yum. run. !!!

santa got sick.

when i was in second grade i co-authored a story entitled ‘santa got sick’.
the premise of the story was..santa got sick.

well move over santa because erin got sick.

thats right folks ive got it all.
cough: check.
sore throat: check.
achy body: check.
headache: check.
major congestion: check.

i am starting to feel much better than i have the past thirtysix hours or so though. yay for that.


here are most..erm..some of my eats since we last chitted and chatted.
imagine copious amounts of peanut butter and chocolate and frozen bananas for throat easing purposes [just the bananas were for the throat. the chocolate and peanut butter were for my soul.]

i really like this picture. haha.
here we have a mix of cottage cheese. kashi golean. kashi heart to heart. frozen blueberries. and frozen banana. super yum.

nice little snicksnack to get me through my morning classes.

flatout wrap stuffed with romaine. spinach. peppers. carrots. chicken. balsamic. etc. extra carrots and peppers on the side with salsa. and apple chunks.

this is when i started to feel like death so comfort food was very much in order. baked sweet potato with chickpeas and bbq sauce. all atop some wilted spinach and cinnamon coated apples. divine.

and then the snacking began. popcorn. cereal. chocolate. etc. you know the drill.

wow wow wow. so good. chocolate covered pretzels and peanut butter get me EVERYTIME. picture this. times a million. because thats how many i ate. :]

simple banana oats with a fig and peanut butter.

a ‘green’ smoothie. which was not green at all. too many blueberries. not enough spinach. also contained more frozen banana. soymilk. and chocolate protein powder. topped with a heap of kashi golean.

class fuel. kashi h2h. almonds. dried berries. and of course a cutie.

all i wanted for dinner was soup but i have none. so i cooked up some carrots. asparagus. corn. peas. and tofu. and mixed it all up with lots of tomato sauce and spices. and pretended it was soup. alongside i had a sandwich thin for dipping.

i burnt my tongue on the damn ‘soup’ so i think some ice cream is my near future. out of necessity of course.

ETA: yep. we got some edys loaded butterfinger goin on up in here. drool.

also. somewhere in that mishmosh i did an hour on the arc trainer. ran fourandahalf miles. and did two twenty minute yoga sessions. woo. go me.

i only intended on doing the arctrainer for fortyfive minutes but i got sucked into the damn episode of without a trace. i had to know which twin killed her!

and the run that took place this morning should not have happened. because well..im sick. but it was SO nice outside today and i wont be able to run tomorrow or saturday due to my schedule. ergo i ran today. feeling like death. and into intense gusts of wind. but running always makes me feel better so i did what i had to do. haha.

sorry for such a spastic lame post but now i must depart.

i will leave you with this.

[i just noticed what a scrub i am. nice water spill in the background.]


little bird.

hey party people!

its march third.
you know what that means?!
two weeks until my birthday!
woo baby.
come on may third.
come on mimsosas with my mamacita.

hope your day went swimmingly.
mine was a pretty typical tuesday. tttttttt.

eats? okay okay. if you insist.

i have a nast picture from dinner last night.
the meal itself was splendid.
unfortunately the photography was quite lacking.

here we have a lovely pita smeared with some tomato sauce that i jazzed up with some balsamic and a mishmosh of various spices and such. topped with roasted veggies and some chickpeas for good measure. yum yum.

for a post dinner sweet treat i went with a little bowl of heaven.
we got popcorn. figfigs. quaker oatmeal squares. and some almonds. nom. i topped it all off with some salt and cinnamon. and a cozy mug o cocoa tied it all together. mmm. comfort.
[sorry for the sideways picture. stupid wordpress.]

later on i managed to eat an apple and half a chocolate chip peanut clif bar i had lying around.
i didnt take a picture of the apple because im lazy.
i COULDNT take a picture of the clif bar because it was recalled and therefore does not really exist. ;]

this is where sleep came in. zzzzzzz.

i started the day off right with twentyminute morning flow from yogadownload.com. definitely the best way to begin my tuesday.

eventually i made myself fab cup of honey nut drizzle coffee. archer farm brand because its all about the target in these parts.
accompanying my coffee was oats. much like on sunday but with some fiber one added for good measure. and good bowel movements. haha. ew.
hello camera.



