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10 day forecast.
April 2, 2009, 11:00 am
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hola! happy second day of april.

lets head back to yesterday my little gremlins.

heres the swag i managed to make it home with.

each box had a big ole turkeysandwich. a delectable fruit box of sorts. and two cookies. like so:

i made it out with a full box and about two more boxes of fruit from the collected bits of my comrades. im no sarah but ill take it.

munch munch munch.

i kinda just hung out for a bit after my last post and then legit started to comtemplate a run.

then there was a knock at the door.


nah. it was some schmuck asking for money for ‘the children’. i gave those damn kids a couple bucks because im a total pushover. dumb.

BUT!! he gave me candy:
yes please.

anyways. after conman left i popped on my niks and was on my merry way. first i ate a chunk or two of a random probar ive already tasted and mentioned in posts prior. and a couple almonds. and dried cranberries. [dont judge. i needed fuel. ?]

fiftyminutes or so later i was back home. i called up my friend mapmyrun.com and he was all ‘hey babygirl. you just ran sixpointonefive miles. dizamn you are fiiiine.’

i know.

then i ate some more. because well. why not. plus i just ran six miles.

sweet potato chunks. black beans. broccoli. pepper rings. and a tasty little sauce of bbq sauce. rice wine vinegar to loosen it up. and some hot sauce for some zing! this was money.

at least im consistent? thank goodness my little zoefriends sent me the granola sampler [aka three flavors] rather than just one because this little lovebox is nearly gone and i am sad.


this is the newmans own organics dark espresso bar. or something. that sounds awkward. it was dark. and espressoed. and delicious. go buy. now. [man. im a GREAT advertising major. ;] ]

those popchips were pretty darn good. definitely satisfied my salty craving. and the bag was a wee one with one sixteen chips so going overboard wasnt an option. perfect. thanks to my poptastic friends for sending me some to munch on. :]

rumor has it there was a hummus party at one point too.
apple slices showed up early for the pregame and then we met up with that hottie carrot stick at the bars. afterhours? at the pretzel crib. fab night. [i need to get out more.]

so i thought i went the whole day without peanut butter. turns out LIFE played an april fools joke on me. that like wee chunk of probar i had prerun definitely had peanut butter..and i couldnt even taste it. SERIOUSLY!? ..my life.


so i had big plans to get creative with my oaties today but when i woke up classic banana oats with dried cranberries mixed in sounded so simple and good. corn bran and PEANUTBUTTER sounded good too. [but when dont they right?]

imma go out for a run now because its NOT raining here. [bahahahah. sorrylittle lo. love you?]

this post might be a little incoherent because ive been writing it since yesterday. on a ‘stickie’ on my desktop. and i dont feel like proofreading. ya dig?

OH MAN. ten day forecast..day TEN: APRIL 11th. [my half.]

F R E A K I N G O U T !

i need some good tunes for running my thirteenpointone. help a gal out.
whats your favorite song to run to?!



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well my lil peach pie, i run to many a songs that you wouldn’t think “sweet lil lo” would run to…Eminem “kill you” “who i am”….rage against the machine “bulls on parade” “fuck the police”…limp bizkit “break stuff” LMAO. I really run fast when I am angry i guess? Try Kanye’s new album because that shit is dope…

p.s. i guess I am dark chocolate underneath my white chocolate exterior lol.

enjoy your run, eat some PB in honor of me! sad I cant run with you in the half mary which is in 10 DAYZZZZZ u are gonna go balls to the wall and nail it (thats totz what she said).

Comment by lora

Those people scare me when they ask for money for random diseases. Like especially in the car and they like walk right in front of your moving vehicle. Ahh!

Comment by Shelby

Get Kanye’s work out plan. I’m not even sure if that’s the real name, but it’s hilarious and awesome. I elliptical and walk to it. I hope that qualifies.

You are too nice. I wouldn’t have given those people money. I’d be like, “wanna pay for my college tuition? Yea, neither do I.” Okay, no I wouldn’t have said that. Sassy Kailey would have. She’s absent most of the time though.

Your sweet potato chunk veggie bowl looks ammmazing. I like the story of your late night hummus party. Maybe you do need to go out a little more. Haha, I kid.

Have a great day, E!

Comment by snackface

Ahaha I LOVE your impersonation of MayMyRun. That’s totally what he says to me, too! Whoa, what a nice guy….psh lol.

Comment by Michelle Hisae

Oh my gosh this post is just too cute, I think I smiled through the whole thing!

Can I ever help you out with some music, Im always changing up my running music and trying out new things. I like to run to music that makes me feel like a bad ass so as of late my fave songs to run to are:
amazin – young jeezy
Overnight Star – flosstradamus
wake it up – E-40
I am atlanta – gorilla zoe
there are more…but I wont take up anymore space. Its funny because you would think that I’m super into rap music, but I only really listen to it when im working out! haha.

Comment by Em

Aha your mapmyrun comments made me laugh!! My fave running song right now is kanye – stronger.

Comment by runsarah

the Twilight soundtrack is TOTALLY a butt kicker! and the new jessee mccartney-how do you breathe.
DMX-Get It on the floor
Britney Spears-Stronger, I love rock n roll( beware of the urge to head bang)

Comment by hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

love the edible swag! i’d like an invite me to the next hummus party please!

Comment by sue

I definitely start posts on post-its. Lots of usage of “post”.

Comment by Kara

I love Jesse McCartney! LOL!!! Hahaha
Anyways, I’m drooling over your fruit!!!

Comment by Sharon

hahah oh my, your little pregame/ after party story with your snacks made me laugh…..so adorable. All your food looks great, how are not superrr repetitive with your food in college, I need to learn your ways!!

and ugh, I need to try some zoe’s granola! I see it everywhere!

Comment by Jessica

whoops…that “jessica” comment was from me!!!

favorite running song always seem to be some weird & gnarly techno jam…. it pumps me up!

Comment by Jessica

oooooooooo i want those oaties hehe ๐Ÿ˜‰

ps. if you couldnt tell, i was a little tired when i wrote my post last night, i think you’re the only one that caught my blooper!

Comment by Lindsay

aww yea those cookies are stacked baby, good work ๐Ÿ˜€ so nice of you to help a wheeler in need, great karma for sure!

Comment by carolinebee

ahhhhh i’m so behind on my reading, but i LOVE this post (obv!). you’re going to give me a run for my money with your fruit collection!

and mmm, you make the newman’s chocolates look so pretty!

Comment by Sarah

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