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stand by your man.
May 17, 2009, 10:22 am
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hello birds!

how are you on this lovely sunday morning?!

i found these random two breakfasts
on my camera from a few days ago?
this one must be waaaay old because thats definitely dark chocolate dreams. which has been gone for a while now. im done off with another jar and a half since this breakfast. either which way. scrumptious.
i can always manage to get pictures of breakfast. then its all downhill from there. maybe i should reformat my blog? ;] [p.s. loooove that blog. so quaint!]

anywhoooo. onto bigger and better things. like yesterday!

i decided to channel my inner lolita yesterday and have a ‘sloth day‘.
[disregard that she worked all evening. and i did quite the opposite.]

so yes yes. sloth day. home makes me so laaaazy.
[and i certainly dont mean sexy.]
but i absolutely love it. aint no shame in being a big ole blob from time to time.

i woke up to a simple breakfast of sorts.
super bananical oats with peanut butter. and crooked coffee. hit the spot.

the oats were way hot and as i let them cool the peanut butter got super oozey.

i putzed around the house. chilled with the cathmeister. yada yada.

lunch was pretty lame. our produce is seriously lacking as of current.
i usually opt for fresh romaine and spinach but all we had was some bagged stuff. it sufficed. topped with green bell pepper. pineapple and something or another salsa. and kashi fireroasted veggie crackers. [my fave flavor for sure.]
with a side of crooked cottage cheese and more kashi love.

throughout the day i munched on various things. such as:
this dish was overflowing when i got home yesterday. and the nibblage did not stop after this picture. man oh man do i love reeses.

im trying with all my might to unpack the stuff from my apartment but well.. yeah. anyways. i was looking through some boxes of stuff in my room [not apartment stuff. old room stuff.] and i found these gems:
i love my life.

our house is full of food. but theres nothing to eat. it drives me bonkers.

so dinner was a old favorite.
a crooked sweet potato. chickpeas. bbq sauce. bananas peppers. and then a little package of apple slices i found in the fridge. thanks subway.

[p.s. sorry for all the crooked shots. come on wordpress. dont be lame.]

either way. dinner was delish.

a bit later i met up with my gal brittany and we went uptown to some of the bars. let me just say that i live in a town of sixthousand [pretty sure thats including the livestock]. surrounded by cornfields. and cattle. and tractors. the bars are.. well. this sure aint no college campus. but i do love me a good nascar jacket.

we chitted and chatted and caught up. i flirted around with my fellah mister daniels. it was a good time for sure. our gal elaina showed up a bit later. i hadnt seen these gals much since high school. elaina is now married and brittany has a wee baby and is essentially engaged. dont worry. im still eternally single and horribly immature. nice.

a few fellas tried their darndest to get me to cheat on my boy jack with their friend jose but i wasnt havent it. i knew my gal tammy would never have it.
[im such a hick. yeehaw.]

anyways. i came home and polished off the hot and spicy cheez its. and the easter candy. mmmm.
there was obviously more chocolate and peanut butter action than shown here. but well. i was too busy eating to take pictures. oops.

then i passed out.

and now its sunday. sunday fun day. fun in the sun day. [?!]

what was the last thing you ate!?
ill tell you tomorrow chumps!


tuckered out.
March 29, 2009, 9:00 pm
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hi little kitties-

this hot mama is supa tired so lets make it happen.

yesterday was a splendid day of sorts.
well..for the first half my body was noooot pleased with me. but whatever. shut up body. i spent the day with cath and such. panera. target. haircut. yadayada. im not a fan of the haircut. i dont like haircuts. i have serious separation issues. especially with my rattyasshair.

wait. yesterday was stupid. i hate snow. grrrr illinois.

now onto today!! sundayyyyy.

i slothed out of bed and meandered downstairs to whip up a gourmet meal of sorts.

at first i thought i wanted cottage cheese. but i wasnt sure. so i ate a few spoonfuls outta the tub and decided no. i dont want this. and then i ate some more. [!?] so i schmeared a sandwichthin with peanut butter banana and berries. this was for sure what i wanted. coffee may have been brewing whilest this photo was taken. its an addiction kids. :]

can someone explain where half the peanut butter went in two days?

it was snowy/slushy outside but i reeeeeeally wanted to get a long run in. and i didnt want to have to resort to the rickety old treadmills at the hospital so i bundled myself up and was on my merry way.

midrunsustenance: obviously i ate more than just the one fig NEWMAN.