i bundled up for hopefully one of the last times and made my journey to the arc to pound out five miles in just under thirtyeightminutes. then i did some upperbody weight stuff ish because this girl doesnt fool around.

after a nice shower i made lunch.

toasted up sandwich thin with the last of my hummus :/ and some roasted vegetables from last night. on the side i had part of a big ole smushed up pear. and a chocolate banana soymilk protein shake of sorts.

apparently in college people have class. so i did the damn thing and this snicksnacks managed to tag along.
sweet cutie. ;]

another bar letdown. ive seen quite a few people sample this bar byway of foodbuzz or free samples [how i obtained the bar] and the general consensus seems to be that its alright. but not worth actually paying for it. but free food is free food. right?

i am totally in love with my dinner picture. this salad was divine.

romaine and spinach topped with some green and yellow pepper. carrots. the rest of my lunch pear. and some quasi gliding calm tofu. half a sandwich thin with jimmyjam snuck onto my plate as well.
wait. something doesnt seem right here..

im sure more munching is on its way but for now i am quite content.

perhaps i should go work on my new media midterm.
perhaps not.

either which way. until we meet again!

OH! wait. even more giveaways:

our spunky ukrainian pal olga is giving away free cereal. !!!
mom on the run is giving away raw revolution bars.
and fit for free is doing a granola giveaway.

and speaking of giveaways! i was won a couple in my preblog lurker days.

i was lucky enough to win some naturally nutty peanut butter thanks to nicks 100th post!
heather and mark tried to help me unhangry my pants probar style. [i say tried because they never actually came. bummer. oh well. i still won! ish.]
and as previously mentioned i won kristis valentines day giveaway.

man oh man i love blogville.

thanks nick. heather/mark. and kristi.


creepy baby.
March 2, 2009, 4:19 pm
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chim chimney!

how are we all today!?
general consensus seems to be cold. i concur.

last night..as predicted..i had a munchfest including but not necessarily limited to a cereal mishmash. a good deal of cashews almonds and dried fruit. and chocolate chocolate chocolate. keep in mind that i didnt WANT to eat any of this. but i HAD too. i had ran ten miles after all.

this morning i woke up with ease. i slept like a ROCK last night.

breakfast was sort of in parts since i had to jet off to class.
i started off with this bowl of strawberries.
jaykay. there was lots of cottage cheese and fiber one in the bowl as well. see:
and then i packed up this cutie mandarin orange clementine thing and a gnu bar that i had received from winning kristis valentines day giveaway. [thanks again galpal!]
the cutie was splendid. though many a person in my lecture gave me the stinkeye for spritzing them with the juices while i peeled away.

sad news for the gnu bar. i didnt like him. i think its because theyre sweetened with fruit juice. the taste was just a bit off for me. maybe id like a different flavor better? i hate to write off gnu bars all together because the ingredients and nutritions are pretty good. twelve grams of fiber. all which were totally necessary since i hardly got any fiber from that fiber one i had with breakfast. haha. riiiight.
only eight grams of sugar and four grams of protein though. ya dig?

once i made it back to my apartment i did my daily dose of yoga.
today was the sixtyminute yoga for runners courtesy of my girl dawnelle over at yogadownload. i do this most every monday since i do my long runs on sundays. it works out quite nicely.

lunch time was the last of some homemade chicken chili i had in the freezer from my mum. !!! i bulked it up with some veggies and had it over some spinach which wilted up quite nicely from the heat of the soup. on the side i had carrot sticks and some apple slices with hummus. mmm. apples with hummus is definitely one of my favorite blogworld discoveries. [speaking of hummus. im freakishly close to being out and was planning on making my own. anyone have a tried and true recipe sans tahini?]
and then i may have finished up with this yum.
im pretty apathetic about frangos for the most part. but i can never get enough of the limited edition candy cane ones that are only available around christmas. i have a big ole box here at school and another tucked away for me when im at home.

and it must be said that the chicago frangos trump the seattle ones. those i do love that the seattle ones are individually wrapped. like wee little presents.

oh. and about that baby. yeah. creepfest for sure. those are the babies we put in the ‘king cake’ cupcakes for mardi gras. i swiped one. but now am regretting it because the damn thing gives me the heebiejeebies. im gonna say that picture is so out of focus because my camera was absolutely petrified. ;]

im rambling. i need to go pretend im in college and do some serious work.

