yum. run. !!!

today is sunday.
April 5, 2009, 8:53 pm
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hello puppies.

you guys are superb. all of your comments on my
last post were supah sweet and i was lovin them.
[except heathers: ‘College is hard, but real life is worse. :D’
gee thanks heather. that makes me feel loads better.
perhaps she was just hangry? haha. just kidding. kisses!]

so since friday ive eaten A TON but my pictures are all
sort of blah or nonexistent so were just going to pff that.
just imagine lots of good healthy eating all day long. and
then once the night arrives LOTS of cereal. peanutbutter.
chocolate. cottagecheese with spicyflaxchips. etc etc etc.

you havent missed too much excitement in my not eats either.
worked for a long arse time friday. ran all day saturday. worked
for another long arse time saturday night. grumble grumble.

the silver lining to all that work though. i just HAD to sample
the new truffles and caramels and sparkling wines we got..
you know. just in case someone was curious about any of them.
and the gelatos arent new. but i had to remind myself of how
scrumptious they were since id been away for break and such.

yesterday i ran thirteen miles. BALLIN. my hip got a bit tight
around mile eleven which sort of freaked me out. moh well.
hopefully i can manage to tack on that last point one miles
next weekend. i dont know though. cross your fingers eh? ;]

where are all the pictures?!

okay. heres ONE picture from yesterday. just because
it turned out sort of cute. and was horribly delicious.

salad. nothing new. blackbeans. chicken. peppers. carrots. salsa/hummus mix. kashi lovebites. strawberries/kiwi. yada yada.


i woke up and slothed around in bed for an excessive amount of
time because its sunday and pretty much required in these parts.

eventually i realized eating is required as well so i had this gem:
i polished off the corn bran. seventeen servings. hahaha. more like five. also in the pool..soymilk. protein powder. frozen banana chunks.

the colors in the bowl were sort of bland so i dove into my dirty laundry for that shirt for a pop of color. the things i do for you guys.

then i continued to sloth in bed for a long ass time. totally fine.

doing absolutely nothing is hard work so i had to refuel.

as you can see the novelty of the monster plate has worn off.

i whipped up a wrap with spinach and a mixture of carrots. corn. broccoli. black beans. salsa. etc. the bit that wouldnt fit in got its own cute little bowl. alongside i had some delicious fruit from earlier in the week. much more colorful than breakfast for sure.


more bed action. hollah.

i should add that all of this time spent in bed was sort of productive. i had lots of school work to do. it only took me like eight hours to do about fortytwo minutes worth of work. thats pretty legit for this gal.

at this point my fridge was pretty barren so.. GROCERIES. yesssss.

before i left i ate a banana. no picture because my camera battery was charging.
i pretty much looked like this:

at the grocery store i also managed to munch on half the bag of grapes while perusing. i totally owe meijer like threebucks. oops.

meijer didnt have much by way of sweet potatoes so i zipped across the street to walmart afterwards to pick up a couple. walmart randomly has a subway in it? so on the way out the door the smell of stinky feet wafted towards me and i was hooked. damn you subway.

ovenroastedchickenbreast with lots of veggies. mmm. banana peppers. and i dont know whats in that cup but its definitely not diet coke. i only put wholesome healthy good for me things in my hotbod.

now im back in bed because i havent spent enough time here today.
i really need to ‘study’ but im crazyintelligent and so it is unnecessary.

hope everyone had a stupendous weekend void of any excessivelylongshifts at cupcakefactories and the likes.

hold the phone. i havent had any peanut butter today.
this must be remedied..and with that i must depart!

woof woof.

do you have any pets?

i am the proud owner of three really playful plants from meijer.


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Oh wow, such delicious eats!
And awwwwh, I totally want a pet!

Comment by Sharon

Love the salad! Was the Crunchy Corn Bran? My college roommate used to drool over that stuff. Pretty good, but I only tried it a few times.

Comment by Alison

haha I WISH I had spent all day in bed..oh well, there’s always next weekend…

I have a black cat, who lives at home with my parents. I love her, and she sleeps with me whenever I’m home for a visit! yay Easter weekend!

Comment by jenngirl

That salad looks amazing!! I want to crawl into bed now but am going to do homework instead…sighs.

Comment by runsarah

LOVE all the colors in yesterday’s salad. Quite the work of art!

