yum. run. !!!

sunny sunday!

..only its wednesday? [at least i think its wednesday?]

anyways. in true erinbee style ive gotten a bit behind on my posting havent i. mah bad. i am here now and that is all that matters. right?

backbackback it up to monday noche.

this salad was saladtastic. the usual suspects of romaine. spinach. carrots. peppers. etc were present as well as frozen corn and broccoli. [unfrozed. duh.] and a crumbled up morningstar southwestern veggie cake i found hiding the in the back of the freezer. and of course i brought back a jar of my FAVORITE SALSA EVERRR from home so i had lots of that as well. and some stolen franks hot sauce. thanks roommate. hah. on the side i had banana chunks. kiwi niblets. and a huuuumungo strawberry.

SOME of my late night munches:

looks to me like a chopped up apple with my new ZOES GRANOLA. oh my goodness. this stuff is so great. the lovely zoe-ites [aka tori] sent me a granola sampler pack to try. this is the cinnamon raisin. but really they should just call it ‘heckatastyyall’.

mmm. peanut butter. figgers. newmans own chocolate. i had at least double everything shown here. maaaaybe a bit more chocolate and peanut butter..but its been a while so i cannot be certain. ya dig?


the day of twos.

it had been far too long since banana oats had graced my mouthicle. divine. and with that i finished off another jar of peanut butter. [no worries. i have like five more jars. stocked up for sure when it was on sale at meijer. four for fivedollars much?]

it was all drab and dreary outside so i did some yoga in hopes that the rain would stop. no such luck. so i had a snack instead.

blurfest. and i had a lot more of those newmans own organic dried cranberries. they were supah sweet and i could not stop.

i eventually made it to the arc since i found my icard. holla.
i did some easypeasy arctrainering because i wasnt so much lookin for an intense workout as i just needed to get out of my dreary apartment. i also did weights because im a bodybuilder.

i got workout number two in on my walk home in the rain. this poor old man was havin some wheelchair issues so i wheeled him home. hardest. thing. ever. [and i know hard..] he insisted the brakes were not on but im callin his bluff. at least now i am doubly swoll.

lunch was another salad. i like em apparently. spinach. romaine. carrots. peppers. salsa!!. chicken slices. and such. with a wee bowl of kiwis and strawberries. and some newmans own organics white cheddar soy crisps. after the picture i finished off the bag. [thank goodness the are only threeandahalf servings per bag. oh. and that theyre air.] still super delish though. i love flavored crunchy air. and a serving actually has somethin like eight grams of protein. if you say so nell.

and some chocolate popped into my mouth on the way out the door to classville. mmm.

today has been brought to you by the letter: newmans own organics?

i packed up this little diddie for a snack:
as you may recall back in the days of my creepybabyprime i tried the orangecranberry gnu bar and was less than pleased. however..i GNU [bahaha.] that the other flavors were more up my alley and so my dear friends at gnu hooked me up with the other four flavors to try. this peanut butter bar did not disappoint. go gnu!

oh mannnn. its like the neverendstory up in here. [!!! who wants to come over for a movie night!?]

i somehow made it through my classes without inflicting pain on myself or anyone around me. progress.

the most important part of this dinner for me was making sure that everyone could see my new plate from target. with that being said i had double that amount of cara cara orange chunks. looooots more pretzels and hummus. and i added more of my tunahummuspretzelbbqsauce mosh to the sandwich thin.

ah! monster! ah!

i was super snacky last night. [..as opposed to everyother night.]

another delicious mosh of cinnamon raisin zoes granola. apple chunks. soymilk. and cinnamon. its the bombdiggity.

how adorable are these!? i found them at the walmart back home awhile back and sweet talked them into the basket. thanks cath. :]

somehow throughout the night i ingested FIVE candycane frangos..but didnt manage to get a picture of any of them. i got skills.

there was more but ill spare you. i was really proud of myself for not going at a new jar of peanut butter until i realized that by not having a spoonful or two i ended up munching on much more throughout the night. oops?


oh hey. its today now.

another amazing bowl of cornbran. soymilk. chocolateprotein powder. and banana chunks. oh wait. frozen mixed berries decided they wanted to join the early morning rushfest.

then i did the college thing.


for lunch i met up with a bunch of the people that i studied abroad in rome with. also present was my main squeeze fabio parsecoli. he was our instructor while in rome. hes also written a book or two or so and teaches at nyu and in barcelona. and he was a writer for gambero rosso but apparently its just got bought out and he wasnt happy with where things were headed so he jumped ship. yada yada. what im trying to say is hes a jack of all trades. and who doesnt love an italian man? it was nice to chat with him and all my little romepals.

okay. i lied. heres another picture.

