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goodness me..
March 25, 2009, 8:46 pm
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you guys a crazy with these giveaway comments. keep on keepin on.

spring break is flying by. is wednesday seriously over?!

per usual i am behind on the bloggage. oops. no worries. im here to get you up to speed.

monday night ended with lots of peanut butter and crackers as well cereal. no pictures. scroll down. i have a couple of pictures of peanut butter on here im sure. ;]

i woke up yesterday and made the most scrumptious of breakfasts.

i started off with this amazing bowl of strawberries. nectarine. kiwi. blueberries. and grapes.
and then i added loads of cerealmash and vanilla yogurt. enjoyed with the latest issue of clean eating magazine and a cuppa joe.

the rest of the day was awkward in terms of eating. it rained on and off aaaaaall day and so i kept just eating light ‘pre-run’ snacks and then as soon as i would throw on my nikes and down pour started up again. eventually i went to the hospital [where my mother works] and used a treadmill in cardiac rehab after all the patients were done for the day. five sweeeeeeeaty miles in about thirtyeight minutes. and i piddled with some weights for a few.

heres the one picture i managed to take between breakfast and ‘dinner’. mmm. i love airline pretzels. haha.

after my sweatfest i made ‘dinner’ though it was pretty early. either way it was divine.

salad contents: mixed greens. spinach. sauteed zucchini. mushroom. peppers. carrots. corn. etc etc. my ‘dressing’ was a mix of trader joes black bean dip and salsa. and trader joes veggie tortilla chips on the side. my little egyptian camel friend wanted a bite.

then to continue on the with trader joes munchin i went back for more chips and black bean dip. so good. so good.

i obviously needed late night nibbles.

edys fudge tracks. newmans own peanutbutter newman os. lotsa peanut butter.

and then when i was taking my little mug back to the kitchen i decided to fill er up again.

this time we have gala chunks. cerealmishmosh. and more peanut butter.

unpictured: lots more cereal. lots more peanut butter. chocolate nibbles.

mmmm. yoga and a warm cozy bed.

this morning i woke up and had breakfast before heading to the doc for my annual check up. mmmm. my favorite.

i swear there is a bagel smothered in a peanutbutter/yogurt mix under there somewhere. such a perfect way to start my morning.

lunch was pretty superb as well. that wrap is hiding an eggie scramble with lots of spinach. peppers. carrots. mushrooms. salsa. and black bean dip. half a pear. and grapes. [i ate lots more than pictured.]

for dessert i had the other half of my pear with the last of this jar of italian generic brand nutella. whats that they say..when in rome? [hahahaha. i thought that was way more funny than i should have.]

as you may have noticed i have serious obsessions with certain foods. [hello peanut butter. cereal. sweet potatoes. chocolate. etc.] so it should be no surprise that this was my afternoon snack:
LOTS of trader joes veggie tortilla chips and black bean dip. i am not kidding when i say lots. i generally cant go more than three hours without food and i was still miserably full a good four hours after this munchfest.

somehow i still managed to find room for dinner. ;]
i baked up a sweet potato with spinach. bbq sauce. peppers. mushrooms. carrots. and pineapple. this picture is terribly awkward but youll just have to believe me when i say this was delicious.

and now i think were pretty much updated. woo.

since my afternoon snack was so much bigger than usual maybe i wont be AS snacky tonight.

hahahahahahahahaha. who are we kidding.

it was cold and dreary all day today so i just wasnt feelin a run in the frigidness so i did some level three shredin and core yoga this afternoon. i was a hot mess afterward. love.

i think ive bumbled on for long enough. hope all is well on that side of the screen.

hasta la vista my wee petunias.

whats your favorite floooooower?

im a sucker for poppies.

poppies at the cutest little winery just outside of rome.


busy busy bee.
March 23, 2009, 9:57 pm
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hi guys and dolls.

we have much to chat of so lets get to it.

edys fudge tracks. cereal!!! and newmans own organics newman os. peanut butter style. [see below for a bit more].

then i went back for more cereal. this times two:

awkward combo? maybe. but i still ate a boatload. nom.

newmans own organics peanut butter newman os.
these were super good. as one would imagine they taste quite similar to oreos. but without all the ridiculous ingredients. peanut butter. chocolate. cookie. what more could you ask for? the only downside was that a serving was two. who only eats two cookies? not this girl. nu uh.

i crashed and woke up yesterday morning to some yoga. refreshing.

this breakfast was the bomb diggity. toasted bagel with peanut butter and strawberries. blueberries. and banananananana.

then i was all set to go out for my long run. but the weather thought otherwise. i nibbled throughout the morning and FINALLY got to head out for my run three hours after planned. obnoxious.

i pounded out ELEVEN miles [woo. new distance pr.] in straight up an hourandahalf. i was draggin the beginning but once i got my ass in gear it was a pretty great run all around. i did a fiveandahalfish mile loop. twice. so once i finished the first lap i was in front of my house and i enjoyed this midrun snack:
i ate about a third of the clif bar before the run. a third midrun. and a third post run. it worked out quite nicely. it was my first time eating midrun. i definitely thought it helped me keep my energy up for the second half. but that could just be the placebo effect? that yellow cup is full of water. fyi.

cathmeister had a meeting in the next town over. aka a much more legit town than mine. so i tagged along and sipped a latte at panera while she met.

