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inspiration nation.
March 27, 2009, 2:39 pm
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yeah yeah yeah.

im probably one of the few bloggettes that is sad that it is friday.
grumblegrumble. boo college.

but enough about ME. how are YOU!?

okay. back to me.

last niiiiiiight:
the last of the fudge tracks [twelveservings my ass]. mashup nan. pretzels. cerealll.
times thirtysixZILLIONandthree. sorry the picture is so dark but im tryin to save the world yo.


this morning i woke up and it was sunny and cheery!
haha. GOTCHA. suckahs.

but at least breakfast was good.

the usual premix photo. hey wait..why is that dish of yogurt an awkward/disgusting color. PEANUTBUTTER. mmm.
so good. so good.

it was cold this morn. and i hate cold. and more so i hate running in the cold. mostly because i like to breathe. and when i combine cold and running not so much. so i managed to not breathe for a good three miles/twentyfour minutes [im callin up the folks at guinness..that has GOT to be a record of some kind]. then while the heart was still a pumpin and the snot was still a flowin i got my shred on.

as of late there seems to be a game of inspiration tag going on in the blogosphere. eh! eh! eh! !? so i thought i would play along.

i like this game because basically my lunch was the same thing ive been eating all week..but i get to blame it on someone else. ;]

okay. it wasnt the same thing ive been eating all week because it was SO MUCH BETTER. this lunch totally hit the spot [no..not THAT spot. pervert.]

so im nearly twentyone..but i look twelve. ergo i can still play with my food. kapeesh?
i had no intention of incorporating blueberries into my lunch but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.


so heres what went down. i shoved. err. delicately positioned a flatout wrap into an oven safe bowl and stowed her away in the toaster oven whilest i prepared the innards.

you cannot see it so much but there is a layer of sauteed spinach topped with all those above veggies: peppers. onions. zucchini. mushrooms. carrots. etc. these were also sauteed with some FAJITA spices. mmmm.

and of course the blackbeandip/salsa combo had to rear its ugly head. and by ugly i obviously mean delicious.

enjoyed with a cara cara orange and of course those gosh darn blueberries.

thanks sarah. andrea. and brittany. i am eternally grateful to all of you. at least until snack time.

and i may or may not have just ran to the kitchen and hit up the peanut butter jar just a tick ago when i was typing out breakfast. but whos to say for sure?

cath is gonna be home from work in a bit and if i dont clean up the explosion i left in the kitchen it may be the end of me and we simply cannot have that now can we?

BUT before i go. check out this post by jbend! so fun.

and hurry along if you havent hit up my giveaway..im picking a winner MANANANANANANANA [tomorrow for my not so cultured friends.]

what the last reeeeeeally good book you read!? [twilight does not count.]

i havent read a book for pleasure in EONS. but this one is always a crowd pleaser.


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SO COLORFUL!!!! I’m totally drooooooooooling!!

Comment by Sharon

Beyond freaking vibrant eats – love it!!

Comment by VeggieGirl

Love the wrap! I might just have to make that!

Comment by Missy Maintains

Is that cottage cheese with tortilla chips?! I like!

Comment by ksgoodeats

i want to make a really corny comment involving tasting the rainbow, but i’ll refrain.

Comment by Kara

Hey! Thanks for stoppin by the ol’ blogaroo!
Your food photos are beautiful. I like how you organize your plate ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comment by Sarah

Rainbow fruits and veg….YUM!

Comment by runsarah

That’s a beautiful array of vits and mins on the cutting board sister girl.
Wow – your book sounds FASCINATING! Almost as fascinating as the last one I read: Principles and Practices of Structural Equation Modeling!

Comment by Erin

Wow I love all the colors!! Great inspiration from fellow bloggers ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for the shoutout to the book club – woohoo!

Comment by Jenn (eating bender)

wow! love your beautiful, colorful eats! you certainly ate by the rainbow!
the last REALLY good book I read was The Thirteenth Tale. I forgot the author’s name, but try it! It’s got AMAZING writing, and the story is both poignant and suspenseful.

Comment by burpexcuzme

This post is soooooo colorful… Love it!

Comment by Leanne

All the fruit and veggies look fantastic!

Yeah, mixing yogurt in with fruit and cereal does kill the presentation. Oh well, it’s yummy and that’s what matters!

Comment by Melissa

Your eats are all so colorful!!! Love it! Stay warm:)

Comment by eatlivelovedream

One of my all time favorite books is “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. That book is so freaking awesome. I also love Skinny Bitch. And yes, I did read the entire Twilight series (despite my 21 yrs). I also just finished this AWESOME book in Swedish called “Mรคn som hatar kvinnor” (Men who hate women) by Stieg Larsson. Not that I’m suggesting you attempt to read a book in a language you do not comprehend, just putting it out there anyway, that book is insanely exciting. It’s like CSI on crack… hmm, don’t know if that was the best description, but hopefully you get my drift.

Comment by Tina

I’m reading “my sister’s keeper” by jodi picoult right now and it’s intense and really good!!!
PS pretty lunch!……rainbow colors?!?! wowww, creative much!? jeeze….. I just can’t compete with you girl!! haha

Comment by Jessica (jesslikesithot)

and thanks to youuu I’m now craving cottage cheese and chips! yummm

Comment by Jessica (jesslikesithot)

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