yum. run. !!!

tuckered out.
March 29, 2009, 9:00 pm
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hi little kitties-

this hot mama is supa tired so lets make it happen.

yesterday was a splendid day of sorts.
well..for the first half my body was noooot pleased with me. but whatever. shut up body. i spent the day with cath and such. panera. target. haircut. yadayada. im not a fan of the haircut. i dont like haircuts. i have serious separation issues. especially with my rattyasshair.

wait. yesterday was stupid. i hate snow. grrrr illinois.

now onto today!! sundayyyyy.

i slothed out of bed and meandered downstairs to whip up a gourmet meal of sorts.

at first i thought i wanted cottage cheese. but i wasnt sure. so i ate a few spoonfuls outta the tub and decided no. i dont want this. and then i ate some more. [!?] so i schmeared a sandwichthin with peanut butter banana and berries. this was for sure what i wanted. coffee may have been brewing whilest this photo was taken. its an addiction kids. :]

can someone explain where half the peanut butter went in two days?

it was snowy/slushy outside but i reeeeeeally wanted to get a long run in. and i didnt want to have to resort to the rickety old treadmills at the hospital so i bundled myself up and was on my merry way.

midrunsustenance: obviously i ate more than just the one fig NEWMAN.

fig newmans are supa good. however if youre going to eat them midrun eat them BEFORE you hit the water point. i was in front of my house at around mile sixandahalf and i guzzled some water. and then at about mile seven i nibbled on these puppies and they definitely gave me the energy to finish up my run but my mouth was hootin and hollerin for some more water.

oh. by the way. i ran twelve miles. i think i ended up running it in an hourforty. give or take. i need a watch. no biggie. [oh man. kidding. biggie!]

it was a pretty ballin run. minus having to prance through/over/around snowslushpuddles. gag. i want to live in la jolla. NOW.

after my run i whipped up a couple of batches of roasted red pepper hummus for the mum and myself. yum. i may have a had a spoonful or three while making it. just to make sure it tasted right of course.

for lunch i mixed up a packet of tuna with bbq sauce and hummus and chopped up peppers carrots and zucchini. i plopped it all on the last of the spinach and for some CRUNCH i added lots of fone. mmm. a juicy little nectarine decided to join the party as well. gobble.

at this point i realized that im in college and so i loaded up my little janky jetta and started off on my three hours journey.

running twelve miles and then driving for three hours straight do not happy legs make. STIFF. [hahaha. i wont take it there.]

along the way i munched on this gal.
ive always been more into the clifs over the lunas but this littlelass was on sale a couple of weeks ago so i picked her up. she was pretty damn good actually. maybe i should give lunas another go?

p.s. disregard the fact that i took that picture while a. driving and b. speeding. oops. [sorry cath.]

after i got back i hit up meijer because a girls gotta eat.
im really bad at actually buying things i need so we will see if i have sufficient food to make at least three meals tomorrow. [my moneys on: not gonna happen.]

by the time i got back to my apartment and unloaded all the my schnaz i was ravenous. ive had a kashi frozen dinner in my freezer since the first week of school and i thought it was probably past its prime and it was an easy fix so into the darling red microwave it went. it took a whole fourandahalfminutes to heat up so i munched on anything i could get my hands on until it was ready.

in a pitiful attempt to pretend im still at home and have access to legit produce i added like a cup of frozen broccoli.

okay. this girl is callin it quits. sorry for a razzlefrazzle post of sorts.

i feel like i had something quasi important to say..type? but now i do not recall. moh well.

ugh. im more joyous news i just got my work schedule for this week.
friday: 4-close.
saturday: 5-close.
woo. party party up in the cupcakefactory all weekend. [i hate my life.]

do you like to drive?

i loathe driving. i make a MUCH better passenger. :]



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Hum, I wish I could like Fig Newtons as much as my mom does… Haha, a chocolate chip cookies is more appealing. LOL
And I really need to try to enjoy CC, but it just tastes a little off for me. Hahaha.

Anyways, yes yes I drive. Um, sometimes I like being the passenger much better though, I hate crazy traffic jams and mad drivers. Haha, they scare me.

Comment by Sharon

Lovin the gourmet!

