yum. run. !!!

i suck at college.


oh hey. whats up yall?

i have an exam tomorrow. and well. uh. its going to be interesting.

speaking of delicious late night snacks on tuesday!

the last of my zoes cinnamon raisin granola. [so sad]. some newmans own organic cinnamon sugar soy crisps. and apple slices. super tasty.

and then i had the other half of the apple. eaten like this:
my peanut butter rationing plan was out the window before i could even open the jar. oops.

and since i gave up on rationing i munched on more traderjoes spicyflaxtortillachips. [and some chocolate.]

ive decided i just need to take a roadtrip to a destination with a trader joes. anyone jonesin for a visitor? ;]


i woke up this morning and knew breakfast had to be quick so i had a cottage cheese bowl. it had been so long!


classes today drug on to no end. buzzkill.

once i finally made it back to my apartment i decided to lace up for my last run before my half on saturday [FREAKOUT].

i obviously needed some serious fuel for my two miler so i had the last half of this baby.

it was so nice out and i wanted to keep running but i was a good little lamb and only ran the two and at a comfortable easy pace. go me.

i stretched out. showered. slothed. and then whipped up this great little diddie of a lunch.
i mixed up some tuna with the bbqsauce/hummus combo and some carrot nibs and pepper bits and shoved the whole smosh into a pepperbutt. with a bit of salad action [carrots. peps. kashi lovebites. more bbq/hummus. etc etc]. i had those grapes times a bunch. also shown: insideoutdirtyyellowsweater backdrop. mmmm. classy.

at this point i set out to do some serious studying..
and countless other nibbles.

is it to late to change my major to eating..with a concentration in peanut butter?

i sort of. quasi. maybe got a little bit accomplished but then i realized i was too famished to do anything else. no really. i hadnt eaten in like thirtysevenminutes.

for dinner i whipped up a scramble with corn. peppers. carrots. spinach. salsa. and hot sauce. oh. and eggies. postphoto i smushed half of the mixture into a pita. oh the side i had the last of my random plethora of fruit and some strawberries.

my fruit stash is quite low. a couple more stawberries. a few apples. and some bananas [ a few frozen. a few supah ripe..aka perfect]. tragedy.

i just finished up a superb late night snack!
SNACKBOWL! love. this little gem has some cheerios [ i want to be her.] newmans own organic cinnamon sugar soy crisps. some zoes cranberries currants granola. pistachios. more dried cranberries. and chocolate chunks.

lotsa flavor going on here. all so so good. as far the granola goes. well. its fabulous. but i think i like the cinnamon raisin a tid better. but id take either any day of the week.

the munchfest continues on. but the camera has retired for the night. use your imagination eh?

im off to study. and by study i mean go to bed. and by go to bed i mean stay up to an ungodly hour doing who knows what with lord knows who.

and my question tonight is for all yall runners out there. its gettin to be race time..
got any pre/during/postrace tips for a halfmarathon newb?

and for those nonrunners:
would you rather eat your right arm or your left leg?

the way today has been going id say id probably end up eating both. oy.

p.s. thanks to her little fiasco the fab little meloncauliflower is having a barney butter giveaway!

also..this girl that im totally NUTS about is having a giveaway. haha.


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Good luck on your test tomorrow!! I love the stuffed pepper, it looks super yum.

Comment by runsarah

haha i love the ZZZZZZZZZZ part… and arm for sure, but i’d pick the left one.

Comment by sue

haha you make me laugh. Good luck on your exam, at least it’s almost the weekend.

And I am NO WHERE NEAR a trader joe’s but if you want to pick me up on your way…

Major in eating? Can I get a PB.d?? (Peanut butter doctorate) Yea.

And speaking of, I’d rather eat my leg because i’m right handed and I kinda need that hand to eat peanut butter!

Comment by jenngirl

Your snack bowl is amazing!!!!

Comment by Sharon

no, you’re going to blow that exam out of the water! you’re so clever, i’m sure you can find a way to pretend your way through it even if you don’t know the answers.

how is all your snacking so beautiful? and i love that little stuffed pepper!

i’ve got no run tips because i’ve clearly done myself in, but i can’t wait to hear all about how the half goes so that i can mentally prep for mine. and i’d rather eat my left arm. good question.

Comment by Sarah

So I totally love your tuna combo in the pepperbutt.

My right arm.. I think I’d be able to learn how to use my left. I couldnt bear eating my left leg.. I mean c’mon.. how would I walk around the grocery store?!