fig newmans are supa good. however if youre going to eat them midrun eat them BEFORE you hit the water point. i was in front of my house at around mile sixandahalf and i guzzled some water. and then at about mile seven i nibbled on these puppies and they definitely gave me the energy to finish up my run but my mouth was hootin and hollerin for some more water.

oh. by the way. i ran twelve miles. i think i ended up running it in an hourforty. give or take. i need a watch. no biggie. [oh man. kidding. biggie!]

it was a pretty ballin run. minus having to prance through/over/around snowslushpuddles. gag. i want to live in la jolla. NOW.

after my run i whipped up a couple of batches of roasted red pepper hummus for the mum and myself. yum. i may have a had a spoonful or three while making it. just to make sure it tasted right of course.

for lunch i mixed up a packet of tuna with bbq sauce and hummus and chopped up peppers carrots and zucchini. i plopped it all on the last of the spinach and for some CRUNCH i added lots of fone. mmm. a juicy little nectarine decided to join the party as well. gobble.

at this point i realized that im in college and so i loaded up my little janky jetta and started off on my three hours journey.

running twelve miles and then driving for three hours straight do not happy legs make. STIFF. [hahaha. i wont take it there.]

along the way i munched on this gal.
ive always been more into the clifs over the lunas but this littlelass was on sale a couple of weeks ago so i picked her up. she was pretty damn good actually. maybe i should give lunas another go?

p.s. disregard the fact that i took that picture while a. driving and b. speeding. oops. [sorry cath.]

after i got back i hit up meijer because a girls gotta eat.
im really bad at actually buying things i need so we will see if i have sufficient food to make at least three meals tomorrow. [my moneys on: not gonna happen.]

by the time i got back to my apartment and unloaded all the my schnaz i was ravenous. ive had a kashi frozen dinner in my freezer since the first week of school and i thought it was probably past its prime and it was an easy fix so into the darling red microwave it went. it took a whole fourandahalfminutes to heat up so i munched on anything i could get my hands on until it was ready.

in a pitiful attempt to pretend im still at home and have access to legit produce i added like a cup of frozen broccoli.

okay. this girl is callin it quits. sorry for a razzlefrazzle post of sorts.

i feel like i had something quasi important to say..type? but now i do not recall. moh well.

ugh. im more joyous news i just got my work schedule for this week.
friday: 4-close.
saturday: 5-close.
woo. party party up in the cupcakefactory all weekend. [i hate my life.]

do you like to drive?

i loathe driving. i make a MUCH better passenger. :]


inspiration nation.
March 27, 2009, 2:39 pm
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yeah yeah yeah.

im probably one of the few bloggettes that is sad that it is friday.
grumblegrumble. boo college.

but enough about ME. how are YOU!?

okay. back to me.

last niiiiiiight:
the last of the fudge tracks [twelveservings my ass]. mashup nan. pretzels. cerealll.
times thirtysixZILLIONandthree. sorry the picture is so dark but im tryin to save the world yo.


this morning i woke up and it was sunny and cheery!
haha. GOTCHA. suckahs.

but at least breakfast was good.

the usual premix photo. hey wait..why is that dish of yogurt an awkward/disgusting color. PEANUTBUTTER. mmm.
so good. so good.

it was cold this morn. and i hate cold. and more so i hate running in the cold. mostly because i like to breathe. and when i combine cold and running not so much. so i managed to not breathe for a good three miles/twentyfour minutes [im callin up the folks at guinness..that has GOT to be a record of some kind]. then while the heart was still a pumpin and the snot was still a flowin i got my shred on.

as of late there seems to be a game of inspiration tag going on in the blogosphere. eh! eh! eh! !? so i thought i would play along.

i like this game because basically my lunch was the same thing ive been eating all week..but i get to blame it on someone else. ;]

okay. it wasnt the same thing ive been eating all week because it was SO MUCH BETTER. this lunch totally hit the spot [no..not THAT spot. pervert.]

so im nearly twentyone..but i look twelve. ergo i can still play with my food. kapeesh?
i had no intention of incorporating blueberries into my lunch but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.


so heres what went down. i shoved. err. delicately positioned a flatout wrap into an oven safe bowl and stowed her away in the toaster oven whilest i prepared the innards.

you cannot see it so much but there is a layer of sauteed spinach topped with all those above veggies: peppers. onions. zucchini. mushrooms. carrots. etc. these were also sauteed with some FAJITA spices. mmmm.

and of course the blackbeandip/salsa combo had to rear its ugly head. and by ugly i obviously mean delicious.

enjoyed with a cara cara orange and of course those gosh darn blueberries.

thanks sarah. andrea. and brittany. i am eternally grateful to all of you. at least until snack time.

and i may or may not have just ran to the kitchen and hit up the peanut butter jar just a tick ago when i was typing out breakfast. but whos to say for sure?

cath is gonna be home from work in a bit and if i dont clean up the explosion i left in the kitchen it may be the end of me and we simply cannot have that now can we?

