yum. run. !!!

goodness me..
March 25, 2009, 8:46 pm
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you guys a crazy with these giveaway comments. keep on keepin on.

spring break is flying by. is wednesday seriously over?!

per usual i am behind on the bloggage. oops. no worries. im here to get you up to speed.

monday night ended with lots of peanut butter and crackers as well cereal. no pictures. scroll down. i have a couple of pictures of peanut butter on here im sure. ;]

i woke up yesterday and made the most scrumptious of breakfasts.

i started off with this amazing bowl of strawberries. nectarine. kiwi. blueberries. and grapes.
and then i added loads of cerealmash and vanilla yogurt. enjoyed with the latest issue of clean eating magazine and a cuppa joe.

the rest of the day was awkward in terms of eating. it rained on and off aaaaaall day and so i kept just eating light ‘pre-run’ snacks and then as soon as i would throw on my nikes and down pour started up again. eventually i went to the hospital [where my mother works] and used a treadmill in cardiac rehab after all the patients were done for the day. five sweeeeeeeaty miles in about thirtyeight minutes. and i piddled with some weights for a few.

heres the one picture i managed to take between breakfast and ‘dinner’. mmm. i love airline pretzels. haha.

after my sweatfest i made ‘dinner’ though it was pretty early. either way it was divine.

salad contents: mixed greens. spinach. sauteed zucchini. mushroom. peppers. carrots. corn. etc etc. my ‘dressing’ was a mix of trader joes black bean dip and salsa. and trader joes veggie tortilla chips on the side. my little egyptian camel friend wanted a bite.

then to continue on the with trader joes munchin i went back for more chips and black bean dip. so good. so good.

i obviously needed late night nibbles.

edys fudge tracks. newmans own peanutbutter newman os. lotsa peanut butter.

and then when i was taking my little mug back to the kitchen i decided to fill er up again.

this time we have gala chunks. cerealmishmosh. and more peanut butter.

unpictured: lots more cereal. lots more peanut butter. chocolate nibbles.

mmmm. yoga and a warm cozy bed.

this morning i woke up and had breakfast before heading to the doc for my annual check up. mmmm. my favorite.

i swear there is a bagel smothered in a peanutbutter/yogurt mix under there somewhere. such a perfect way to start my morning.

lunch was pretty superb as well. that wrap is hiding an eggie scramble with lots of spinach. peppers. carrots. mushrooms. salsa. and black bean dip. half a pear. and grapes. [i ate lots more than pictured.]

for dessert i had the other half of my pear with the last of this jar of italian generic brand nutella. whats that they say..when in rome? [hahahaha. i thought that was way more funny than i should have.]

as you may have noticed i have serious obsessions with certain foods. [hello peanut butter. cereal. sweet potatoes. chocolate. etc.] so it should be no surprise that this was my afternoon snack:
LOTS of trader joes veggie tortilla chips and black bean dip. i am not kidding when i say lots. i generally cant go more than three hours without food and i was still miserably full a good four hours after this munchfest.

somehow i still managed to find room for dinner. ;]
i baked up a sweet potato with spinach. bbq sauce. peppers. mushrooms. carrots. and pineapple. this picture is terribly awkward but youll just have to believe me when i say this was delicious.

and now i think were pretty much updated. woo.

since my afternoon snack was so much bigger than usual maybe i wont be AS snacky tonight.

hahahahahahahahaha. who are we kidding.

it was cold and dreary all day today so i just wasnt feelin a run in the frigidness so i did some level three shredin and core yoga this afternoon. i was a hot mess afterward. love.

i think ive bumbled on for long enough. hope all is well on that side of the screen.

hasta la vista my wee petunias.

whats your favorite floooooower?

im a sucker for poppies.

poppies at the cutest little winery just outside of rome.


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I love how colorful those chips are! I want some!! Lol!

Comment by Sharon

Your fruits look soo good…I am practically drooling at my keyboard!!! I want kiwis & nectarines & strawberries…mixed with delicious yogurt….ahhhh!

