yum. run. !!!

kiss me..i dont smoke.

dude. why do all the attractive fellas gotta be tarlungs?
for reals. i saw several hecka fine [keep in mind..hormones]
gentlemen on my jaunt to class this afternoon and every
last one of the boneables was smoooking. gross gross gross.


ANOCHE [thats last night my amigos]:

megamunchfest last night. i managed to snap a couple pics but man oh man was much more consumed.

the lovely dani at foodshouldtastegood was nice enough to send me some chippies to try out for the blog. these olive chips werent my favorite. but i dont like olives. so ya know. they were still pretty alright all things considered. and they definitely satisfied my salt craving. [for a bit. some honeychipotlechip with cottagecheese action occurred later on in the evening.]

now for the good stuff:
mmm. so good. edys loaded butterfinger. cheerios. peanut butter. and a chocolate vitatop. need i say more?

this was my first experience with vitatops. i mean. it was good. but like. not OH MY GOD AMAZING. i had higher expectations. dont get me wrong the box will not last long but i dont quite see what all the fuss is about.

also. i polished off the rest of this beaut:
thanks again heather! youre a total gem.

i stayed up way too late last night piddling/munching my life away.
and stealing from my roommates bag of candy and such. oops.

all i can say is thank god i love to run.


i could NOT get out of bed this morning. which is totally fine since i dont have class until three on tuesday/thursdays. and i lack ambition.

then i started pondering breakfast and ZING what bed?

brace yourself. breakfast was a numbah one stunnah:
sweet wheat bagel. half with cottage cheese and some heated up frozen berries. the other half had a NEW peanut butter!!! and a few orange slices. totally hit the spot.

check out my new pal:
thanks to lovelies at pbloco this little buddy was the star of breakfast. mmmm. super sweet and artificial but so damn good. peanut butter. chocolate. bananas. how can you go wrong!?

then i crawled back into bed. but the stupid sun was shining all up in my business and making me feel guilty. ‘fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine sun. i will come suck you all up.’ aka i went for a splendid six mile run. it was great. i love being warm.

i should totally join in on lengs salad challenge. but im sure the second i commit ill run out of romaine. and i certainly cannot ahve that. plus im totally commitmentphobic. anyways. romaine. turkey. carrots. peppers. bbq/hummus/ricewinevinegar dressing of sorts. fone for CRUNCH. and apple wedges with cinnamon. i got mad love for cool crisp foods.

i was fixin to make some iced coffee to take to class. and i wanted some post lunch sweetness. aka i made my own little version of cocoa coffee. basically i just iced mine. and added a few glugs of soy milk since i dont do creamers and such. it was amazing. that bender knows whats up.

i brought along this larabar as well. PECAN PIE. i really liked it. which surprised me since pecans are probably my least favorite nut of sorts. and i dont like pie. bravo larabar. you done good. [thanks to my little lolita for sending me this little guy since i never would have opted to buy it for myself!]

class was pretty alright. except that it was sixty and sunny out. and the quad was covered with people laying around and playing frisbee and enjoying themselves. grrr. at least its supposed to be nice all day tomorrow. wait. i have class. class. class. and then straight to work. BUMMER.

i had some broccoli slaw in the fridge and i hadnt a clue what i wanted to do with it. but then i did have a clue! and then i had dinner.

i chopped up some orange pepper [my favorite!] and dug in the freezer for some corn and stirfried it all up with a few big handfuls of slaw and some shrimpalimp. the sauce/marinade/stirfrying liquid was a mishmosh: ricewinevinegar. teriyakisauce. honey. red pepper flakes. ginger powder. garlic powder. sesame oil. etc etc. super delicious. i had some kashi crackers on the side. im not sure why. it seemed like a good idea at the time. i have no regrets. also. the rest of my orange from breakfast. the little chinese restaurant back home always had orange slices along with the fortune cookies at the end and so i wanted to channel the goodness that is golden garden. [i did NOT eat that purple barrette. the orange hue was just too dominate and i was trying to make the bits of cabbage pop. awk since you cannot see a single piece of the cabbage action.]

i considered eating this with some chopsticks that i had lying around but i totally lack coordination [hello. why do you think im a runner?] and it would have taken longer than the three minutes in which i inhaled this delight. forker for life.

im already pondering dessert. mmm. decisions decisions.

whats your favorite nut?

does peanut butter count as a nut? ;]

i really like cashews. and almonds. and pistachios. and hazelnuts. [okay. so i like them all. but walnuts and pecans are on the lower end of the spectrum.]

and no preaching about how walnut and such arent really nuts because i say they are and thats whats up. kapeesh?

