yum. run. !!!

breathe in..breathe out.

thats what i have to keep telling myself.

dude. college is hard.
and minimum wage sucks.
and im getting sick.

but you know what isnthard/doesntsuck/isntsick? well..who.


i was totally having the crummiest of days today and that
little gem of blogger totally made my day. thanks heather.

anyways. things are gettin all wackedup on this end
so my posting/commenting/etc may be even more
sporatic than it normally is so bear with meeee please.
grrr. grrr. im a bear. oh man. i need sleep. baaaaadly.

hey. this is a food blog. not national geographic.
no more bears. unless i start eating bear meat.
which i promise wont happen. ever. though oddly
enough ive had the opportunity. totally awk right?

yesterday morning i had a lovely six mile or so run.
i got all nice and sweaty. and red and puffy. sexy no?

then i came home and ate. i mean showered. [nah man. i ate.]

just a snackish plate of sorts. i ate double the amount of cottage cheese and crackers for sure though. i think i eat half my meals before they even make it to the plate. whoops. [and yeah. that monster is totally tryin to eat my cottage cheese. i showed him what was up though. no worries.]

lunch dessert! strawberries. chocolate. peanut butter. could it get any better?! [well..chocolate covered pretzels would have been nice but..]

i packed up this little gem and headed out to my classes.
this was a GNU flavor for me and good grief was it swell. i think i preferred the peanut butter [shocking i know] but this one was super divine. i think maybe a peanutbutterbananawalnut fusion is in order. and hey. i still gotta try the chocolate one. hmmmm. i like where this is headed.

so i had made a point to check the ten DAY forecast in the morning..but failed to check the ten HOUR forecast. aka i had a nice walk home in the rain. in leather flipflops. sans umbrella. oy.

dinner was so good though that i totally didnt care.
i baked up a sweetpotato and mashed it all up with some black beans and bbqsauce and wrapped it all up with some spinach in a flatout wrap. sooo good. i broiled the whole thing to help keep the wrap together. when i was done i seriously contemplated making another. i also tried kale chips for the first time. they were so awkward and made me uncomfortable while i was eating them. but i definitely loved them. [!?] and yay for delicious fruit.

then i started to get a little stressed out. and when this galfriday
gets stressed out she EATS. so i did.
this was so good. my first time trying the erin baker breakfast cookies. definitely not my last. the ingredients are totally legit but the cookie taste did not reflect that. seriously. go try these. [that notebook is just for you munchhead.]

at this point i started going at the jar of peanut butter to comfort my sorry self. and then i thought this might work out better than just straight up spoonfuls:
comforting and delicious.

but i still ended up with more skippylove.
and some more kashis with cottage cheese.
and a piece or two of chocolate.

im stressed out okay. dont judge.

anyways. zzzzzzzz. but not really.
i did not sleep well last night. bummer.

at least breakfast was good this morning.
corn bran. frozen banana chunks and berries. soymilk. and of course my clumpy chocolate protein powder was added post picture.

i was running late this morning. per usual. so i just grabbed half a clif bar i had lying around to eat between classes. oatmeal raisin walnut. aka best flavor ever.

my head is all congested and nast right now [definitely self-induced. thanks again stress.] so im takin the day off on the exercise front. sometimes its just what you need. ya know?

im gonna go whip up some lunch and then shower and get ready for work. grumble grumble. think of me while youre all off enjoying your friday night. i think im the only person that more often than not does not look forward to friday. come on sunday.

whats your favorite day of the week?!

im a total sunday girl. as a general rule i am not allowed to do anything i do not want to on sundays. and dude. football. :]

breeeeeeeeeathe. breeeeeeeeeeeathe. breeeeeeeeeeathe.


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Oh man that wrap looks fantastic! Yum…

Comment by runsarah

College is definitely not a “walk in the park” – hang in there and feel 100% better soon, girl!!

SWEET POTATO!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

Comment by VeggieGirl

Keep breathing Erin. Sorry you’re so stressed out AND that you have to work both tonight and tomorrow night until close. Sunday will be here before you know it. If it makes you feel any better, I hit up the PB jar whether I’m stressed or not. πŸ™‚
Kale chips – yum!

