yum. run. !!!

September 6, 2009, 12:37 pm
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im not dead.
May 31, 2009, 9:37 pm
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in other [crappy] news. i have a job. [for the summer.]
like a real[ish] nine to five job. [well. eight to fourthirty.]

real jobs suck.

that being said. homegirls going to bed.
maybe ill post for real some day though?

miss yall.

kiss kiss.

bunny barcrawl!
May 16, 2009, 11:16 am
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DISCLAIMER: this post is less than foodtastic.
if youre jonesin for some pictures of food head elsewhere.
if you need your alcoholic light up easter decoration fix
youve come to the right place.

this is probably where i should apologize for
being such a flake all the time. but uh..im
not so much sorry so youre gonna have to deal
with my sporadic posting and lack of eats. mmkay?

i havent really been taking pictures of my eats. oops.
i keep forgetting and then i started packing and
so i couldnt upload them anyways because i didnt
have my card reader. but mostly im just a lazy piece.
[also. lazy = sexy in my ‘dictionary‘ if you didnt know.]

anyways. im homeeeee! woo hoo. only there is a lot
of junk in my house foodwise. that cath doesnt eat.
so then i eat it all. last night i did a number on the
easter candy i didnt finish up when i was home in
april and the hot and spicy cheez its. what can i say..
im the poster child for healthy eating. hahahaha. oy.

but this morning i started off so fresh and so clean clean!
youll see all about it tomorrow. i think im going to try
to do the whole recap the previous day in the morn gig.

well see how long that holds up eh?

aaaaaanyways. thursday night i finished up my first
semester of senior year [im graduating early..i simply
cannot wait to enter into this lovely economy. oy ve.]
so me and some pals had to go out and celebrateeee!

the only thing better than pictures of good eats are
pictures from B U N N Y B A R C R A W L! [dont ask.]

dont worry. thats high quality wine in that glass. [thank goodness there arent any pictures of the white that i drank out of a coffee mug. keepin it classy in champaign.]

this picture is proof that there are people paler than christini ricci. [and that my hair is on crack (wrap?).]

reppin my first legit wristband. holla.

jack daniels is the only man for me. [and seriously hair. whaaat are you doing?]

bunny loooves illini inn.

look! i have a skin tone. [god bless photo editing.]

okay. ill stop showing you how mature my friends and i are now.

back tomorrow. with a legit post! [knock on peanut butter.]

home many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?!

heck if i know. what i do know is that the cherry tootsie pops are THE best.

drip drip drop little april showers..
May 13, 2009, 9:15 am
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wait. its may.

oh well. bambi is still a dopeass movie.

anyways. no time for a legit post.
this galpal neeeeeds to get to studying.

just wanted to stop on by and say hello.

im all out of hummus. and most every food that i eat.
but i have lots of random stuff ive accumulated over
the year that i need to try to eat up. its quite tragic.

last night i conned my friend into buying me pita pit though.
i got the biggest pita evah. with hoards of hummus and
just about every vegetable you could imagine. hit the spot.

also. mica makes delectable peanut butter cookies:
[she is also a latin supahstar.]

hope all is well with all of your cool cats.

please note that the dark chocolate dreams lasted three days.
and the cinnamon raisin swirl is well over half gone. [half full?]

surprisingly the white chocolate wonderful is my favorite of the
flavors. i say surprisingly because i dont like white chocolate.
but i loooooove cinnamon and raisins and dark chocolate. hmmm.

anyways. thats why i have like completely obliterated that jar yet.
just a few dips here and here. i always save the best for last.

do you save the best for last? or dig right in?

and simply because im procrastinating..
as much as i love [lies] illinois. i would not mind being here right now:

tailgating in pasadena CALIFORNIA before the rose bowl last year.

i got shunned for not wearing orange. its not my color. so sue me.

whooooooooooooooooooooooooos pumped for football season?!

me me me !!!

hi hi hi!

im back yall. woo hoo.

to be honest ive had a computer since monday
[ended up having to just buy a new one. so having
to wait the two weeks to see if my fatherman could
fix it was sort of for naught. cest la vie am i right?]
..but yeah. anyways. i just wasnt ready to get back
into the whole blogging thing. im still sort of not.
as in i havent been taking pictures of my eats. but
truuuuuuust me. ive been eating. in excess. yum!

obviously not a complete representation of what
i have been eating for the past two and a half or
so weeks but here are a few photos from when i
first stopped blogging and didnt know how long
my hiatus would be. lots and lots more peanut
butter. frozen yogurt. ice cream. cookies. etc etc.
also. nutritional things. in moderation of course. ;]

anyways. tonight and tomorrow are going to worktastical.
plan on regularly scheduled blogging to resume sunday. ish.


did you miss me?

April 21, 2009, 3:48 pm
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well uh.. the mac is NOT back. :/

who wants to let me borrow [coughcough:have] eighthundredplussss dollars?

total buzzkill. no legit blogging for a while.

but its all about perspective right?

ive got the bestest mum a gal could ask for.
great friends who do whatever it takes to cheer me up.
a hot bod that can carry for me for miles. [at LEAST thirteenpointone.]
a stockpile of cereal. peanut butter. ice cream. and chocolate.
my lovelie little blogger pals.
ive been to ROME:

etc etc.


p.s. i am reading blogs on my ipodtouch but its tricky to comment and such. apologies!

i miss you guys so if anyone wants to email me to chat that would probably be alright.
erinbrowneisnotacrayon@gmail.com :]

April 20, 2009, 9:39 am
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do not spill a big ole glass of water on your beloved mac.

cross your fingers that she dried out over night. so sad.

hopefully i will be back soon. from my mac. or else.. !R*(&

until then:

so cute.

whats your favorite animallll?

i dont know if i could pick a favorite. but i have a serious thing for otters. :]