yum. run. !!!

buzz buzz bop.
March 21, 2009, 7:59 pm
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yeah. i really dont know where that title came from.

since i left you all in such eager anticipation of my last nights dinner lets just do the damn thing.

but youll have to hold out just a tick longer. were startin with caths.

a pumpkin curry of sorts. i tried it. super delish. shrimp. pumpkin. green peppers. yum.

okay okay. here it is yall:

so it was just called ‘eggplant’. id call it delicious. eggplant. green peppers. onion. shrimp. and a DIVINE black bean sauce. this was soooo good yall. and look at how cute the little flower carrot on that rice is. !!!

after dinner we hit up the grocery store to get some essentials. aka ice cream. and of course loads more.

my mum taught me all about cereal mixing. heres a premixed mash of kashi go lean. kashi crunch. and fiber one. and edys fudge tracks. and of course between bites i finished off this:
peanut butter killah at it again.


this morning i lazed around in bed and did some yoga before breakfast.

imma call these my ‘spring break oats’ because i accidently put in a load of vanilla and my oats looked like they just got back from a week in cancun. bananas. cinnamon. dried crans. cereal mosh. and a fresh dollop of peanut butter also join the festivities. [i swear theres banana oats in there somewhere.]

then i went for a lovely four mile run. paced about eightminute miles give or take. which is way fast for me not on the treadmill. im usually a slowpoke when i dont have anything to pace me.

the weather was fabulous today. we got to about sixty and the sun was a shinin all the day long. score.

haha. sorry im such a cheeseball. this salad was soo good. mixed greens. strawberries. peppers. carrots. blueberries. balsamic. with kashi lovebites on the side. :] and a random hardboiled egg white for protein.

apples with hummus make the best snack.

scrambled delight with mushrooms. peppers. carrots. spinach. and salsa. with a sweet wheat bagel schmeared with peanut butter and jelly. check out the table decor. we keep it classy in these parts.

now im chillin on the couch. ncis much?

im stuffed from dinner. i hope this goes away soon. im jonesin for an ice cream fix.

i loved hearing about everyones first jobs. ive had some doozies. dairy queen. [in the back. lots of greasescrubbin. not so much the cutesie ice cream job.] classic tan. [love cleanin up sweat puddles.] american eagle. [i now loathe malls. and christmas.] but my FIRST job was detassling. [god bless the midwest.]

crime scene dramas..yay or nay?

im a total sucker for em. once i catch the first few scenes i HAVE to watch the whole thing. im such a curious cat. ugh.

until we meet again my lovelies.

ETA: oh myyyy best giveaway ever!? i think so. i want.


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Ohh I love, loveee eggplant dishes!!! Especially spicy ones!….and I love the smiley faced salad, it’s ok that you still play with your food and all. πŸ™‚

Comment by jesslikesithot

Hooray for ice cream, apple & hummus platters, peanut butter… mmm!!!

Yep, I like the crime scene dramas too πŸ˜€

Comment by VeggieGirl

Thanks! I’d say the baking went well, the cookies turned out to be delicious!

Your food looks fun & delicious! Oats are so good & I just looove apple slices, ha. πŸ™‚

Comment by Taylor

wow! that eggplant dish sounds awesome! I wonder how they make it? just with black bean sauce?
oh and why don’t you eat the yolks of the egg? actually, I would leave them out too, because I hate hard-cooked yolk, but I LOVE runny yolks!

Comment by Sophia

sounds like a great meal!!
I get so sad when the pb jar is empty :\

Comment by cleanveggiex3

What a delicious dinner out! I love eggplant, mmmm.. delicious! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Comment by Haleigh

hi, BEEautiful… lol..that kid for sure got laid lol. haha. your package should be out tomorrow since sundays no mail goes out. You should get it by friday πŸ™‚ love ur blog and ur comments bc we are too much of the same with our humor πŸ™‚

Comment by Lora

Wowee, awesome dinnah! I just caught up on the last post too, and holy Newman! There was a great article about the company in February’s Vogue that I highly recommend reading. I missed out on the first job stuff, but I’ve had some doozies: working at King’s Island (amusement park), a couple delis (ewww lunch meat) and the local Olive Garden. Haha whatever, I did what I had to do. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Comment by snackface

ICE CREAM!!! hahah, I want some now.
Totally love your eats!

Comment by Sharon

That eggplant looks so delicious.

Love all of your eats.

Comment by I Run For Fun

thanks for checking out my blog! Your too cute! yummy yummy eats:)

Comment by eatlivelovedream

yummmmmmm you have some good lookin’ food on this page, but the ice cream of course caught my eye!

Comment by Amy S.

I’m pretty sure I never eat less than two kinds of cereal together at a time anymore. Cereal mixing is where it’s AT.

I’ve never gotten attached to any crime scene shows. I don’t know WHY because every time I’ll randomly watch an episode here and there I love em but I just haven’t ever watched them regularly. That might have to change one of these days.

Comment by Kristie

Crime scene drama – a huge YAY!

Comment by Allison

i think i like svu the best. it’s on past my bedtime these days, though, so i don’t get to see it much. hmph!

DQ was my first job!! but i got to do the ice cream stuff πŸ™‚ and we were allowed unlimited soft-serve. i used to make myself the best combos, mmmmm. and i actually lost 10 pounds that summer!

i love your crazy egg white eyes!

Comment by Sarah

Looks like you love peanut butter just as much as I do!!

Hmmmm, a cereal and ice cream mixture. That’s a new one for me but you know, I think I’d like it!! : ) Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Comment by mejese313

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