Comment by broccolihut

hahaha – now I’m embarrassed. I just meant that I know college is stressful, but seriously you will never enjoy the same kind of freedom you do now when you are working every day – SO ENJOY IT – stress and all. 😀

Comment by Hangry Pants

bangarang on the run and HEATHERS is by far my fav movie ever. I want to say this to someone one day if we are in a cat fight. meow. “You were nothing before you met me. You were playing Barbies with Betty Finn. You were a Bluebird. You were a Brownie. You were a Girl Scout Cookie. ”

anywoo, boo…love ur eats as always and love that in a few months we will be frolicking down mich ave with sandles on and shopping galore…oh if u decide to save the dough and stay with me at new apt. i have a pool! hey skin cancer hey!

later pooh bear.

Comment by lora

Sundays are sooo seriously for lying in bed, I mean. Seriously, what would you do otherwise? Plus somehow the weather is always gray on sundays anyway so you’re kind of forced to just slack it.

I do have a pet, a cat that drives the family completely nuts. Just yesterday he tipped over a big vase full of water that we had standing on the floor with branches in it for easter (Swedish tradition). My mom got so angry and all screaming and raging. I would have too but I was in my room trying to avoid the mess. Ah, I’m evil.

Comment by Tina

Faaabulous run and eats!!

I did have a pet:


Comment by VeggieGirl

Great wrap!

Comment by Yasmin

Yummy breakfast! And that salad is so colorful!!!

I have a cat named Alex but he’s not really mine (he likes my little brothers better! ha)so I’m hoping to get a kitten soon!

Comment by Shelby

I don’t have any pets because I’m horrible with responsibility. I’m doing them a favor not having pets!
that salad…is so beautiful…I’m tearing up…

Comment by burpexcuzme

hahah you are hilarious girl. i was seriously cracking up reading this post. the things you say are priceless 🙂

the cereal as well as the wrap look so damn good. yummayy

i unfortunately do not have a pet.. one day i will finally get my little yorkiepoo named *sprinkles*.. ive been wanting her foreva

Hope you spent even MORE time in bed. i just love Sundays ❤

Comment by dailydulcie

“doing absolutely nothing is hard work so i had to refuel.” – story of my life! Yay Meijer! I was definitely there this weekend 😉

I do have pets – they’re on my blog!

Comment by ksgoodeats

You frickin baller- that run is amazing! Lounging in bed may require more eating than running. Scientific, I swear. Uhhh when I had that corn bran, it definitely did not last long either! Serving sizes kill me.

I have two puppers, but they are with the rents. NO pets here in Athens, which is fine because I’d probably neglect to take care of the poor things properly.

Hope your monday is fab!

Comment by snackface

“Horribly delicious”… love it. 🙂

I have 2 cats, who are both featured on my blog almost as much as food.

Comment by Betsy

A bit of running advice? Make sure you taper this week for that half! Usually running the full distance the week before can affect you on race day, so take care of your legs! And let’s hope for actual decent weather on Saturday. WTF is with this snow crap?

Comment by mixandbake

AWESOME spinach wrap! that whole lunch just looks so colorful and delicious 🙂

and i can’t forget about subway – best sandwich shop ever!

Comment by cleanveggiex3

that salad looks so good, so many colours on one plate!

Comment by Bec

i miss my dog and cat from home!!! ginger & kula are their names, too cute….but they hate each other….literally cannot be in the same room or else it gets dangerous!

that salad looks beautifullll by the way, i’m jealous of all your salad ingredients….wish I could keep all that in my own little mini fridge….but no, definitely can’t.

Comment by Jessica (jesslikesithot)

Haha – Subway does have such a distinctive smell. Nothing like it.

I love that you went through your dirty laundry to add some color to your photo. Erin, you are too much!

Hope you got plenty of PB action in last night, and you are going to have an amazing half next weekend. I can feel it!

Happy Tuesday my friend.

Comment by Heather Eats Almond Butter

ahh that saturday salad is beautiful!! and 13mi, sooo jealous. glad the hip tightness wasn’t anything serious. you’ll bang it all out this weekend, no prob!

no pets for me. i can hardly keep my little basil alive!

Comment by Sarah

Your fruits love delish! Frozen nanner in cereal?? Genius.

Comment by Leanne

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