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May 17, 2009, 10:22 am
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hello birds!

how are you on this lovely sunday morning?!

i found these random two breakfasts
on my camera from a few days ago?
this one must be waaaay old because thats definitely dark chocolate dreams. which has been gone for a while now. im done off with another jar and a half since this breakfast. either which way. scrumptious.
i can always manage to get pictures of breakfast. then its all downhill from there. maybe i should reformat my blog? ;] [p.s. loooove that blog. so quaint!]

anywhoooo. onto bigger and better things. like yesterday!

i decided to channel my inner lolita yesterday and have a ‘sloth day‘.
[disregard that she worked all evening. and i did quite the opposite.]

so yes yes. sloth day. home makes me so laaaazy.
[and i certainly dont mean sexy.]
but i absolutely love it. aint no shame in being a big ole blob from time to time.

i woke up to a simple breakfast of sorts.
super bananical oats with peanut butter. and crooked coffee. hit the spot.

the oats were way hot and as i let them cool the peanut butter got super oozey.

i putzed around the house. chilled with the cathmeister. yada yada.

lunch was pretty lame. our produce is seriously lacking as of current.
i usually opt for fresh romaine and spinach but all we had was some bagged stuff. it sufficed. topped with green bell pepper. pineapple and something or another salsa. and kashi fireroasted veggie crackers. [my fave flavor for sure.]
with a side of crooked cottage cheese and more kashi love.

throughout the day i munched on various things. such as:
this dish was overflowing when i got home yesterday. and the nibblage did not stop after this picture. man oh man do i love reeses.

im trying with all my might to unpack the stuff from my apartment but well.. yeah. anyways. i was looking through some boxes of stuff in my room [not apartment stuff. old room stuff.] and i found these gems:
i love my life.

our house is full of food. but theres nothing to eat. it drives me bonkers.

so dinner was a old favorite.
a crooked sweet potato. chickpeas. bbq sauce. bananas peppers. and then a little package of apple slices i found in the fridge. thanks subway.

[p.s. sorry for all the crooked shots. come on wordpress. dont be lame.]

either way. dinner was delish.

a bit later i met up with my gal brittany and we went uptown to some of the bars. let me just say that i live in a town of sixthousand [pretty sure thats including the livestock]. surrounded by cornfields. and cattle. and tractors. the bars are.. well. this sure aint no college campus. but i do love me a good nascar jacket.

we chitted and chatted and caught up. i flirted around with my fellah mister daniels. it was a good time for sure. our gal elaina showed up a bit later. i hadnt seen these gals much since high school. elaina is now married and brittany has a wee baby and is essentially engaged. dont worry. im still eternally single and horribly immature. nice.

a few fellas tried their darndest to get me to cheat on my boy jack with their friend jose but i wasnt havent it. i knew my gal tammy would never have it.
[im such a hick. yeehaw.]

anyways. i came home and polished off the hot and spicy cheez its. and the easter candy. mmmm.
there was obviously more chocolate and peanut butter action than shown here. but well. i was too busy eating to take pictures. oops.

then i passed out.

and now its sunday. sunday fun day. fun in the sun day. [?!]

what was the last thing you ate!?
ill tell you tomorrow chumps!


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Hahah i love the whole daniels and jose thing made me laugh! The breakies look so yummy and I love the blog simply breakfast – I spent a good half an hour scrolling through all the posts one day. The last thing I ate was a handful of Special K satisfaction nom!

Comment by brianna

Oh man! I remember troll dolls back in the day. They are so ugly and yet so cute! Loving your eats and sloth days are the best! I love scrubbing it at home 🙂 Enjoy your Sunday!

Comment by Yasmin

Omg I forgot about Trolls!! I loved them, those creepy little things!

Sometimes when I’m home, I feel that way too–the kitchen is full of food but there is nothing to eat! You seem to be managing well. Oh goodness I’d be all up in those Cheez-its. I miss them. I keep them out of my house because I will substitute meals with large quantities of their refined deliciousness. Whatevs.

The last thing I ate was a huge cereal mess with berries and flax. And now I’m hangry again!

Comment by snackface

Loving the big glob of pb on the oats… SO good!

OMG, Kashi’s and cottage cheese are just heaven together! Those two were made for eachother. 😉

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Comment by Heather

grapes! mmm love me some grapes.

hell yeah for lazy dayzzzzzzzz..can’t wait until it’s warm out and those lazy dayz can be held outside 🙂
have a mervelous day chicky

Comment by hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

I used to have so many trolls! Hahaha, I even had a backpack with a 3D troll on it while I was growing up. that was my prized backpack. 😛

And damnnnn, I need to find myself some dark chocolate dreams!!!! LOL!!!!

Comment by Sharon

ahh.. everybody needs those i-did-nothing today days 🙂

Comment by Pearl

hot n spicy cheese its are amazing as is candy–i cheated on my hubby jameson last night with some douche bag redbull smirnoff. fail.

im kinda sad that the livestock are more appealing than me…i guess its ok that u stay home for the summer however, if i dont get a perverted visit from you soon, I might have to go norman bates on u and stalk you. just kidding (kinda).

Yeah I worked til 4 AM–got a number tho–hey ya 😉 cutie patootie who plays soccer and who wants to run in a marathon with me–lolita can work it. we’ll see as I am eternally single and a child 102% of the time. Hell I just started to learn how to walk- how can my friends be getting married? frightening.