BUT before i go. check out this post by jbend! so fun.

and hurry along if you havent hit up my giveaway..im picking a winner MANANANANANANANA [tomorrow for my not so cultured friends.]

what the last reeeeeeally good book you read!? [twilight does not count.]

i havent read a book for pleasure in EONS. but this one is always a crowd pleaser.

no mas.

well hello.

is anyone else starting to think that the sun has forgotten how to shine? lord knows ive forgotten what sunshine looks like. buzzkill.

anywhooo. last night i had some munches. self-explanatory at this point.

times this picture by three. and then add in a few handfuls between pours.

and a moment of silence please. we lost another jar of peanut butter.
five days. not bad. not bad at all.

of course all i wanted when i woke up this morning was peanutbutter. no such luck. i found a pretty legit alternative breakfast though.

pre fone and mixage.
this is good stuff my friends. good stuff.

i spent most of the morning putzing around. i like to putz.

putz putz putz.

[maybe i moreso just like word?]

i nibbled a bit as i waited for some sunshine. no such luck.

i went out for a fivemiler. it took about fortyminutes give or take. when i started my legs felt tighter than a .. i think such inappropriate thoughts. you guys have no idea how much i censored myself for yall. thankfully after a half a mile or so they loosened up a bunch. woo.

i had to shovel down lunch so i could head out and check my car checked out by my mothers fellafriend.

spinach. mixed greens. carrots. peppers. corn. sweet potato chunks. pretzels for some crunch action. salsa/blackbeandip ‘dressing’.

i feel like i should apologize for such repetition in my eating. but im not going to because this was the bomb diggity. youre gonna have to deal.

apparently my trunk is all cock-eyed so when it rains my spare tire well gathers water. glorious. always the optimist matt told me i should just enjoy the fact that i have a hot tub in the back of my car. hardy harr harr. not amused.

cath tried her hand at homemade pizza dough tonight. oy ve.
this recipe calls for heating the pizza stone and then just putting the pizza on it for five minutes to crisp up. the transfer to the hot stone was quite a sight to be seen. i wanted a super crisp thin crust. hahahaha. not even close. oh well. it was still a delicious disaster.

i roasted peppers. onions. mushrooms. etc. then added those and some sundried tomatoes to the sauce laden dough. goodness that picture is haggard.
i cut some it into more manageable chunks and plated them with grapes and kiwi. divine.

and then five minutes later i went back and hoovered the rest of it down.

and then five minutes later my stomach began to register the fluffypuffy crust. oops.

i just finished up some yoga in hopes of stretching my leadlegs out.

oh and dont worry. cath and i went and got some more peanut butter this afternoon. ;]

so whats the word..thin and crispy or chewy doughy crust?

im a total thin and crispy girl. with loads of veggie toppings. nom.

oh. and if you havent already heard about tinas pure bar giveaway then youre doing this whole blog thing totally wrong..but just in case: CLICK!

heres another fun giveaway: ;]

goodness me..
March 25, 2009, 8:46 pm
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you guys a crazy with these giveaway comments. keep on keepin on.

spring break is flying by. is wednesday seriously over?!

per usual i am behind on the bloggage. oops. no worries. im here to get you up to speed.

monday night ended with lots of peanut butter and crackers as well cereal. no pictures. scroll down. i have a couple of pictures of peanut butter on here im sure. ;]

i woke up yesterday and made the most scrumptious of breakfasts.

i started off with this amazing bowl of strawberries. nectarine. kiwi. blueberries. and grapes.
and then i added loads of cerealmash and vanilla yogurt. enjoyed with the latest issue of clean eating magazine and a cuppa joe.

the rest of the day was awkward in terms of eating. it rained on and off aaaaaall day and so i kept just eating light ‘pre-run’ snacks and then as soon as i would throw on my nikes and down pour started up again. eventually i went to the hospital [where my mother works] and used a treadmill in cardiac rehab after all the patients were done for the day. five sweeeeeeeaty miles in about thirtyeight minutes. and i piddled with some weights for a few.

