yum. run. !!!

about me!

hmmm. where to begin..

im a sassy little number.

i have a serious thing for harrison ford.

and cotton swabs are my fav.

more legitimate details:

i am a first semester senior at the university of illinois. im majoring in advertising with a minor in communication. woo. i loooove college football.

heres me at the rooooooose bowl:


i sell cupcakes. and the occasional latte or cocktail. mostly i just stand around in cute aprons from anthropologie. !!!

i looooove to run. endorphins are my fav.

my hips ankles and knees dont love my running so much. but it hasnt stopped me thus far.

i cannot wait to run my first half marathon! [april 11th. woo.]

my favorite foods are for sure peanut butter [or any nut butter really]. sweet potatoes. salsa. cereal of any kind. coffee. bananas. cottage cheese. and uh..

CHOCOLATE. nom nom nom.

this blog is going to be interesting to say the least.

im a bit flighty. lets hope for the best eh?

this is a pretty bad about me page but uh. maybe ill fix it up once i get a bit more established in this blogschmogfog deal?

pictures anyone?


apparently i used to be a blonde..



homegirl at a winery..IN ROME! ah.


my favorite bright green..thing..on campus. [!?]

okay. what else do yall wanna know? questions?

oh by the by. im a friendly gal for sure. and sometimes i can even be a bit funny. feel free to email or the likes for a good time. ;]


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Harrison Ford = swoooooon. 🙂

Comment by Erin

You’re so much fun! Good luck with your first half! (I LOVE halfs!)

Comment by healthy ashley

You’re a gorg brunette.

Comment by Erin

Nothing about being an exotic dancer in your About Me? 🙂

Comment by healthy ashley

You’re presh!

Comment by Julz

Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I haven no intention of giving up PB (love it waaaay waaaay too much) but moderation is key I guess…boo ya! haha. Love your About Me page…very original! I’ll definitely be reading! Hope to see you around my blog! 🙂

Michelle (balancemycake)

Comment by Michelle

dude, i can’t tell you how happy i am that you commented me annddd now i have the pleasure of reading your blogski here!

Comment by hopeinpeanutbutterandoats

Love your blog. You are too cute!

Comment by eatingbirdfood

Love this page!

Comment by Leanne

i love it! you’re too cute! i was an ad major too though i don’t work in it 🙂

Comment by sue

Hi, I just found your blog & I love it. Your pictures are great and I love the “green thing” 😀

Comment by Helen's Journey

My little bro just graduated from U of I! And I work in advertising. 🙂

Comment by sweetandnatural

i absolutely love your blog! you’re so pretty too =]

Comment by AnAppleADay

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Comment by Al Malekovic

You are adorable!!!! New fav blog, fo sho. That green thing is my jam.

Comment by Lyss

HOMEGIRL I am feeling you being a homegirl at that winery in Rome! Git it girrrlll!!

Comment by homegirlcaneat

Haha cotton swabs and Harrison Ford?? That’s a pretty good “About Me” I feel ya on both lol… and WHAT is that giant green thing!?!~

Comment by Allison

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