yum. run. !!!

wet dog.
March 10, 2009, 8:51 pm
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check out what i received in the mail the other day!! :]


my great swag from the heather/marks giveaway from way back when.
thanks again you two!
[yeah. i alphabetized them for the picture. oy. i need a hobby.]

since i know youre all curious [/horribly concerned] yes..im still sick. its a total buzzkill.

i started my morning off with a great twentyminute power vinyasa flow [number four] from yogadownload. perfect.

tuesday morning means no class til three so PLENTY of time to make my favorite oaties. delicious as always.

after piddling around for a bit and then polishing off my fig stash i got my workout on in hopes of sweating this crud out of me. it was a pretty chill workout since i didnt want to die. success!

lunch was sort of weird. i guess you could call it a lettuce wrap? im seriously low of food these days so my carb options were slim to none so i threw some hummus. turkey. carrots. and pepper on a big ole romaine leaf. on the side i had half an apple with hummus and one of my favorite combos: kashi fireroastedvegetable crackers with cottage cheese. i love salty crunchy things with cottage cheese. bbq chips and/or tortilla chips are definitely the bestttt.

i ended up rolling up the lettucething and smoking it it. wait. no.

class snacks included a cutie and half of arts original blend it seems. i wasnt sure what to expect. i mean there are papayas and such on the wrapper but i hadnt really read the ingredients. it was pretty interesting. i think i need to have the other half to fully decide on it. i cant wait to try the rest of the flavors! oh. and this was my first experience with carob chips. as far as i can tell theyre good but its hard to say because this bar had LOTS of flavors going on. [fyi i just brought the part in the baggie but i thought the wrapper was cute and i was just feelin the orange vibe.]

class. class. group meeting at the library.

and then just to solidify the fact that im NEVER going to get better i got poured on for a good fifteen minutes on my walk home tonight. [way to forget your umbrella. nincompoop.] now im smelly and damp. herein lies the inspiration for this posts title.

dinner was super scrumptious. flatout bbq chicken pizza with carrots and peppers and pineapple and such. on spinach. yum. and of course i could not resist more of my stolen fruit. its all gone except a couple of blackberries that ive been saving. so sad. but i certainly enjoyed it while it lasted.

well. nature calls. and by nature i mean college.

wet dog. over and out.