heres the one picture i managed to take between breakfast and ‘dinner’. mmm. i love airline pretzels. haha.

after my sweatfest i made ‘dinner’ though it was pretty early. either way it was divine.

salad contents: mixed greens. spinach. sauteed zucchini. mushroom. peppers. carrots. corn. etc etc. my ‘dressing’ was a mix of trader joes black bean dip and salsa. and trader joes veggie tortilla chips on the side. my little egyptian camel friend wanted a bite.

then to continue on the with trader joes munchin i went back for more chips and black bean dip. so good. so good.

i obviously needed late night nibbles.

edys fudge tracks. newmans own peanutbutter newman os. lotsa peanut butter.

and then when i was taking my little mug back to the kitchen i decided to fill er up again.

this time we have gala chunks. cerealmishmosh. and more peanut butter.

unpictured: lots more cereal. lots more peanut butter. chocolate nibbles.

mmmm. yoga and a warm cozy bed.

this morning i woke up and had breakfast before heading to the doc for my annual check up. mmmm. my favorite.

i swear there is a bagel smothered in a peanutbutter/yogurt mix under there somewhere. such a perfect way to start my morning.

lunch was pretty superb as well. that wrap is hiding an eggie scramble with lots of spinach. peppers. carrots. mushrooms. salsa. and black bean dip. half a pear. and grapes. [i ate lots more than pictured.]

for dessert i had the other half of my pear with the last of this jar of italian generic brand nutella. whats that they say..when in rome? [hahahaha. i thought that was way more funny than i should have.]

as you may have noticed i have serious obsessions with certain foods. [hello peanut butter. cereal. sweet potatoes. chocolate. etc.] so it should be no surprise that this was my afternoon snack:
LOTS of trader joes veggie tortilla chips and black bean dip. i am not kidding when i say lots. i generally cant go more than three hours without food and i was still miserably full a good four hours after this munchfest.

somehow i still managed to find room for dinner. ;]
i baked up a sweet potato with spinach. bbq sauce. peppers. mushrooms. carrots. and pineapple. this picture is terribly awkward but youll just have to believe me when i say this was delicious.

and now i think were pretty much updated. woo.

since my afternoon snack was so much bigger than usual maybe i wont be AS snacky tonight.

hahahahahahahahaha. who are we kidding.

it was cold and dreary all day today so i just wasnt feelin a run in the frigidness so i did some level three shredin and core yoga this afternoon. i was a hot mess afterward. love.

i think ive bumbled on for long enough. hope all is well on that side of the screen.

hasta la vista my wee petunias.

whats your favorite floooooower?

im a sucker for poppies.

poppies at the cutest little winery just outside of rome.

buzz buzz bop.
March 21, 2009, 7:59 pm
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yeah. i really dont know where that title came from.

since i left you all in such eager anticipation of my last nights dinner lets just do the damn thing.

but youll have to hold out just a tick longer. were startin with caths.

a pumpkin curry of sorts. i tried it. super delish. shrimp. pumpkin. green peppers. yum.

okay okay. here it is yall:

so it was just called ‘eggplant’. id call it delicious. eggplant. green peppers. onion. shrimp. and a DIVINE black bean sauce. this was soooo good yall. and look at how cute the little flower carrot on that rice is. !!!

after dinner we hit up the grocery store to get some essentials. aka ice cream. and of course loads more.

my mum taught me all about cereal mixing. heres a premixed mash of kashi go lean. kashi crunch. and fiber one. and edys fudge tracks. and of course between bites i finished off this:
peanut butter killah at it again.


this morning i lazed around in bed and did some yoga before breakfast.

imma call these my ‘spring break oats’ because i accidently put in a load of vanilla and my oats looked like they just got back from a week in cancun. bananas. cinnamon. dried crans. cereal mosh. and a fresh dollop of peanut butter also join the festivities. [i swear theres banana oats in there somewhere.]

then i went for a lovely four mile run. paced about eightminute miles give or take. which is way fast for me not on the treadmill. im usually a slowpoke when i dont have anything to pace me.

the weather was fabulous today. we got to about sixty and the sun was a shinin all the day long. score.

haha. sorry im such a cheeseball. this salad was soo good. mixed greens. strawberries. peppers. carrots. blueberries. balsamic. with kashi lovebites on the side. :] and a random hardboiled egg white for protein.

apples with hummus make the best snack.

scrambled delight with mushrooms. peppers. carrots. spinach. and salsa. with a sweet wheat bagel schmeared with peanut butter and jelly. check out the table decor. we keep it classy in these parts.

