yum. run. !!!

lucky duckkkkkk.
March 30, 2009, 4:22 pm
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and just in the nick of time.
i was in my nine am packing my stuff up at the end of the class and i was planning on shellin out the twentybuckers to get a new one before my eleven and as i was crammin my notebook and ‘course manual’ into my bag I FOUND IT! i totally squealed and started shaking i was so excited. hahaha. its the little things..right? [im guessing it got stuck in my course manual or something because i had previously checked in all my notebook and my bag and well everywhere under the sun. or so i thought.]

anyways. yeah. maaaaaade my day.

speaking of my day. it was a gooden for suuuuure. thus far anyways.
im been the opposite of productive but i dont give two licks.

[i have random pictures of figlets and peanut butter and chocolate and various snackies from last night buuuuut eh. whatevs. its MONDAY yall.]

breakfast had to be quick. and it definitely was lacking in fresh colorful fruit. :/

corn bran. mmmm. for some reason they dont sell it at meijer so i always have to bring a box back to me when im at home. also in the bowl of fun was soymilk banana chunks and chocolate protein powder. chocolate protein powder and cereal is so bomb. i love the gritty chunks.

then class. squeal/shakefest. and some more clissclass. groan.


my lunch turned out way orange. so to be obnoxious/excessive i put it on my orange cmn folder along with my orange phone.

my homemade hummus is the bomb. first time ive ever made it with tahini. and this was the real deal my friends. i had been looking for tahini for a while and so cath bought me some in TURKEY. i have nooooo idea what the jar says but i feel quite authentic when i eat my hummus. mmmm. turkish tahini.

after lunch i decided to NOT do the hoards of things i needed to and set out for a walk in the glorious weather. i was gone for a good two and a half hours. managed to walk about five miles. and hit up the health food store. the food coop. the new grocery store on campus. AND a korean grocery store.

the health food store/food coop are soooo overpriced but they have all the fun foods i see on blogs that want to try but cannot find elsewhere. i didnt buy anything [save a banana] but i enjoyed myself immensely. my friends think my grocery store obsession is weird. i think its lovely. i ducked into county market just to check it out and see how it compared to meijer..doesnt hold a candle. and of well i was just curious about the korean grocery store. i couldnt read a single label but i could sort of tell what things were based on the pictures. and i know what POCKY is. i didnt have any cash on me and didnt want to charge the buckfifty since it probably would have cost them more than that in transaction fees but soon that pocky will be mine.

the health food store is way on the other side of campus. well past it a bit actually. when i was perusing i got a little hungry. i was going to buy a bar [especially since they have all the fun clifs/laras that i cannot find elsewhere] but they were hecka money so i went with a banana. still the most ive ever paid for a banana. ninetyninecents a pound..really!? it was totally worth the thirtycents though. mmmm.

cell phone pic much? i tried to be springish though. yay daffodils and red things.

all that walking felt supa good on my legs which were definitely aching when i woke up from the run/drive combo.

now i should probably get to gettin.

whatre you wearing? ;]



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Mmm, homemade hummus is the best!!

Gorgeous springy photo!!

Comment by VeggieGirl

Homemade hummus is the only way to go! Love your orange lunch!! I banned myself from eating orange foods because I may have a slight tint to my hands now!

Comment by ksgoodeats

LOVE homemade hummus =)

Comment by shelby

I love grocery stores. If I can’t think of anything to do, I’ll go to the store.

And Pocky is the shiz!!

Comment by Kara

sweats and a tee shirt. the norm outfit for Kath over here 🙂

and i love checking out new g.storezzz and health food joints..so fun!

Comment by hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

I am a grocery store addict and proud 🙂
love the breakfast girlie!

Comment by cleanveggiex3

PHEW, so glad the icard turned up. i’ve been worried about it for weeks!

you’re so color-coordinated. and i’m right there with you on the grocery obsession! you could ALMOST pretend that you picked that banana right off the tree …

Comment by Sarah

Ok, I have a serious love for grocery stores and grocery shopping. I justify my buys by telling myself it’s a special treat and worth the money, but…I do it all the time! haha. Whatever, a girl deserves special treats ALL the time, no matter what the cost.

My most expensive loves: Kombucha + KIND bars. Ohhhh so worth it. 🙂

Comment by Michelle Hisae

big big fan of all the orange going on! and YEAHHHH korean store! except the korean version of “pocky” is “pepero”…so you gotta get that one. haha 😀

Comment by sue

I read your comment on sarah’s blog about the soy crips and had to say that I had the same issue! Except worse. I may have eaten the whole bag in 24 hours. ooops. Thats why i don’t buy those things, but i forgot.
Also, i love your orange filled lunch and your walk when you have too much to do! 🙂
I’m wearing my pj pants, t shirt, and a huge sweater. not my best ensemble.

Comment by Erin

wearing? well i am naked. haha jk. boxers and a camisole because even tho it is 11 AM i am choosing not to get ready for the gym yet…

oh and i bought a bar for 3 dollaz the other day..y? bc i have a problem with spending money SOML.

yes half mary..u and me….and LOTS OF FOOD. PB is a necessary food item we will be consuming…as are pancakes and we can go to GHIARDELLI ice cream shop 🙂 thoughts? reactions? additional ideas are all welcome for our futuristic meet-up outside of the blog world…

Comment by lora

I think you did a great job of spicing up the banana picture. Yeah!
I’m wearing slouchy black boots, dark Hudson denim, and a gray tank with a puffy, shiny green vest over the top.
I look like a trucker!

Comment by Erin

Lol at the banana pic, very creative. What am I wearing? Gray yoga pants, a loose black top and gold necklace. Cozy comfy clothes. 🙂

Comment by Tina

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