yum. run. !!!


hello my pets.

im bloggin from work. dont tell trisha.

how are we all on this fabulous friday?!
after work im makin the trek back to hicksville
for a week of fun in the sun. and by sun i mean
cornfields. cold death cornfields. but i cant wait!

buuuuut as interesting as cornfield are lets get to
something a bit more excited. aka fooooood. yum.

now where were we? oh yes. wednesday lunch.
well of course i had to have to dessert!


then i packed up some dinnerage and headed to work.

nothing new here. chicken. bbq sauce. peppers. spinach. etc. and a pear.

sorry for intense repetition. just tryin to make due with what
foods i have in my apartment since ill be headed home soon.

and then because i was bored and it was there i snacked on this:

cinnamon banana walnut muffin. these babies are biggens.

and i had some rooibush cream caramel tea for my trek home.

and then once i got home i went to bed.

just kidding. i snackattacked my way into the wee hours of the morning.

you know. popcorn. figgies. chocolate chunks. kashi h2h. cinnamon. etc.

a big ole apple. hey. howd those reeses get in there. oops.

and then the faux peanut butter experience made me want. wait..NEED the real deal. so i had a spoonful. or three. :]

then i really went to bed.

after a jammin yoga sesh i was cravin some deliciousness so i went with the best clif bar flavor. ever. and a big juicy orange. none of that bitty cutie nonsense.

i went to the arc. using my license. i can only do that twice a semester so i had better find that silly ole icard or get a new one. stat.

five miles and some weights later i was a hot sweaty mess.
speaking of hot..i dont know if its the hormones or the endorphins or the adrenaline or what but there was a fiiiiiine lookin fella gettin his lift on and i wanted jump on it for sure.


lunch was pretty much a lot like yesterday. especially in that it was DELICIOUS.

the rest of my butternut squash with some peppers and chickpeas. all on a bed of spinach. today everything was popped in the microwave for a quick steamin to switch it up from yesterdays madness. and an apple. also. please note my dear lunch guests.


sooo much food. there is no way i can review it all by myself. so i thought maybe some of yall would be interested in assisting me..do i smell a giveaway coming up!?

my excited was soon smashed down by the man or the dean maybe? i dont know. either which way i had to go to class. bummer.

class snacks. mostly for my sanity.

good grief i eat a lot of sweet potatoes. [i think mostly to evoke my favorite comment out of veegee. ;] ]

huzzah. i am no longer at work. i am chillin on my couch at HOME!


oh man. this was A MAZE ING. went back for another pack of chocolate covered pretzels and a few more spoons of peanut butter.

bedtime for bonzo.

last of a mishmash of cereals. frozen naner. blues. and soy milk mixed with a bit of chocolate protein powder to help with keepin my tum satisfied throughout the morn.

class. exam. and the off to the cupcake factory!

here we have the last of my spinach. the last of my peppers. the last of the black beans and salsa. and the last of the kashi crackers. im a pro at cleanin out the kitchen. haha.

i made myself an iced vanilla latte for the trip home and off i went.

i got home HANGRY and so the mum her dudefriend and i went out for thai food at exotic thai. sooo good. i took pictures but they arent on the computer yet so youre just gonna have to wait. i know i know. its killin you.

now im gonna fill up on as much tacky crime scene drama as i can for the next week. ice cream and yoga seem quite plausible for my future. :]

night all.

p.s. sorry if this post doesnt flow well. work interruptions and a three hour drive/dinner/etc caused some breaks in postage.

p.s.s. how about another question?

what was your first job?


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oh my GOSH that is a cr*pload of samples!! you are one lucky blogger aren’t ya?!?! BUt you deserve it, i love your blog! hhehehehe

Gosh i totally snack myself to bed alot. It’s getting me annoyed cuz i can’t fall asleep because I’m SO STUFFED. grrrrr. What a monster. πŸ˜›

My first job was as a teachers assistant in middle school. I had to take care of 5 year olds and it was FUN!!!

Comment by luckytastebuds

Oh my gosh, that is one awesome package!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Sharon

Love your blog, looks great!
Man, that is a TON of samples. How does one get to reviewing things. Like, how did you get to the point where you get sent free samples? πŸ™‚

Comment by Taylor

Besides babysitting….jamba juice was my first job my junior and senior year of high school, hahaahaha…….PS don’t hate on the cuties, you know you love em’!!

Comment by jesslikesithot

and yes, giveawayyyyy I would love to try out all those newman’s goodies! πŸ™‚

Comment by jesslikesithot

Oooh, love the muffin, popcorn snack, Newman’s goodies, and ESPECIALLY the…


Comment by VeggieGirl

They freakin’ hooked it UP!
I think this post flows VERY well. It made me laugh a lot.
I love checking out dudes in the weight room. I go to a university w/o center and they’re all like 8-10 years younger than me and I love feeling like a perv.
Glad I’m not the only one who blogs from work!

Comment by Erin

My first job was in high school at a rec center chaperoning dances for junior highers on the weekend.

Comment by Yasmin

That muffin looks fantastic! And I am lovin’ the Reese’s, definitely the epitome of chocolate and peanut butter!! So jealous of all the samples! My first job was at Limited Too, and sometimes the customers made the mistake of thinking I was a customer as well! haha keep in mind this is a tween store πŸ™‚

Comment by Haleigh

First job – sandwich artist. Totally lame, but my friends thoroughly enjoyed all their free subs!

Love that popcorn figgy snack combo. All snacks should contain a salty/sweet mix!

Wow – you totally scored on the Newman’s goodies. Totally jealous!

No worries on the sweet tater addiction. Just watch out for orange skin. I used to eat twice a day, and people started asking me if I was using fake tanning lotion. I was glowing, but not in a pretty way. πŸ™‚

Comment by Heather Eats Almond Butter

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