ALSO. check out honeynoneynuts giveaway. the survey takes like point two. help a college gal out will ya?


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That pb looks ridiculously good…banana? cocoa? pb? together? I need to find it.

Comment by runsarah

You are so hilarious. I dig your writing style and humor πŸ™‚ Too bad about those smoking men.

I’ve tried to ice my coffee before and I really liked it. Thanks for the reminder and the shout out.

I haven’t seen PB Loco around – looks pretty awesome with banana – yummmm!

P.S. I heart purple barrettes. Also, I miss wearing them.

Comment by Jenn (eating bender)

I loooove cashews. And sunflower seeds.

Comment by janeexplained

I love cashews. And almonds. =D
And ooh, I’m not a big fan of olives either. I think they… smell. πŸ˜›

Comment by Sharon

there is so much goodness in the bowl!

Comment by Bec

blech i hate smoking. do people still think it’s sexy?

Comment by Kara

i just laughed out loud by myself throughout this entire post! stealing your roommate’s candy, being too commitmentphobic to do the salad challenge, and especially the purple barrette. your blog is so refreshingly hilarious. thank you!

my favorite nuts? almonds, cashews, and pecans. in that order πŸ™‚

Comment by raspberryrunner

orange pepper is my favorite too! well, out of the peppers anyway. and very mucho jealous of your pb loco!

Comment by sue

Chooseing a favorite nut is analogous to choosing a favorite child…but I gotta say that almonds will always win that contest.

Comment by broccolihut

That first dessert….whoawhoawhoawhoaaaa girl, slow down!!!!! That is probably the most delicious thing I have ever seen in my lifeeeeee! If ice cream could fit in my teeny dorm freezer and if I had vita tops….I’D MAKE THAT, NOW!!!

I love brazil nuts!!! I always eat those first whenever I buy mixed nuts, yummmyyy!!!

Comment by Jessica (jesslikesithot)

Did you just refer to hot guys as “boneables”??? LOVE IT. Hahaha I really do.

I haven’t tried the vitatops yet, but this is what I envision happening: I eat one, like it, but really just think about how I wanted cereal, so have cereal too. So I may have to skip the buying of the pricey vitatops.

The shrimplettes and the oranges looks strikingly alike. Whoahhh.

Favorite nut? Me. Ha, I’m funny. But for real, I’d say almonds. And peanuts, only in peanut butter form.

Comment by snackface

Your dinner looks so awesome. I just love shrimp in anything!
I think my favorite nue is almonds…but it’s pretty tough to know for sure!

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

Your posts seriously make me droollll.

Comment by Shelby

almonds because they make almond milk. soynuts because they make soymilk. πŸ™‚

Comment by Michelle Hisae

Ooo tough to pick a favorite nut… it’s a tie between walnuts and almonds for me. Toasted walnuts make the perfect salad topper and almonds are great in just about any application!

Comment by Lauren

Ugh, I hear ya – one of my exes was a smoker, and he always smelled like tobacco 😦


Comment by VeggieGirl

Cashews are the best. There’s no comparison. They were one of my greatest weaknesses and in order to help me stick within reasonable calorie limits each day, I had to take the remaining unopened can of nuts, draw a circle of salt around them, chant a few mystical verses, and hope that my spell is strong enough to keep my mitts outta that thing.

Comment by Charlie Hills

ALMONDS and walnuts a close second.

Comment by Yasmin

P.B Loco! Luucky you! When I first heard about them a couple of weeks ago I checked the website out and was like “Whaaat? No they didn’t! PB and Strawberries? Banana chocolate? Cinnamon!? Like, Oh em gee!” but then I snapped back to reality and realized I live in friggun Sweden, like not gonna happen that I get my hands on some-o-that.

Comment by Tina

i totally hate the smell of cigarette smoke. bleh.

loving that bagel for breakfast. totally yumminess

i love almonds & walnuts best πŸ™‚

Comment by dailydulcie

OMG! Your breakfast looks so good! Love the toppings!

#1 nut = almonds!!!

Comment by Heather

When will guys learn that smoking is just so unbelievably NOT sexy at all! I love all nuts (that’s what she said) but my favorite is definitly almonds – so crunchy!

Comment by ksgoodeats

Your butterfinger ice cream reminded me of a butterfinger blizzard from DQ!!! Yum

Comment by Leanne

omg that pb loco looks soo good! sounds amazing!!! i’d have to say my favorite nut is almonds, SO good.. but pecans are amazing too, esp in a gooey pie πŸ™‚

Comment by dailygoods

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