yum. run. !!!

im not back..
April 30, 2009, 3:48 pm
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..so simmer down.

but i just had to post because THE  jay robb added me as a friend on facebook. ballin!

also. its old news but: my favorite little almondbuttereating heather is the greatest gal evah.
she sent me the most fantastic of birthday presents! [its sunday yall. oh boy. twentyone.]

wish i could stay to chat but im laaaaaaaaaaaaaaate.



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haha jay robb added me as a friend too! soo awesome! happy early birthday girlie!

Comment by sue

I’m so totally Jay Robb’s friend too! Studddddd. Come back! Get a mac! I would totally send you one if I won the lottery. It hasn’t happened… yet. Maybe if I actually bought a lottery ticket…?

Happy early 21st !!! ❤

Comment by Kristie

Jay robb asked me to join his facebook group, man I was honored!! hahaaa….

HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY!! I miss yo face! Talk to you soon?!

Comment by Jessica (jesslikesithot)

Haha – now you can stare at Jay Robb’s hot bod everyday!

So glad you’re enjoying your package treats. Wishing you the most wonderful Birthday Erin!!!!

Comment by Heather Eats Almond Butter

Happy 21st birthday, a little early!

…Did you see me and Jessica running this morning at the buttcrack of dawn? Or, more accurately: did you see Jessica running and me staggering along, begging and pleading for a walk break?

Comment by Mica

Wohoo, the big two one! Happy birthday!! It’s 11:11pm here right now which means you’ll be 21 yrs old in Sweden in 49 minutes! I.e. about 6 hours before you turn 21 in the US. That’s about the only fun thing about the time difference between the US and Sweden – we sometimes call our relatives in the US on new years eve and scream “Happy New Year” when it’s midnight here on the 31st of December, but it’s still only 6pm where they are. Haha… random story there but I thought it was appropriate somehow…

Comment by Tina

happy birthday bestie!!!!!!!!! get a new comp STAT!!! i miss your daily musings and witty remarks 😦

Comment by elise

hope your birthday was awesome!!!!! I’m so sorry about your mac 😦

Comment by trustingmyintuition

haha, that’s hilarious. happy b-day 🙂

Comment by Amy

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