yum. run. !!!


i mean catch up.

i have a lot of that to do.

i have waaaaaay too many pictures of food from thursday friday saturday and today so ill just pick the best ones from the bunch.

thursday i woke up to some fab fig/pistachio oaties.
we all know what oats look like. but before i added the bulk of my toppings i tried to make the bowl look classy so youre gonna look at them gosh darnit!


then i went for a nice six mile run. did some quick arm weight doodles. and eventually came home and did some yogaaaa.

lunch was leftover subway [ovenroastedchickenbreast – wheat] and a delicious apple.

i snicksnacked on a larabar in class and then came home to the most superb dinner!!

a big ole spinach/romaine salad with roasted veggies and pineapple and turkey meat. of course i had to have some kashi lovebites on the side. what made the salad was the super dressing i managed to concoct. bbq sauce. rice wine vinegar. hummus. and a splash of pineapple juice. it was heavenly.

i ended the night with a h2h. chocochunk. dried berrie medley.
and the rest of this:
peanut butter monster for sure.

friday was mostly the usual. oats. turkey wrap. clems. random nibbles. etc etc.

then i headed home for the weekend. wooo!

only not. because i came home to this:
slim pickins yall.

heres the deal. the cathmeister was on a two week cruise throughout the holy lands so there was no food to be found. oy ve.

i managed to whip up a beautious bowl of lovin though.
sweet potato [surprise surprise] with black beans frozen veggies and salsa! nom.

then there was lots of this:
and this:
and this:img_0057

and maybe an ice cream bar i found in the back of the freezer.
hey i was lonely. mum needed to come back to the states. asap.

at some point in the munching i took a break long enough to do jillian michaels thirtydayshred. level three. i love her. girl knows how to make me sweat.

saturday morning i woke up to some scrumptious peanutbutterybananesquedriedcranberryoatgoodness and then headed off to my lovely galpals baby shower. [eep! twins!] lots of typical large social gathering food was consumed. casseroles and such. definitely not my thing. but i had just ran six miles so i managed. the large table of cookies help. ;]

i got home. did some yoger and cleaned up the house for the arrival of my mamacita. all the while munching away on chocolate and an apple and some more cereal because its what i do.

dinner was an eggiescramble with lots of veggies and blackbeans and a frozen waffle with peanut butter and jel schmeared on top.

after the meister returned home and we gabbed about her travels i settled in for a snack or several.
airplane toblerones. schwing!

there was lots more cereal and peanut butter too. but that goes without saying.

this morning was obviously more oats after a divine yoga sesh.
then i ran ten miles. this was my third time running this distance but today it was excruciating. my legs were so heavy and my nose is still a drippin away. i thought the run would never end. i still managed to pound out around eightthirty miles so i suppose i cant complain.

lunch was delicious considering what i had [or didnt have] to work with since rather than stocked up on groceries while i was out running for an hour and a half cath decided to get herself hardees for lunch. grumblegrumble.

packet of tunerfish all mixed up with salsa. kashi lovebites. a bigass apple. and some carrots. munchcrunchyum.

then on the trip back to school i had a cinnamon dolce latte from starbucks. so good so good. and lots of snickysnacks. yum.

once back i decided i needed some green so i had a little dinner of sort though i really wasnt all that hungry.
lotsa random veggies on a sandwich thin and grapes. i ate a hoard of the veggies in the chopping process. mmm. fresh!

the night is young so im sure the kitchen raid will soon begin.

yowzah. i definitely need to figure out how to upload pictures onto my mac without doing so via my printer because once im home for spring break homegirl is gonna have to lots of good eats to show!

well. ive babbled and drabbled on for long enough.
so now i will direct your attention elsewhere:
sweet british bar giveaway alert!



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Lovely oats, SWEET POTATOES (!!!), everything else edible…. šŸ˜€ Better stock up on the PB though!!

Great run!!


Comment by VeggieGirl

Oh wow, love your eats! Black beans are my love! I’m already out of them, and need to stock up soon. šŸ˜€

Comment by Sharon

I’m quite impressed with your resourcefulness on such a limited grocery stock at home. Everything looked delish!

Sounds like you had some great yoga action and plenty of running going on as well. Sorry the nose is still giving you trouble. Hopefully, it will clear up soon. Ever since I cut way back on dairy, my snot issues have totally gone away. Every time, I eat it again, they come back. Bummer cause I love yogurt so very much. Yogurt or excess mucous? That’s my choice. Lovely, huh?

Sweet potatoes…yum!

Comment by Heather Eats Almond Butter

ohh I tried those pretzel thins a day ago, my mom had them stocked at home and I loveee them!! So tasty, definitely didn’t think of dipping them in cottage cheese though, going to have to try that..NOW! hahha

Comment by jesslikesithot

That salad from the second picture looks SO GOOD!! It’s only 10 in the morning but now I’m craving a nice green salad.

Comment by Amy S.

Hey Erin! You asked about my cottage cheese…I blend all the nasto lumps out in my Magic Bullet. Creamy and smooth is where its at!

Comment by Sarah

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