Comment by runsarah

the fruit is hardcore food porn.

i can never make up my mind about flowers, but i really like gerber daisies and anything really colorful 🙂

Comment by Kara

Your food makes my mouth water!

Exotic dancing definitely wouldn’t be a desk job. And I could sure be creative. And “dancing” counts as fitness! I’m in!

Comment by healthy ashley

gerber daisies. hands down my fav flower!
and you gave me an idea…because PB, choc and sweet potatoes is ALSo a fav of me…why not combine all of them together? instead of butter, spread some PB goodness on it? hmmm yes!
haha sorry rambling

Comment by hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

mmm, love the salad with tortilla chips!! i could eat salad for every meal, every day. yum.

i think it’s safe to say i love every flower on the planet. theyre just so pretty!

Comment by Megan

Yeah, I’m so excited for my “goodies” to come in the mail! 🙂

Is that a FlatOut wrap? I “think” I can recognize those anywhere! lol.

And don’t worry, I have certain obsessions with food as well. Pretty much peanut butter is my #1! 😀

Comment by Taylor

You salads look amazing! And note to self: go find that bean dip, which also looks fantastic.

Love your Egyptian camel! 🙂

And my favorite flower is a boring ol’ (but beautiful!) rose. Especially if it smells nice.

Comment by Lisa

All your food is beautiful but that yogurt mess with the blueberries and kiwi is just so pretty and yummy looking!
I think my favorite flower is a hydrangea…I love the pretty shades of pink & purple!

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

5 miles in 38 minutes!! Dang girl you are speedyyyyy!!

That TJ’s spicy black bean dip sounds amazingggg, and I am craving all your fruit, hummus, chips, FOOD in these pictures, ahh so jealous that you get to enjoy all of the spring break luxuries now! 🙂

Comment by jesslikesithot

Wohoo, great snackage! 🙂 Your ice cream bowls with PB and Newman O’s are insanely fantastic!

My favorite flower… hmm, tough one, I know I have one but I can’t think of it right now. I thought I’d get some tulips next weekend or in two weeks for easter. Sweet. Poppies are very cute though. I remember painting poppies for a oil painting I had to do in school when I was like 10? That was fun. And hard.

Comment by Tina


**Favorite flower = red rose.

Comment by VeggieGirl

All your food looks scrumptious!!! My fav flower??? I couldn’t pick just one, but I do love sweet pea’s because they smell soo good! and Mums of course:)

Comment by eatlivelovedream

favorite flowers would be orchid and lilies!loving the colorful chips!
you know what’s good with sweet potato? black beans! trust me, you’ve gotta try that combo!

Comment by burpexcuzme

Girlie, you eat some TASTY food!! Fabulous 🙂

My favorite flowers are peach roses!

Comment by ksgoodeats

That bagel looks so delicious!!!

Comment by Haleigh

I am seriously loving all those fruit… YUM! That wrap sounds so good too!
I have to say that my favorite flowers are red-orange baby roses. I know, very specific, but they are SO pretty!
Keep enjoying what’s left of your spring break!

Comment by Heather

i would have been lined up right behind that camel for your dinner. in fact, i probably would have pushed the camel out of the way.

my favorite flower is the crocus because it means spring is really coming 🙂

enjoy the rest of spring break… sooo jealous!

Comment by Sarah

I just stumbled upon your blog and nearly choked on my coffee when you said ‘icard.’ I then realized that you, too, go to the wonderful cornland school of Illinois. I’m running the full marathon in a few weeks – good luck getting into the half. It’s been full for over a week now, so make sure you check that you’re registered! And continue to enjoy the running! Your pictures will amuse me as I realize, “hey, I’ve been there!”

Comment by Jessica

Gerbera Daisies. 🙂

I thought you were eating all those TJ’s chips with your generic Nutella when I saw your jar of black bean dip…actually, that would probably taste pretty good. I love a good/salty sweet combo!

Everything looks delicious. I love that you always go back for more peanut butter.

5 miles in 38 minutes? Nice!

Comment by Heather Eats Almond Butter

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