I do like to drive, especially this time of year when everything starts to bloom. I find it sort of relaxing. Unless I’m running late or something and then it’s horrible.

Comment by Kara

12 miles?!?!! in an hour and 40 minutes??? damn girlll speedy speedy, I wish I could ran that long and far!!! I am supaaa impressed haha!

and yumm that breakfast + fig newmans bars….always amazing!

Comment by Jessica (jesslikesithot)

WOW 12 miles!?! Nice!

I like to ride, but sometimes, if I’m in the mood to drive I like it…It can be soothing 🙂

Comment by jenngirl

dang 12 miley cyrus’s? awesome! where is your half again an when? id lovooove a meetup, maybe when schoolio is over? may? haha it’d be a chicago adventure for sho. love PB and I killed half a jar at home in 2 days too. Its so damn good after a run..nice and salty (oh yes–you heard right– thats def what she said) oh and luna bars…give peppermint a try-o….oh and newmans…i must pick some up ASAP bc they look good too. i love reading your novels so continue writing them please. and u are just like willy wonka in that cupcake factory, so keep doin yo thang.

Comment by lora

awesome job on the 12 miles!!!

that kashi meal is one of my favorites! especially good if you add avocado 🙂

Comment by raspberryrunner

What the hell, 12 miles?? You’re such a baller, I love it. Haha coming back to school BLOWS, doesn’t it. Okay, so it’s not that bad, but home life is so cozy and relaxing! And the food’s great. I’m the same way with micro meals- I eat everything I can while it’s cooking. Anyway, have a great start to the week!

Comment by snackface

Speedy run girl! This roasted pepper hummus stuff sounds so good too…I just make reg old hummus!

Comment by runsarah

OMG what is with the snow in Illinois!? I looked outside and I was like “WHATTT?!?!?” I hate it.

I don’t really like driving either, people are stupid drivers. =P

Comment by shelby

wowwwwwwwww, 12 miles!!!! i’m SO impressed! and you were SO fast. and, ummmm, i forgot to tell you that i may have snuck into your house and ate all your pb in the middle of the night — sorry 😛

caramel nut brownie is the only luna flavor i like — don’t waste your time/$ on the others!

Comment by Sarah

12 miles in an hour, 40? Another great run.

I covet your Jetta. I love the blue/purple lights on the dashboard at night. 🙂

Oh my gosh, I love getting my haircut…well, not the actual cut part, but I do love having it washed. I just want them to rub my scalp for hours.

Glad you made it back to school safely (no more driving pics! :)) Sorry you have to work all weekend. 😦 But, hope you enjoy your week.

Comment by Heather Eats Almond Butter

“so i ate a few spoonfuls outta the tub and decided no. i dont want this.” That is me to a T! I always pull out the tub and eat it while looking for a snack! It’s addicting!

Ahhh the driving picture made me nervous!!

Comment by ksgoodeats

i love driving 🙂 i def don’t mind it

Comment by hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

i REALLY need to try some tuna with bbq sauce and hummus! ill have to do that asap 🙂 i got all the stuff!

Comment by dailygoods

Damn, girl. 12 miles – I’m very impressed. I’m starting my training for a half marathon at the end of May, so I’m using this as inspiration. 🙂 Keep up your quirky style – it’s so fun to read!

Comment by Michelle Hisae

Hi there!

I see that you’re into eating healthy and trying new foods. I’m not sure if you know, but Stonyfield Farm makes Oikos Organic Greek yogurt that is great for cooking with or even just as a super filling snack. It’s triple strained making it extra thick and versatile. It’s also the only ORGANIC Greek yogurt on the market today. I’d love to send you coupons to give Oikos a try. If you’re interested just shoot me an email at kdrociak@stonyfield.com and let me me know where to send them, along with the name of your blog.

Take care!
Stonyfield Farm

Comment by Kristina

I don’t mind driving, surprisingly I like it better now that I drive standard. But I would much rather have someone drive me around!

Comment by Bec

12 miles, holla! way to show your body who’s boss. fig newtons are the shiz, btw, but i cant run and eat too close together bc otherwise my tummy says no bueno!

sorry about the snow, ill soak up some extra rays while im visiting ca for you 🙂

Comment by elise

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