yum. run. !!!

please excuse my dear aunt sally.
March 28, 2009, 11:44 am
Filed under: life.

my dear aunt sally being code for moi.

last night was a smorgasbord of whiteys shakes. [a necessity when in the quad city area.] cereal mix. [which is now gone. yep. i went through a box of kashi go lean. kashi crunch. and fone in a week. thats classy.] and peanut butter. [obv.]

needless to say my body was a hurtin this mornin. i just did a fab detox yoga sesh and feel oodles better but either which way im taking a personal day.

im just gonna chill out and enjoy my last full day of break with the mamacita.

hasta manana my pretties.


so i went to all the trouble of doing this elaborate excel sheet to determine a winner and then i set up the random number generator and sure enough..


yeah. number one. brother.

BUT CONGRATS KAILIE [aka snackface]!

send me you deets. :]

and thanks to everyone for entering. it made me feel so popular. my gmail was for sure blowin up. i have no shame bribing yall for love. maybe well have to do another giveaway some time soon. :]


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Congratulations to dear Kailey!!!

Comment by VeggieGirl

Hahaha, congratulations Kailie!!!!!!

Comment by Sharon

Congrats Kailey! I could easssily go through a box of Go Lean crunch in a week too…but I try to force myself to mix things up!

Comment by runsarah

YAY KAILEY!!! Oh my gosh she’ll be in heaven!

Comment by ksgoodeats

haha congrats to kailey!

enjoy your last day of break šŸ™‚

Comment by Sarah

Congrats to #1!

Mmm, cereal šŸ™‚

Comment by healthy ashley

congrats kailey šŸ™‚

Comment by cleanveggiex3

Glad i found your blog! It’s so cute!

Comment by Erin

gah i wanna have a meet up bc i swear we are like the same persona. whenever i read your slang i crack up: yo. haha. anywoo hope ya got my bangin’ package (thats what she said) this week bc it was sent out on tuesday and UPS guy (not cute obvi) was like friday fo sho–however he called ur home “rural” what an ass. LOL. oh and u are inspiring me to totz go buy some newmans own PB cookie thangs bc ur ice cream mix looks better than coldstone.

later gator.

Comment by lora

HIII erin bee šŸ˜€ My bloggie name buddy- i love it. I’m dying with that PEMDAS reminder- i don’t think I would have ever thought of that little mnemonic device ever again in my life, and thank the LORD for that! HELLOOOoo history major haha…enjoy your last day with momz, and YES do another give-a-away pleeeeze šŸ˜€

Comment by carolinebee

hope your last day of break went well!

Comment by Bec

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