yum. run. !!!

my pants are on fiyah!
May 10, 2009, 1:49 pm
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because im a liar.

‘regularly scheduled blogging’ shant resume today.

but i do still have things to blog aboutttt. huzzah.

im not too sure how these next few days will be in
terms of blogging since im headed home on friday
and so trying to use up odds and ends. for example
last night for ‘dinner’ i ate half a jar of …


so good. but not so much a balanced meal/snack
whatever it was. my eats were so sporadic yesterday
thanks to an oddball shift at the cupcake factory.

anyways. back to this peanut butter and co business..

as i mentioned in a previous post i received the best
birthday present EVER from my dearest galfriday!!!

the lovely emily put together a blogger birthday club.
i was lucky enough to get paired up with heather.

anyways. the highlight of the gift was the box it came in:
yeah. the delivery guy was a little apprehensive about giving me the package. […]

PEANUTBUTTERANDCO: white chocolate wonderful. dark chocolate dreams. cinnamon raisin swirl. and maple nut oaties. !!!

i was trying to save the peanut butters and actually did not even crack them open until this friday. throughout the day i had some of all three. so goshdiddlydang amazing. i tried really hard to consume them in moderation. i actually didnt do too bad on friday. last night however. i did quite a number on the dark chocolate dreams. no regrets though because i know heather would want me to go at all of those jars like there was no tomorrow. yall know me. i aim to please. theyll be gone in no time heather. no worries. ;]

also. those maple nut oaties..holy mackerel. there are no words.

i ate the whole batch in like three days. and i certainly didnt share. greedygreedy.

THANKS SO MUCH HEATHER. you certainly went above and beyond. :]

also. i gotta give a shoutout to my main squeeze.
cathmeister! [and my HUGEheaded nephew.]

i wish i could be chillin with that nasty gal today. soon enough!
h a ppy mo t he r s da y pr ett yga l .

[i dont know why i spaced that out like that? no matter.]

today has been quite a lazy day indeed. the last few weeks have been crazzzzy with the end of the semester and exams and projects and the cupcake factory and such so im glued to my bed. splendid!

the real housewives of new jersey preview is on right now.
who is excited for the premiere on tuesday!?

!!! meeeeeeeeeee. i love smut. my pal amanda and i already biiiig plans. new york reunion. new jersey premiere. and lotsa vino. yay!


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SO cute!

Comment by Pearl

Your nephew does have a pretty huge head. It must be filled with brains, no joke.

I will give you my stats (=address), but I’d prefer not to leave it in the midst of the blogosphere. E-mail? Facebook? (I live near downtown Champaign, so it’s close to your work. I’ve also never been to the cupcake place, so I should come visit you when you work some time.)

Comment by Mica

YUM!! Maple nut oaties look fantastic! You know I’m psyched for Jersey!

Comment by ksgoodeats


Whatttttt a great bday present-peanut butter, can’t get any better than that!!! I’m glad you approve of all the flavors I have yet to try….once the WCW wonderful is dunzo i’m going for the dark choc dreams or mighty maple. Was I a bitch and forgot to wish you a happy birthday on yooo day?!?! Blame finals week. I LOVE YOU THOUGH ERIN BEEEEE!

Comment by Jessica (jesslikesithot)

Ey baybay—that baby’s head is huge and frickin’ adorable! I want to squeeze those cheekers! I’m a baby freak. I just don’t want one of my own for a very,very long time.

I love the p.b. loving. I need to get my hands on WCW and CinnRaisin, as I’ve only tried Mighty Maple and DCD, which were both amazing.

I say sporadic posts from you are better than no posts from you. LOVE YOU B!

Comment by snackface

PB&CO is made from the GODS! I’ve only tried WCW but I am dying to try mighty maple, cinnamon raison, and DCD!

CAN’T WAIT FOR Jersey drama mamaaaas!!

Comment by homegirlcaneat

oh PB&CO what would i do without thee?

glad to see you back writing..WHAT a relief! 🙂
have a lovely night

Comment by hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

And awwwh, such adorable pictures!

Comment by Sharon

I have been all about the NJ housewives. Looks like some mafiosa goodness.

Comment by Kara

hells yeah. cant wait to see those train wrecks of the jerz!!

id be a little concerned about that package too…but LOVE the goodies inside. girlfriend hooked it UP!

Comment by elise

PB & CO!! love it!

Comment by sue

I’m kind of jealous of your PB&Co–I have one jar at home now but I’m feeling greedy and would love all those flavors!
Also, I reeeealy need to make Heather’s maple nut oaties. They just SOUND amazing.
Your nephew is freaking adorable!

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

Hey! I have a huuuge headed nephew as well 🙂

and so so so can not wait for tonight.
Toddler asleep.
Me with glass of wine on couch and RH of NJ.
cant wait.

Comment by MizFit

OMG, did I not comment this post!? I could have sworn I did. I guess I got all hypnotized by the photos of PB&Co. that I totally lost control of my typing skills…. drooooolll!! Gimme, gimme more more…

Comment by Tina

hey! just came across your blog and i can’t wait to keep reading! i would love it if you could check out mine!

Comment by Jenna

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