Comment by Heather Eats Almond Butter

i feel like you are spreading some viral disease because i am feeling sickly…however i did bang out a 3.65 miler in 31 min. bangarang.

skippy natch is the best. i could eat it in a sitting obvi. try it with graham crackers or with peanut butter filled pretzels–aka holy pB overload.

keep knocking out those 6 milers and giiiit ready for a glory 13 mile run along lake shore drive. oh and get ready for a Ghiradelli banana split sundae with pb sauce drizzled all over it….yes drizzled.

sundays for me are homework time and i usualy get a lot done. friday nights are my nights…im calling tonight a def shit show adventure WHOOP!

do u like poetry? i know ur feelings on short stories and essays/novels….so if poetry is a fav i will work on a poem next comment.

later my lil gizmo.

Comment by lora

ahhhh breathee girly! try to get some rest in, and feel better! it’s almost almost not really but almost sunday! πŸ™‚

Comment by sue

Dudes, I feel ya on the stress! Hang in there!!

Feel better too, k?! Love all your eats especially the CC – I got made love for that!

Comment by ksgoodeats

EEK! Maybe I will travel before college to prolong it further haha

Comment by Shelby

I have that monster plate too! Gotta love target dishware! haha.

My fave day of the week is Saturday!

Comment by Em

Try not to get too stressed out… college can totally suck at times, but think of everything you’ll have going for you because of putting up with these stressful days! Feel free to vent – we’re here for you πŸ™‚

Don’t you just love cottage cheese and crackers? Those two were made for each other! And I love your breakfast mixture this morning!

Hope you have a relaxing, stress-free weekend!

Comment by Heather

Love the wrap combo…

Comment by Yasmin

Sweet Potato Wrap!! I HAVE got to try this!!

Sorry about all the school stress!! Take it easy girl, and just relax and eat all day tomorrow and watch some horrible tv shows! haha!

PS had spicy flax tortilla chips today w/ cottage cheese and thought of you!! my inspiration!! hahaha

Comment by Jessica (jesslikesithot)

girlie you probably have some of the best food around – peanut butter, chocolate, berries oh my πŸ™‚

Comment by cleanveggiex3

Oh, I totally might take your word up for it, and try those cookies! I think I would have to order online, I hope they ship to Canada.

And bear meat? REALLLLLLYYYY??? Hahaha, I’ve been offered deer meat, but that was it. LOL Then again, it’s because my hometown is like a hick town, and ugh, people tend to like to go hunting.. LOL

Comment by Sharon

breathe breathe breathe … you’re going to get through it!!
and your monster plate is maybe the best thing i’ve seen all day. sigh, the little things …
feel better, erin. try to get some sleep for real as soon as you can!

(and sat is my favorite day — recovered from the week’s fatigue and not needing to worry about the new week just yet)

Comment by Sarah

That sweet potato wrap looks divine! I hope that you start to feel better soon, keep breathing girl.. you will get through it πŸ™‚

Comment by Haleigh

I’m sorry that you’re stressed out girl.. like you said just breathe & relax. On the bright side, all your eats look fabulous! I need to make that wrap with sweet taters, black beans, and spinach.. YUM!

I love Sundays also. The one day I feel completely relaxed. Also, Sundays are “Family days” which is love.

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday πŸ™‚

Comment by dailydulcie

Oh gosh, I turn to peanut butter when I am stressed out too, like…you have no idea. I went through 2lbs in one week last month.

I’ve made a similar wrap before, and there is just NOTHING better than sweet potatoes and black beans, yum. Thanks for the reminder, that meal looks fantastic πŸ™‚

Comment by Gina

“college is hard. and minimum wages sucks” <– true story

love the sweet potato wrap!!

Comment by raspberryrunner

Ugg I feel the stress too, this time of year sucks for students! Just try to relax πŸ™‚

Comment by Bec

College is hard, but real life is worse. πŸ˜€

Hope you’re feeling better soon deary.

Comment by Hangry Pants

For being a stressed out college student you really eat well! Everything in this post is so colorful.
I think my favorite day of the week has to be Saturday. You have the whole weekend ahead!

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

Can I just say? I am ridiculously jealous of your metabolism. Wowza, you eat so much good stuff! Where does it all go?

I love your blog btw, your writing cracks me up every. single. time!

Comment by Tina

OhhhhhMG, I totally know what you mean about Kale Chips!!! They shatter/disenegrate in your mouth?!?! So weird, but so fun…


Comment by iowagirleats

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