yum. run. !!!

have you seen my icard?

because i cannot find it ANYWHERE. grumble grumble.

no matter. this is not a lost and found blog.

lets begin with my late night noshes.

d’anjou pear. lindt chocolate. almonds.

and then i was satisfied and went to bed.

hahahaha. i think we know better.
i mean come on now. whats a day without peanut butter?
no day of mine. thats for damn sure.

random cereal mix. soymilk. frozen banana. chocolate chunks. PEANUT BUTTER.

and then i went back for another spoonful or three. mmmm.

this morning i wanted oatmeal but opted for something a bit more low maintenance for the sake of time.

cottage cheese. kashi h2h. blues. and some chopped up pistachios for good measure.

i had wanted to try sarahs cottage cheese nonsense but it was early and my magic bullet is anything but considerate. all in good time my friends. all in good time.

then i discovered my icard is missing. and i NEED it for important university things. but mostly i just wanted to do some crosstraining after my classes. bummer. and its twentybucks to replace goshdarnit. thats like eighteen pounds of bananas ill never get to eat. :/

after class i came home and ripped apart my room in search of my icard but no such luck. so i comforted my heavy heart with a delightful little treat.

cutiecutie and reeeeeses!!! my group won the review game of sorts we had played in my discussion this morning [i swear in not still in middle school]. so i took my handful of reeses for winning. and then a handful or two more because some of my group members didnt want theres. [doubleyouteeeff?!] of course i had more than just the one pictured. but i was trying to be cutesie.

since i couldnt crosstrain at the arc and its GORGE out again today i decided id just go for an easy run. reeses arent necessarily the best prerun fuel so i ate half a clif bar. [remember the one i didnt get to yesterday? his day had finally come. mwahahaha.]

i just went for a nice threemiles and only had to deal with one full red light and a couple halvsies. schwing. i got home and hung out with my girl jillian michaels for a few while we shredded it up. level three style.

heres my lunch ‘salad’. aka a bit of romaine and spinach with a MOUND of butternut squash and some green and yellow peppers all roasted up. grapes joined the party.

roommate rant: so this gal that i live with. shes the antithesis of a healthy eater. she lives on fiery cheetos and blue kool-aid but whatever. to each her own. however. every time i am cooking something with a nutritional value she makes a big scene about how gross and smelly and disgusting my food is. she walked in this afternoon when i was heating up my squash and was like ‘OH MY GOD. WHAT IS THAT SMELL. IT SMELLS HEALTHY. THATS SO GROSS. WHAT IS THAT!?’ ugh. its getting old. okay. end rant.

anywho. now im just sort of chillin out. pretending my neverending list of things to do does not exist. sigh. if only.

ive gotta work tonight so if youre jonesin for a cupcake feel free to stop on by. ;]


whats the last thing you lost?


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I love how you plate your eats!! Works of art 🙂

Ahh hang in there with your roommate!!

Last thing I lost = my glasses!! Thank goodness I found them just a few minutes later. Being blind = not fun, haha.

Comment by VeggieGirl

Oh wow, super wonderful yummy delicious, ahhh oh-so good eats!!!!!

Comment by Sharon

I like the doodles on your notebook 😉

Last thing I lost was the cord that connects my camera to my computer! So I stole my mom’s 🙂

Comment by Amy S.

Ok first of all, pear + chocolate is the perfect combination!!!

And second, I totally agree, HATE when my roommates comment on the smell of my food (they rarely do…which is nice, BUT…) it’s like dangggg SORRYYYY but your leftover panda express chillin in our trashcan smells bad too! hahah

Comment by jesslikesithot

my sanity’s been mia since starting grad school …

i love all of your “placemats,” and a day without pb is definitely no day at all 😉

Comment by Sarah

I last lost my mind!

I love everything behind your beautiful food! What fun doodling!

Comment by healthy ashley

Hey girl! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I am looking forward to reading yours.. and I completely agree a day without peanut butter is definitely not a good day! 🙂

Comment by Haleigh

Oh goodness, your roomie would drive me up a wall. Absolutely obnoxious. She jus’ don’t know. I’m afraid I’d get bitchy back at her. Muhaha. Like, “do you know what’s in your cheetos? No, didn’t think so. At least I can pronounce the ingredients in what I’m eating.” I say that, but I like a good junk food every now and then.

SALAD looks amazing!

Comment by snackface

What IS a day without peanut butter? I never want to know. Speaking of which, I was sent 4 jars of nut butter today from East Wind Community. They sent me 2 peanut butter, 1 almond and 1 cashew. One of the most freshly-roasted-peanutty tasting peanut butter I’ve ever had! Needs a touch more salt in my opinion. I think I’m on a peanut butter high right now, I’ve had way too much. Hope you have too!

Comment by Nick

Sounds like a great workout! I still haven’t tried the Shred DVD’s–I’m a little scared from reading all the reviews online!
I have lost my little notebook that I log my weight and exercise in and it is driving me INSANE! Ahhh!

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

gorgeous salad!!
love the orange spread haha

Comment by cleanveggiex3

[…] lucky duckkkkkk. March 30, 2009, 4:22 pm Filed under: breakfast, lunch. | Tags: cereal, hummus, nom, protein powder, sandwich thins GUESS WHO FOUND THEIR ICARD!!! […]

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