yum. run. !!!

no mas.

well hello.

is anyone else starting to think that the sun has forgotten how to shine? lord knows ive forgotten what sunshine looks like. buzzkill.

anywhooo. last night i had some munches. self-explanatory at this point.

times this picture by three. and then add in a few handfuls between pours.

and a moment of silence please. we lost another jar of peanut butter.
five days. not bad. not bad at all.

of course all i wanted when i woke up this morning was peanutbutter. no such luck. i found a pretty legit alternative breakfast though.

pre fone and mixage.
this is good stuff my friends. good stuff.

i spent most of the morning putzing around. i like to putz.

putz putz putz.

[maybe i moreso just like word?]

i nibbled a bit as i waited for some sunshine. no such luck.

i went out for a fivemiler. it took about fortyminutes give or take. when i started my legs felt tighter than a .. i think such inappropriate thoughts. you guys have no idea how much i censored myself for yall. thankfully after a half a mile or so they loosened up a bunch. woo.

i had to shovel down lunch so i could head out and check my car checked out by my mothers fellafriend.

spinach. mixed greens. carrots. peppers. corn. sweet potato chunks. pretzels for some crunch action. salsa/blackbeandip ‘dressing’.

i feel like i should apologize for such repetition in my eating. but im not going to because this was the bomb diggity. youre gonna have to deal.

apparently my trunk is all cock-eyed so when it rains my spare tire well gathers water. glorious. always the optimist matt told me i should just enjoy the fact that i have a hot tub in the back of my car. hardy harr harr. not amused.

cath tried her hand at homemade pizza dough tonight. oy ve.
this recipe calls for heating the pizza stone and then just putting the pizza on it for five minutes to crisp up. the transfer to the hot stone was quite a sight to be seen. i wanted a super crisp thin crust. hahahaha. not even close. oh well. it was still a delicious disaster.

i roasted peppers. onions. mushrooms. etc. then added those and some sundried tomatoes to the sauce laden dough. goodness that picture is haggard.
i cut some it into more manageable chunks and plated them with grapes and kiwi. divine.

and then five minutes later i went back and hoovered the rest of it down.

and then five minutes later my stomach began to register the fluffypuffy crust. oops.

i just finished up some yoga in hopes of stretching my leadlegs out.

oh and dont worry. cath and i went and got some more peanut butter this afternoon. ;]

so whats the word..thin and crispy or chewy doughy crust?

im a total thin and crispy girl. with loads of veggie toppings. nom.

oh. and if you havent already heard about tinas pure bar giveaway then youre doing this whole blog thing totally wrong..but just in case: CLICK!

heres another fun giveaway: ;]


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I love thick & doughy crust…with tons of veggies on top!

Comment by runsarah

Oh my gosh, super yum! I love your delicious eats! Hummm, for pizza, I like the chewy doughy crust. I like crispy and crunchy things for others, but pizza for me needs to be doughy. CARBS ❤

Comment by Sharon

i am all about the putzing.

I really like the pretzels in the salad! Nice!

Comment by Kara

ok, so i dont even know where to begin. perhaps with “tighter than a…”

you are a-mazing. could we be new best friends, bc im pretty sure id like you to make me massive cereal and chopped fruit bowls all the time. like right now, plz.

Comment by elise

I am a crunch addict too, so I am totally stealing your pretzel in the salad idea. Genius!

Comment by Caroline

I love eating thin crust pizzas with loads of veggies too…divine!

your breakfast w/ the cottage cheese and all that fruit (strawberries AND kiwis?!?!)…..wowww so jeal!
And don’t apologize for being repetitive with your food, I sware you aren’t!

Comment by Jessica (jesslikesithot)

Although I have enjoyed a thick and chewy crust or two I’d have to agree with you. Thin and crisp with a bunch of veggies on top is definitely the way to go! Here in Sweden the standard pizzas have a very, very thin crust, contrary to the US where the standard is a thick chewy crust. Homemade pizza is the best! 🙂 I have heard about making pizza on a stone like that and even considered doing it some time but haven’t got around to finding myself a flat stone yet. Lol.

Comment by Tina

No apologies on eating the same stuff – I do, too! Cottage cheese!! I’m addicted to that stuff! I love that you used pretzels as “croutons” – genius idea!

Oh thin and crispy is THE ONLY way to go 😉

Comment by ksgoodeats

Check out my blog! Congrats!!

Comment by Missy Maintains

Thanks for the shout out about my giveaway! 🙂

Comment by Tina

I love the before and after pic of your brekkie! And I am DEF with you on the thin crust…with LOADS of veggies, YUM!

Comment by Em

I am with you on the thin and crispy! What an interesting idea to add pretzels to your salad!

Comment by Haleigh

I am a chewy doughy girl. No bad body talk there, though.

I am also digging the pretzel croutons!

Comment by Sarah

ahh theres so much going on in each bowl/plate- i love it and want it all!

Comment by sue

Before I read anything I scanned through your food pics. I knew you had to be a young little thing! Your eats look good! I would gain 100lbs just looking at those cookies or pretzels!


P.S. that pic was dirty, huh? LOL

Comment by justine

woah baby your fruit looks just awesome.
im such a thin and crispy girl 🙂

Comment by cleanveggiex3

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