now im chillin on the couch. ncis much?

im stuffed from dinner. i hope this goes away soon. im jonesin for an ice cream fix.

i loved hearing about everyones first jobs. ive had some doozies. dairy queen. [in the back. lots of greasescrubbin. not so much the cutesie ice cream job.] classic tan. [love cleanin up sweat puddles.] american eagle. [i now loathe malls. and christmas.] but my FIRST job was detassling. [god bless the midwest.]

crime scene dramas..yay or nay?

im a total sucker for em. once i catch the first few scenes i HAVE to watch the whole thing. im such a curious cat. ugh.

until we meet again my lovelies.

ETA: oh myyyy best giveaway ever!? i think so. i want.


i mean catch up.

i have a lot of that to do.

i have waaaaaay too many pictures of food from thursday friday saturday and today so ill just pick the best ones from the bunch.

thursday i woke up to some fab fig/pistachio oaties.
we all know what oats look like. but before i added the bulk of my toppings i tried to make the bowl look classy so youre gonna look at them gosh darnit!


then i went for a nice six mile run. did some quick arm weight doodles. and eventually came home and did some yogaaaa.

lunch was leftover subway [ovenroastedchickenbreast – wheat] and a delicious apple.

i snicksnacked on a larabar in class and then came home to the most superb dinner!!

a big ole spinach/romaine salad with roasted veggies and pineapple and turkey meat. of course i had to have some kashi lovebites on the side. what made the salad was the super dressing i managed to concoct. bbq sauce. rice wine vinegar. hummus. and a splash of pineapple juice. it was heavenly.

i ended the night with a h2h. chocochunk. dried berrie medley.
and the rest of this:
peanut butter monster for sure.

friday was mostly the usual. oats. turkey wrap. clems. random nibbles. etc etc.

then i headed home for the weekend. wooo!

only not. because i came home to this:
slim pickins yall.

heres the deal. the cathmeister was on a two week cruise throughout the holy lands so there was no food to be found. oy ve.

i managed to whip up a beautious bowl of lovin though.
sweet potato [surprise surprise] with black beans frozen veggies and salsa! nom.

then there was lots of this:
and this:
and this:img_0057

and maybe an ice cream bar i found in the back of the freezer.
hey i was lonely. mum needed to come back to the states. asap.

at some point in the munching i took a break long enough to do jillian michaels thirtydayshred. level three. i love her. girl knows how to make me sweat.

saturday morning i woke up to some scrumptious peanutbutterybananesquedriedcranberryoatgoodness and then headed off to my lovely galpals baby shower. [eep! twins!] lots of typical large social gathering food was consumed. casseroles and such. definitely not my thing. but i had just ran six miles so i managed. the large table of cookies help. ;]

i got home. did some yoger and cleaned up the house for the arrival of my mamacita. all the while munching away on chocolate and an apple and some more cereal because its what i do.

dinner was an eggiescramble with lots of veggies and blackbeans and a frozen waffle with peanut butter and jel schmeared on top.

after the meister returned home and we gabbed about her travels i settled in for a snack or several.
airplane toblerones. schwing!

there was lots more cereal and peanut butter too. but that goes without saying.

this morning was obviously more oats after a divine yoga sesh.
then i ran ten miles. this was my third time running this distance but today it was excruciating. my legs were so heavy and my nose is still a drippin away. i thought the run would never end. i still managed to pound out around eightthirty miles so i suppose i cant complain.

lunch was delicious considering what i had [or didnt have] to work with since rather than stocked up on groceries while i was out running for an hour and a half cath decided to get herself hardees for lunch. grumblegrumble.

packet of tunerfish all mixed up with salsa. kashi lovebites. a bigass apple. and some carrots. munchcrunchyum.

then on the trip back to school i had a cinnamon dolce latte from starbucks. so good so good. and lots of snickysnacks. yum.

once back i decided i needed some green so i had a little dinner of sort though i really wasnt all that hungry.
lotsa random veggies on a sandwich thin and grapes. i ate a hoard of the veggies in the chopping process. mmm. fresh!

the night is young so im sure the kitchen raid will soon begin.

yowzah. i definitely need to figure out how to upload pictures onto my mac without doing so via my printer because once im home for spring break homegirl is gonna have to lots of good eats to show!

well. ive babbled and drabbled on for long enough.
so now i will direct your attention elsewhere:
sweet british bar giveaway alert!