see you potatoheads later.

strawberryshortstuff is giving away more simplybars!
onefrugalfoodie is giving away MY cookies/brownies/granola.
and oh man. i wanna try barney butter soooo badly so do NOT comment on luckytastebuds giveaway!

hey thanks.

hi hi hi!

first of off [i used to have a health teacher in high school that always said that. he was a total nutcase.] anyways..sorry. im definitely the type of gal who gets sidetracked. ALL. THE. TIME.

where was i? oh yes. first of off i would like to send out rays of sunshine to all you lovelies who have welcomed me thus far. [though im well aware its due to my shameless whoring across the interweb. blush.]

oh my goodness gracious i ran TEN miles today. on a treadmill no less.

i am woman. hear me roar.

but lets start with breakfast. shall we? which was interesting to say the least. i think knowing that it would be my first food on the blog caused me to be a little googlie in the kitchen this morning. aka the ingredients in my oats were:
-frozen banana.
-rolled oats.
-pinch of salt.

yeah. you definitely read that right. CUMIN. which i thought was the cinnamon. interestingly enough the containers dont even look remotely similar.

im a trooper so i ate them anyway.

i topped my awkward oats with a couple chopped up figlets and my greenish tinged nut butter. aka my homemade cashachio butter. [cashew/pistachio?]

cumin oats.


i didnt actually eat the oats on the shelf but i was trying to set the mood?

and please disregard that fossil calendar that seems to think its octobertwentyfourth.

after some cumintastic digestion i hit up the arc to get in my long run for the day. ten gosh darn miles. on a treadmill. in an hourandeighteen minutes no less. thatsĀ under eightminute miles. i think maybe i had a faulty treadmill? haha. either way. distance pr. woo. go me. :]

obnoxiously enough the treadmills at the arc only go up to sixtyminutes. so at about sevenandahalf miles i had to start a new workout.

afterwards i did a good ten minutes of stretching and then headed back to my apartment. on my trek back i gobbled up a baggie of figlets. no picture. but im sure we all know what figs look like. if not. see breakfast.

i imagine ill have lots of unpictured bites here and there..though i do hope that blogging will help keep that in check. im for sure a nibbler. especially late at night. oops.

lunch was my pauper attempt at pitapit. nom.


i toasted up a pita in my handydandy toaster oven. it included:
-chicken. lunch meat style.
-green pepper.
-bbq sauce.

i sizzled it all up and it was damn good if i do say so myself.

alongside it i had a schplop of cottage cheese and a clem and some grapes. imagine about a thousand more grapes than that. i definitely munch while i cook.

after my eats i got a splendid yoga session in.

i opted for a twenty minute hip opening flow from yogadownload.

yogadownload was a total godsend for me over christmas break when it was far too frigid to run outside and i had no access to a gym. i love you yd!

i started nibbling and munching in excess a little while later. so i decided to make dinner.

here we have my first attempt at a tofu scramble. along with some berries and nectarine. and half a sandwich thin smeared with my cashachio butter and some jam. mmm mmm mmm.



the scramble turned out real good since i didnt have a recipe of sorts and never tasted it along the way. its got some asparagus. carrot. pepper. soy sauce. and a mishmosh of spices. NO cumin. oh yeah. and some tofu.

sorry my pictures are so awful. my current camera is one that my friend gave to me because hes a photography major at some hip school in chicago and was far too superior for the craptastic camera. im in the process of looking for a new camera but well..im a poor college gal so well see what happens. bear with me!

[for dinner i posted a picture with flash and one without. which do you prefer!? i was thinking the second one. sans flash.]

i have not eaten near enough today. but no worries. im sure my evening will be filled with countless nibbles and noshes. ill try to capture them on film but well see. im pretty proud of my first day efforts. you can pat me on the back now. ;]

in other news. whata you chaps wanna hear..erm..read/konw about me?

i was thinking i could post a bit about the little cupcake factory i work at. and maybe a blurb about our awesome new workout facility here on campus? but thats really all i got. i want to make this blog really open and such. lemme know what you guys wanna see!

over and out.

oh p.s. sorry im so flighty. and use poor grammar. haha.

actually. im not overly sorry. i sort of like my quirks. :]