I gotta finish my venti Starbizzle right now and type up my emails from work…text me later pb cup!


Comment by lora

oh reeses are definitely my go to chocolate fix for sure – love those little guys!

p.s. those trolls used to scare the hell out of me as a child.. you just reminded me that not much as changed from then – EEEEKKK!!!

happy sunday booo ❤

Comment by Jenny

Troll dolls…….soooo CUTE but sooo creepy?!?!

Your oatmeal/peanut butter bowls are making me HUNGRY…..i’m so angry that you didn’t even leave a little LICK of the dark chocolate dreams for me to try! haaha, it sounds like you’re enjoying yourself though, glad you got some man action in the form of alc….it’s what a girls gotta do sometimes.

The last thing I ate was some blueberry oatmeal w/ white chocolate wonderful and regular peanutbuttaaaa…boo-yaaaa

Comment by Jessica (jesslikesithot)

I’m totally out of Dark Choc Dreams…your spoonful of it is making me CRAVE it like crazy. 😛

Glad you had a good time with your friend, and those trolls make me laugh – I remember getting the teeny ones in happy meals, I think, growing up. Good times good times.

I hope you have a lovely day, and that you’re able to find some more good eats around your house. I seem to have the ‘lots-of-food-but-nothing-I-wanna-eat’ syndrome lately too. 😉


Comment by Meg

trolls!!! hahaha.

oozy hot PB on oats…yes, im drooling on my keyboard. i better watch out or im gonna be erinbee status with my comp. no bueno!

Comment by elise

ohhh, trolls! i used to have SO many of them.

the last thing i ate was a slice of healthy cheesecake 🙂

your oozy pb looks perfect perfect!

Comment by Sarah

I think those troll dolls need to come back to CU with you, fo sho!

Comment by mica

aww jose is my lovah! ❤ i still have my troll collection too…i used to get these points at my after school program that we could cash in for prizes. i ALWAYS chose trolls! i’m going to go on ebay now to look for a stripper troll and a dino troll…i need those!

Comment by sue

TROLLS! I used to have far too many of those things. I liked my Mrs. Claus with green hair the best:)

I am just finishing up my choco-berry shake:)

Comment by broccolihut

Amazing as always. You must be some kind of magician to be able to come up with such great eats considering you’re lacking in the food department. I just keep reapeating my eats day in and day out but ya know… The last thing I ate was my usual breakfast – soy youghurt, fruit, flaxseed, date bread, Tofutti cream cheese. Yum! 🙂

Comment by Tina

I thought that the kiwi pic was going to be mt favorite, but then I saw the trolls.

Comment by Kara

Love the trolls and the banana peppers on your salad! 😀

Comment by biz319

Let us have a mini reeses foodie exchange soon! KKKK?! They are my fav. FASHO!

Lovin’ yo salad. Lovin’ yo sideways kashi crackaz. Lovin’ yoself.


Comment by homegirlcaneat

last thing I ate was FROYO!

haha i love your food though! your oats are so purty and I’m totally lovin the oozy melty PB shots!! actually, it is making me realz hungry.

I had no idea they made spicy cheez its! those were a staple in my diet when I was younger!

Comment by glidingcalm

Oh man, TROLLS! I think I collected those in 1st grade and I have no idea where they are now 😦 You have quite the collection there 🙂

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

Oh, P.S….last thing I ate was a Larabar and it was DELICIOUS 🙂

Comment by Lara (Thinspired)

beautiful photos and I LOVE TH TROLLS! hahahahaha too funny 😉

Comment by Shannon (The Daily Balance)

omg love the trolls! I also always find random food pics on my camera… oh the life of a food blogger!

Comment by Bec

omg trolls ! lol i used to LOVE those!!

ok oatmeal DCD and kashi go lean is such a fav snacky combo of mine 🙂 good minds think alike!!


Comment by jaime

ohh man those trolls are too funny. I used to love my little ponies, I thought they were soo pretty because they had sparkly eyes and tattoos on their butts. haha

Comment by Em

Nice troll collection.

Your melted peanut butter left me speechless as well, and the last thing I ate…leftover roasted butternut squash neck. Ate the butt yesterday. Still hungry. Going to raid my chocolate stash. 🙂

Comment by Heather Eats Almond Butter

Hello hun! Thanks for your super nice comments re my dress! I wish I looked that spiffy every day, but alas that kind of look only comes from many hours of primping in front of the mirror 😉

Oooh… I’m drooling over the super melty PB. I love when that happens. It spreads everywhere and is nice and warm.

Am loving the choccies too 🙂 Last thing I ate – a bit of my dads ham and cheese wrap (I’m big on taking bites of peoples food!)

Comment by Ashley

hello!! im new in the blog world so i wanted to say hi and that i like your blog! and your sweet potato meal is one of my favorite meals! with black beans feta and sweet yellow pepper

Comment by nicole

i love all of those little troll guys 🙂
all of your oats look just delicious!

Comment by peacelovepb


Comment by homegirlcaneat

Hey! I just found your blog! it’s great!

I used to have so many trolls (or is it trollz?! hahah).

Comment by Emily

Love your blog! Check out mine 🙂

Comment by Jenna

Your blognis awesome!! Come back!

Comment by Jenna

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