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moderation schmoderation.
April 17, 2009, 8:53 pm
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seriously. its overrated.

so for my first late night snickysnack last night i decided to coordinate with my peanut butter.

cheerios. BANANAS. CHOCOLATE. soymilk. pbloco chocolatelybananapeanutbutter goodness! delicious. as i suspected it would be.

a bit later i was wanting some more munchcrunch action.

apples and hummus.

then i just went at the jar of peanut butter. at one point i stopped long enough to slather some on a sandwich thin with banana slices and make a legit snack out of it. but then i just went back to the spoon.

by the time my head hit the pillow last night a third of the jar was gone.

dayum. im very upset about this. but only because its not going to last long. boo.



i woke up this morning and thought it best to avoid the PEANUT butter.

aka GOOD MORNING BARNEY BUTTER. this was one of the free samples i got in the mail. it was pretty good. but not like drop your pants good. if it were available around here [its not] and were comparable to wherever nut butter i was fixin to buy [doubt it. homegirls on a budget.] id grab a jar. but i dont think id ever shell out the extra dollahs for shipping. not my style. anyways. soymilknaner oats. fone. cranberries. delicious as always.

then it was off for a funfilled morning of self-inflicted pain. i mean. class.

i made it home with enough time to pack up some grub and out the door i went. to the cupcake factory!

i didnt eat the pure protein bar. i did make myself an iced latte or two. and obviously there were nibbles. i mean come on. i work around cupcakes. chocolate. and gelato. thatd be tough even for someone with some level of restraint.

after work i was planning on going for a run but then my friend who just returned from NEW ZEALAND offered up dinner with her fam. they were going to biaggis which in my humble [im always right.] opinion is not that great. but who am i to turn down free food?

i had a snack first because i got off at six and was gettin hungry and dinner wasnt until sevenfifteen.
there must be some food that i ate that isnt orange..right? there might have been crackers too? okay. there definitely were.

anyways. no pictures from dinner. but i managed to eat a good portion of the big house salad for the table. drenched in dressing. not so fun. but whats a gal to do? for my entree of sorts i ordered the mediterranean pizza. it was a biggin. and i was good only ate half of it. [moderation!] but as soon as i got home i went into the kitchen to put it in the fridge and ended up polishing off the other half. [its overrated anyways.]

so thats where i be now. unrunned. overeatened. supah tired. cest la vie.

no big plans for the rest of the evening. maybe trying to figure out how im going to get out of these pants. perhaps ive been overcompensating for my running these past few weeks. oops. i guess that means ill just have to go shopping for new jeans. ;]

anyways. if anyone wants to come over and play scrabble that sounds pretty alright with me right about now. byopb. [though any nut butter will do.]

whats your favorite board game?

scrabble. for sure. though chutes and ladders is pretty legit too.


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I seriously stared and ogled at the first picture for way too long.

Favorite board game… Clue? Sure. And Candyland.

Comment by Kara

Oh wow, super delicious eats!!
Pizza is always delightful!
Favorite board game? Hum… checkers. =P

Comment by Sharon

Does mancala count? Mancala is the shit.

Comment by Michelle Hisae

i haven’t had peanut butter in my apartment for a whole week- i’m seeing how long i can last! i’d totally go over for some scrabble, if you’re ready to lose (and lived a little bit closer!)

Comment by sue

hey! I just found your blog and I LOVE IT! I have to 100% agree with you.. moderation is definitely overrated! I’m pretty sure I could eat every hour of every day.. especially if something has the word “chocolate” in it. Have a great weekend!!

Comment by Megan

I am unrunned and oversugared tonight too…and still hungry!! Maybe I need to hit up my pb jar.