me and the fab in italy. [man. im such a cheeser.]

anyways. what im trying to say is that lunch was provided by the department. so no picture. BUT i did manage to swipe some leftover grub so i have a picture of that. but its not loaded on my computer so youre just going to have to wait.

im currently munching on pretzels and salsa. munching in the mindless straight from the bag/jar sense. i should probably stop. its gorgeous outside [though a tid windy] and i think a nice little diddie of a run is in order. or maybe a nap..by the window?

see you sassycats later.

whatre you thoughts on skippy, smucker, and jifs ‘natural’ peanut butter?

i dont so much think its ‘natural’ since they all have more than just peanut butters. but it is better than their counterparts.

i eat lots of skippy natural mostly because meijer hooks me up with super good deals that i just cannot turn down. its actually on sale this week too. uh oh..damn you meijer.


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mm love gnu bars! and girl, that plate=bomb
i haven’t had any of the natural PB’s ha i guess i should get on that and try it out?

Comment by hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

Hahaham you are awesome!!! Totally love your eats!!! =D And mmmmmmmm peanut butter!

Comment by Sharon

I love Skippy Natural. It’s really spreadable, and the additives are really minimal. It’s also way cheaper than the alternative.

Comment by Jane

Ooo your cereal mixes are looking fantastic!

Comment by Shelby

You are too cute! I love those sandals.

Comment by runsarah

Oh trust me, I’m a pretty flaky blogger as of yet. I need to get on my game and post more! So little time…ugh.

I’ve only had Skippy Natural once, and it wasn’t too bad. But I missed those little crunchies/grittiness of real peanut butter…like, I can taste the fact that it was once a peanut – a cute little peanut. I guess what I’m saying is that I prefer it as au natural as you can get it.

Comment by Michelle Hisae

I now love natural nut butters way more then the ‘regular’ kind, even though as a kid I hated that they were the only ones my parents bought!

Comment by Bec

i stock up on skippy natural when it’s on sale…they always have such great deals on it! i love your hummus pretzel monster on the monster plate!

Comment by sue

I’m a natural PB girl… don’t really care for the skippy kind because the taste just seems off to me. BTW love your top in that picture! Express?

Comment by Leanne

1. Skippy Natural is AMAZING…trust me and only me because I own 10 jars 🙂

2. i LOVEEEEEE your paragraphs my lil cabbage patch.

3. When you vis and jizzzz all over this city, we will eat ice cream run 13 miles and drink our bod weights in beer and booze….ya know how we do 😉

4. peanut butter finer GNU bar..JEALOUS!!! I LOVE GNU Brownie bar bc it is amazing…..think thin bars are my loves and Pure brownie bars are worth the 3 bucakrooos….dont be shy to try one….u will have a Bargasm.

5. can i come over for movie night? Sebastian is my true love ❤ ❤

6. i helped an old man in a wheelie at the grocer storizo….he needed some ice cream…obvi i help fellow fattys get their ice cream fix 🙂 haha me and a pint of ice cream is like me with a jar of PB or like me with Lucky Charms…so magically delicious that it magically disappears yo.



Comment by lora

i loooove seeing all those spoonfuls of PB! verrrry easy on the eyes 🙂

i eat a little bit of skippy natural sometimes, but I prefer plain nut butters. I hate that they have to add sugar and oil to everything! not necessary. but still yum 🙂

Comment by Megan

I don’t like the orange cranberry Gnu either…my fave is the chocolate brownie! I actually did a review of all the flavors a few weeks ago, if you’re interested. Have a great night!

Comment by Caroline

So, your blog really is one of the most entertaining to read. Not only are you hilarious and make up words I love, but I never know what direction you’re going to take us. Like wheelchair man? Never would’ve seen that coming. Rome man? Never saw that one either. Which brings me to my JEALOUSY. You studied abroad there? It’s one of me dreams to become Italian.

Anyway, your snackdizzles make me feel like a normal girl. So many bloggers are happy with little servings of one thing, and then they’re done. I’m always like, ok that was good, but now I need more!

I’m diggin Smucker’s Natural, it only has peanuts and salt and is AMAZING. Have a great night lovebug!

Comment by Kailey (SnackFace)

NEVERENDING STORY!! HAHA…..I used to watch that movie all the time, so funny.

looks like we both had some banana oats this week…..simply the best!!!

I think the natural skippy pb’s are fineeee, eat what ya like! ya dig?

Comment by Jessica (jesslikesithot)

You are so kind to wheel that elderly man home! Seriously, what a nice person.

That salad looks awesome. I need to mix up my salads, they are so boring!

Thanks for the protein powder tips!

Comment by Lara

Love your blog! Can’t wait to read more!

Comment by Melinda Pollard

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