ok, now i’m REALLY done. but there only a little bit of pb left, might as well scrapeit …”
great b-fast cookie combo!

Comment by Sarah

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