yum. run. !!!

nothings fine..im torn.
April 9, 2009, 9:14 pm
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[everything is fine..i just love the nineties.]

anyways. i really am torn though.

i dont know if i want saturday morning to get here right now.
or to never ever come. oy ve. my tummy is all sorts of jumbled.

the funny thing is i dont know why im so nerrrrrvous. i KNOW
i can run thirteenpointonemiles. and i sincerely just want to
run a halfmarathon. time is of no importance. quite puzzling.

anyways. food pictures are sooo much better than my rambles.

another splendid bowl of SOYMILK banana oats. topped with fone. zoes granola. pistachios. and more dried crans for good measure. and a cuppa joe. IM OUT OF COFFEE. which is sort of a good thing. because coffee before i run always gives me the poops [sorry] and i dont want to even be tempted to drink any on saturday morning. that bowl looks so tiny. i think its because that spoon is itty bitty so it throws off the proportions. moh well.

i always get my workout on after a bit of digestion on tuesday and thursday so it was weird to not today. but i obeyed my buddy hal.

besides..i had studying to do. [i slept and snack ALL DAY].

here we have my dear friend mister deconstructedturkeypita. i bronzed a pita pita in the toaster oven with lots of chilipowder and cumin and smoked paprika. mostly for the colors. and then chopped up some carrots and peppers. some turkey for protein and such. all dipped in a bbq/hummus bowl of divine. and half a HUGE apple with cinnamon. and little chunk of a butterfinger that i discovered and munched on last night. mmm. what a lovely little lunching experience i had.

then it was go time. dumb exam. theres always summer school..right?

i made it through classes without the need for a snack. but i was gettin sort of grumbly on my walk home so i munched on this guy so that i didnt absolutely obliterate my wee kitchen once i walked in the door. my plan quasi worked. who gnu?

i like to mix it up. so for dinner i had a salad since i NEVER eat salads. romaine. spinach. and then a mix of veggies and shrimp all cooked up in lime juice. chili powder. and hot sauce. i topped the salad with salsa and my lovely traderjoeschips and called it delicious.

insert drab college stuff here. buzzkill.

and since everyone loves my late night munches!

here we have the rest of my apple from lunch. some cheerios. more zoes granola. newmans own organics cinnamon sugar soy crisps. PEANUTBUTTER. and a hunka chocolate. [wait. theres no chocolate in this picture. well..there should be. it was a last minute add in and apparently this picture was taken prior. let your imagination run wild.]

obviously i went back for a bit more peanut butter. by the time i got to the chocolate the spoon had long been sucked dry and well..mister chocolate was horribly lonesome. im quite the matchmaker if i do say so myself.

and with that i must depart. toodles.

favorite onscreen matchup..go!

for sure.


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booth & bones!

Comment by janeexplained

I think it’s normal to get jumpy about stuff like that. Especially since you’ve been building it up for a while. Just remember why you’re doing it 🙂

Comment by Kara

dont worry you’ll be fine with your race!! everyone gets nervous lovey.

love your late night munchies.

Comment by dailydulcie

you always have so many diff tastes going on in each meal, i love it! and hope you’re less worried bout the race- you’re gonna do awesome!

Comment by sue

I love your late night munchies!
And you’re doing to do great with the race!!!

Comment by Sharon

Good luck Saturday AM! You will do awesome.

Comment by runsarah

Why you be worryin about this race? You are going to kill it, furreal! I’d love to listen to your ramblings all day ,btw.

Ummm Coffee and poops? Hilarious. I love that you actually talked about that, because–ok I’m gross–but I always think—shoooo these peeps eat a lot of fibuh, it’s going to leave them soon. That and, I have my digestion, um, routines ?, and I chill for a while after I eat T and Th before I work out/ leave the house. Gawd I’m too open sometimes. Whatevskies.

I lurrrve the late night snackles, cuz I do that too. Actually, I’m starting to dislike the fact I won all these cookies. I’m eating this Champion chip cookies out of the back like theyre creackers or something. I’m going to be the size of a house soon. Ok, no, that’s not true, but I know it won’t be good if I have these next to my bed much longer. Yes, I am keeping the box right next to my bed. Space issues. Haha.

I should end this novella soon. Have a great friday babycakes!

Comment by snackface

awww beauty and the tramp!!!……..I’m obsessed w/ Leo & Kate in titanic……OR shia labeouf and that random model girl in Disturbia….just because shia’s HOT!

I seriously love your late night munchies, about to partake in some of my own actually….hope you end up approving of what I put together!

PS, You are gonna KILLL IT in the race!

Comment by Jessica (jesslikesithot)

Drool. Your snackbowl is so yum. And everything else looks super good too. How about we just switch, I get your eats (and metabolism) and you get mine? Deal? Deal.

Comment by Tina

my clothes are nuts because I fear one thing – chafe of massiveness. With enough running, everything turns to a big rash. ouch. Last weekend in the rain, even my stomach got chafed. I figure it’s worth buying decent stuff as long as it keeps me feelin’ good.

Comment by Jessica


Mmm, the spoonful of PB looks divine.

You’ll be fabulous on Saturday, I know it!! Hang in there.

Comment by VeggieGirl

Hey girl! I love your blog! I also cannot wait to read more of yours! I will be making an addition to my blogroll right after I post this 🙂 So you have a race on Saturday? That’s awesome! It sounds like your worried, but I’m sure you’ll do great. Just make sure you don’t buy any coffee before then..haha! That made me laugh when I read it…tea sometimes does the same thing to me, but I’m a tea addict, and it doesn’t stop me, ha! I love your late night snackage, and the huge spoonful of peanut butter looks divine…a late night snack would just NOT be the same without PB.

I hope you have a lovely day!

Comment by Meg

You will do amazing on Saturday!!! =)

Cranberries and Pistachios are the prettiest combinaton ever!

Comment by Shelby

those pistachios add such a pop to your bfast! recall scmecall.

you’re going to complete that half in your sleep tomorrow, woooot 😉 i’ll be sending energy waves your way!

and that big blob of pb at the end. cue stomach grumbling …

Comment by Sarah

Oh that song reminds me of childhood! That’s the best flavor of gnu in my book!

Good luck tomorrow – you’ll blow it away 🙂

Comment by ksgoodeats

awesome shrimp salad 🙂
good luck tomorrow!

Comment by cleanveggiex3

Try not to worry too much about the race. It’s normal to be a little nervous, but you are totally prepared and ready for this :)!

I am so impressed by your dinner and snack! Seriously look SO yummy and healthy! That glob of peanut butter is making my mouth water!

Comment by Heather

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