Comment by runsarah

my fave board game is definitely scattergories!!! so much fun! 🙂

Hmmm that’s an intriguing combination of apple and hummus! I’ve never tried that…but it looks like it’s one of those things where i’ll need to slowly get used to. hehehe. I totally agree with u on the BB!! It’s definitely not HOLY MOLY yum. 😛

Comment by luckytastebuds

aww I played scrabble with my bro and his wife last weekend in our hotel!!…the game is legit, except I had the worse luck in that game, ever…so sad! APPLES TO APPLES gets crazy with family members, have you ever played that game? I love it!

that first snickity snack with the CHOCOLATE soy milk….whoa that’s a big girl move, i’m super jealous right now, since all i have is VANILLA and original flavors. lame. what a pretty salad and oats ya got going on too!!! talk to you soooooon?!?!!??! sick of me yet?! 😉


Comment by Jessica (jesslikesithot)

moderation blows especially when it comes to peanut butter. I attacked my almond butter and jam today and polished off quite a large sum, oh well it tasted good! I just found your blog today and i love it! You’re now on my blogroll =)

Comment by Bri

oooh and i love the game life and cranium

Comment by Bri

I love your outlook on food. I wish I could have the same attitude towards it as you do. It’s a very healthy way to look at food and eat and it’s the best way to stay in shape. Beating yourself up about what you eat or how much you eat is never good and will only have negative effects in the long run (hello binges). And about the PB Loco, yeah when I checked the website I was a little bit frightened to see the ingredient list. I’m a organic-pb type of girl so seeing all those things I couldn’t pronounce put me off a bit. That said, don’t know if I could resist buying a jar if I ever were offered the opportunity.

Comment by Tina

you are a beautiful soul! ( cue the jessee mccartney song)
haha aaaand i’m on my way over RIGHT now to play gamesssss, my fav is def scrabble aand life

fav non board game=SPOONS!

Comment by hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

Even though you didn’t eat it, that Pure Protein bar is my fav! I admire your intense love for all things PB 🙂

Favorite board game: Life! I love it!

Comment by ksgoodeats

Lovin’ all the nut butters!!

Favorite board game = Monopoly!!

Comment by VeggieGirl

I didn’t think Barney Butter was that special either. The texture was great but the flavor was mehhh

Comment by Shelby

Gahhh I love that first pic so much! Ya know, I liked the BB, but I’m not paying 8 or 9 dollars for a jar of it. Nawww.

I’d totally come play games with you! Can we play popomatic Trouble? When I was little I used to get so pissed playing that game that I’d throw it across the room if I started to lose. Watch out.

One of my favorite quotes:
“Everything in moderation, including moderation.” -Chef Jacques Pepin (spelling could be off there)
I tell myself that every weekend. HA! I kid. Kinda

Comment by snackface

love your pb & cheerio combo!! sounds fabulous!
oh and great salad too! haha moderation is over rated!

Comment by cleanveggiex3

its like im reading an entry of my own diary…err, blog. pshhh. moderation is for the weak. suckas.

why is peanut butter so damn addictive.
i dont play board games. i have a life. jk. i dont. im just really bad at monopoly and taking it out at your question.

Comment by elise

thank you for your sweet comment!

and you’ve reminded me that I need to get some more hummus!

Comment by glidingcalm

candy land obvi….hate chutes and ladders because i always fall down the big ladder at the end and myst start over erggg.

Comment by lora

LOVE all the nutbutter! I don’t think it’s possible to resist the craving when it is just so healthy too!

Favorite game: DEFINITELY scrabble, but Catch Phrase and Clue can be pretty fun too!

Comment by Heather

I got the free samples of Barney Butter & personally, I didn’t like it. Too much peanut taste! :\
CUPCAKE FACTORY!? Sounds delish!!

My fav board game? my special edition, Boutique Monopoly!

Comment by Taylor

hi there! i found your blog through emily’s and wanted to drop by and say hi! you have SUCH an adorable blog, i couldn’t help but smile when i read through every word!

may i add you to my blogroll?

Comment by Pearl

hands down cranium!

Comment by Bec

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