Comment by dailydulcie

copier. totally taking my type of trail mix desserts…..lame! hahahah just kidding…..yours looks even better, I need to make that kind soon!

And why don’t you visit good ol’ arizona and we can hit up TJ’s?!?!?! Oh, that would be such a fun day! hahaha And I choose to keep both my body parts, thanks creep! πŸ˜‰

Comment by Jessica (jesslikesithot)

psshhh, left leg fasho! then id have an excuse to never do exercise AND both arms would remain in tact to shovel food in my face. yes, that requires 2 extremities in my case.

heres a little doozie for ya, why does ALL of manhattan have to share ONE tjs?! ridic right? they need to work on their locations.

Comment by elise

Your study snacks are 100x better than mine!

Comment by Kara

little lamb…

i am drunk. whoops. car bombs are lo’s best friends besides erinBEEautiful…..

oh man, drunk texting not good….second dated that kid i had no fun with bc well im friendly? whoops. free dinner? its fine. ill endure…

burgers…pshhh…they got dogs, sammies, and just amazing things….otherwise if u still say HELL TO THE NO…we can hit up mexi food or great DEEP dish pizza—bc we would have fun saying ‘thats what she said” over a DEEP slice of pie…

thanks for being my blog friend, facebook friend…however i wanna be your REAL friend. june better come faster lol

ok so i won like 2 giveaways..love it πŸ˜‰

Comment by lora

Grrrl, you’re gonna kill that test and the halfsie. From all my elliptical experience, I can’t help with advice. However, I say do nothing but watch Bravo or whatev your fave tv/movies are the night before. I just think it’d put you in a happy place. And I’m not choosing between those limbs- I’d rather be Degas and lob off an ear or something. I could still function. That is a NASTY thought.

Gahh love the snackles. Ummm my teeth are rotting out of my head already from the Newmans cookies you sent me. Thanksh (she says through her gums).

Please come live with me in San Fran. I’d love it.

Comment by snackface

Seriously. Your snackbowls. THE BOMB! πŸ™‚ Looks sooo good! And you’re such a fabulous food presenter, everything is always laid out so pretty with dirty shirts in the background and stuff, I mean, that is genuine. Gaaah, I don’t know what I am making today, we’ll see at the end of the day when I blog what this day turns out to be. Right now I’m just as frustrated as yesterday about what to make. I can’t even decide on breakfast and breakfast is my favorite meal that I want to eat for every meal every day!

Comment by Tina

I would totally road trip to Trader Joe’s. I think there’s a Whole Foods in Indianapolis as well….closest destination I can think of. Meijer is slowly getting better brands, but TJ’s is so much cheaper (I LOVE the $1.69 TJ’s peanut butter).

As for the race, you’re going to do very well. What is your goal time? Given that you can run 4 miles in subthirtyminutes, I’d estimate maybe a 1:37-1:40? You should rock it, though. Just don’t go out too fast and have a great time. And don’t eat anything “weird” tomorrow night or Saturday morning πŸ˜‰

Comment by Jessica


Comment by VeggieGirl

That snackbowl looks so tastY!!

Comment by Shelby

This post is hilarious! I too, suck at college. Let’s research a university that has an Eating Major. I think I would like to double major in peanut butter and carbs. YUM!

Comment by Courtney (The Hungry Yogini)

Good luck on your exam!! You’ll kill it πŸ˜‰

I love the stuffed pepper idea!

Comment by ksgoodeats

ugh that’s always the question i ask myself..arm or leg? and I DON”T KNOW! i couldn’t survive without either. i give MAJOR props to those who have to adapt to that lifestyle.
goodluck with the exam..no worries mon πŸ™‚

Comment by hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

I need advice, too! I heard bringing along gels or jelly beans or the sort is good to keep your energy up. I just can’t stand the thought of eating some gross gel. They’ll probably have pit stops with water and other goodies, right?

Comment by Michelle Hisae

Eating with a concentration in peanut butter!! lol I would totally be all over that major!

Comment by Leanne

awesome eats!
love the stuffed pepper! peppers are great for stuffing delicious foods into them. haha have a great day!

Comment by cleanveggiex3

Zoe’s granola is so tasty! I have yet to open the cranberries and currants box… looks great in the snack bowl.

I love the stuffed “pepperbutt” – edible container are fun πŸ™‚

Comment by Lauren

Did you like that Pro Bar flavor? I did.

And, I saw in your last post that you’re getting nervous. You can’t be nervous. You’re way better at running than me and I don’t want to be nervous for my own half. πŸ˜€

How was the test?

Comment by Hangry Pants

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