yum. run. !!!

oh hey. its me.

hey my bad.
things were gettin crazydaisy on this end.

i managed to take two pictures over the course of friday and saturday.
breakfast each day of course. at least i started off well?

fridays frozen banana frozen blueberry cottage cheese cereal jumble.
that was the last of my kashi golean. and im out of crunch too. sad.

then i ate lots of other things. delicious im sure. use your imagination!

saturdays breakfast was a yum bowl of naneroats with peanut butter and coffee. notice the line in the peanut butter. weird. maybe because i had just opened the jar. saturday morning. new jar. well discuss this more later.

then i had to jet off to an all day workshop of sorts for the college of media. stimulating. heh.

i did manage to swipe a few extra boxed up lunches on my way for the superb fruit it had. mmm. dont worry. its comin up.

sunday morning i woke up still sick. but im a silly goose.
so i made this yummy oatmeal and then after a bit of digestion and a few too many figs i headed out for another ten mile run.

still being sick and all i should NOT have ran i know. but it was so niiiice outside. oops. it wasnt the most attractive of runs. me hacking up phlegm and coughing all the while. mmmm. i sure know how to paint a pretty picture. eh?

im blaming the fact that im still sick on that run.
im also blaming my tight ass on that run. ;]

lunch was a fab flatoutwrap stuffed with eggwhites and a bit of yolk [creepy. but it broke.] and salsa and spinach. alongside i had a hunk of carrot i had in the fridge with hummus and pretzels. and some of the stolen fruit. delicious.

then during my intense afternoon of school work i had some kashi h2h and frozen blues.

and a cherry tootsie pop! cherry are definitely my favorite flavor so i love when valentines day rolls around since you can get a whole bag of JUST cherry. hot damn.

dinner seems to have been a FIESTA salad of sorts. i cooked up some chicken and peppers and carrots and corn and black beans on the stove with some lime juice and spices and such. and then plopped it on romaine/spinach with pretzels and salsa. ole.

!!! i love this ice cream. edys loaded butterfinger. i die. [hahahaha. rachel zoe you crazy.] with fiber one. because i can. i ate waaaaaay more than this. its so good. so good.

unpictured eats of the day included but were not limited to:
lots of figs. [almost out. must steal more from work!]
half a lindt dark chocolate bar.
the last of my cashew stash.
and uh..half a jar of peanut butter?! well. minus two scoops. for breakfast saturday and sunday.
as i mentioned earlier i opened the jar on saturday morning. and somehow throughout the day managed to polish off half of the damn thing.
word to the wise: dont just leave a jar of peanut butter with a spoon in it out on your desk while you work on your huge midterm project that you put off until the last minute. crazy things happen.


this morning i had more of the usual fruit cottage cheese cereal thang. i took the picture premix because it looks nicer.

but then i realized i like to keep it legit. this is what i eat yall.

obligatory class snackies.

i pulled a bagel out of the freezer and made a hummus veggie turkey bagelwich with some more of that fruit from saturday. doesnt it look so good?! i was flabbergasted when i opened up my box on saturday to find not only melon and pineapple but berries and kiwi and the likes.

a lot of one of these went into my nose. a lot of the other went into my nose.
ill let you decide.

it was gettin close to dinner time but i couldnt hold out so i had a snack. or two. or three.

lots of crunchin and saltin and sweetin goin on over here.

dinner was divine and another go at the congestioncoughingscratchythroat comfort food.

sweet po with broccoli black beans and corn. all jazzed up with some chili powder.

and now its about time for some yoga and peanut butter.
not together. well..maybe? ill try just about anything once.


oh. and check out this stellar giveaway.
i want to win so badly. ive been dying to
try pb2 and barney butter and that tea!!

and the darlin honeynutlo is doin a NOLA-themed giveaway. too fun.