i discreetly captured a photo on my mac so that i didnt have to be the creepy loner girl in the corner taking pictures of her latte.

during this time i was fixin to register for my half since i had been putting it off to see if my hip would be able to handle the distance/training and i was devastated to find out that IT WAS FULL! i freaked out my friends. freaked. out. i emailed everyone i could from the ‘contact us’ section and did everything in my power to not burst into tears in the middle of panera. thankfully a nice chap emailed me back a few hours later and said that if i mailed in a registration form he would set me all up. PHEW.

cath and i hit up los agaves for dinner. typical momandpop mexican style restaurant. i got the pescado something or another.
tilapia [which was huge. its buried but took up well over half the bigass plate. at least the size of my head.] shrimp. zucchini. squash. peppers. onions. mushrooms? loads of butter. side salad. and all the usual mexican restaurant bells and whistles.

then we hit up target and i went to the grocery store again. because i needed bananas. somehow i managed to leave with much more? oops.

obviously dessert was necessary once i got home.

i started out with a honkin bowl of edys fudge tracks. cereal mix. and peanut butter. so good. so good.
and then i remembered that i had ran eleven miles so i had a couple more servings of cerealmix with strawberries and blueberries. check out my cute new bowl from target. loooooove clearance endcaps. :]

this morning cath and i set out on a bit of adventure. i was in dire need of a car. [since i totaled mine in november. stupid icy interstates. :/] we headed out bright and early this morning.

packed up breakfast. i am sooo loving the abundance of fruit i have at my disposal right now.

lunch was just at a random italian restaurant/bar. no picture because i just got a grilled chicken salad. nothing too special. but it did its job.

after several breakdowns on my end i finally got my car! yay. its an ohfour grey jetta. shes definitely got some lovin goin on by way of nicks and scratches but shes all mine and i am in love.

dinner was inspired by everyones favorite bender. COSI. oh my goodness. it was super good. no wonder jenn used to eat there all the time last spring. i got the ‘duo’. half fire-roasted veggie and a bowl of tomato basil soup. however they accidently made me a full sandwich. bummer. it was so good. i loved the soup. and i ended up plopping a bunch of the roasted veggies [zuke. squash. onions. peppers. eggplant. etc.] into the soup and then using the flatbread to scoop it all out.
cath got the chicken bmt [basil mozzerella tomato] and loved every bite.
[she had the soup too!]

we did what we had to do.

since we were in the suburbs we hit up trader joes because its my all time favorite and i get to go about once a year. tragic. i got some good stuff so be ready for it. :]

now im plopped on the couch enjoying a bowl of delicious.
edys fudge tracks. banana. TRADER JOES DARKCHOCOLATEPISTACHIOTOFFEE. oh man. oh man. yes. its as good as it sounds.

for some reason this dish of amazing does nothing for my hunger so ill probably raid the kitchen in a tick. the camera battery is for sure charging so pictures just arent gonna happen. rest assured it will be delicious.

wow. ive eaten out a whole sackload in the past few days which is so out of the ordinary for me. when im at school i DO NOT eat out. ever. cath and i have just been out and about so much that we dont have many other options ya know. this girls gotta eat.

whats your favorite restaurant?

we have a cute little place on campus called za’s. its got soups. salads. sandwiches. pasta. and pizza [!!!] and everything is customizable. i dont know if its my all time favorite restaurant but i do enjoy myself every time i go there. i love being able to get exactly what i want when i eat out.

au revior my pretties.

p.s. check out this barney butter giveaway. woo.
and this favorite things giveaway. zing.


i hadnt burnt my thumb. ow.

anyways. hello. top o the mornin. erm..evening?

hope everyone had/is having/will continue to have a swell saintpatrickday!

im always behind.
lets take a quick journey back to yesterday morn.

hello monday.

babies for breakfast. nom!
aka cottage cheese and blues and fone. [iber takes too long to type?]

pear for some serious snackage on my walk back to my apartment from class. i was going to eat it in class but i refrained from munchcrunching the poor chap next to mes ear off.

i picked up a shift for a girlie at work so i packed up this romaine/spinach salad with chicken and black beans salsa zukes summer squash carrots peppers etc.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand some pretzels and a cutie for good measure.
im all out of those pretzels now and am sad. they were quite convenient and on sale for super cheap at meijer a while back [i never would have bought them otherwise].

work was pretty alright. i started to snap a few pictures of the joint so get ready for a cupcaketastic post in the near future.

we had a sign out about ordering our chocolate stout cupcakes for the festivities today and a guy who works at a restaurant across the street came in to talk to me about them. apparently they make a stout cake over in those parts. any which way. he thought it was the bees knees that we had similar cupcakes and so a few hours later he brought me back a big ole honkin piece of his cake for me to try. im not huge into cake. id much rather have a cookie or ice cream or chocolate. but who am i to turn down a gift? i was trying to get a picture but a customer came in. heres the box he brought it over in though. cute:

after i got home from work i wasnt starved but thought i should eat something dinneresque.
turkey. bbq sauce. veggies. all on a sandwich thin. with grapes. i had sooo many more than that. and some leftover carrot and pepper pieces.

get ready for some monotony in the next few days as i use up what i got here in the apartment before SPRING BREAK. WOO.

late night snackies. h2h. probar crumbles. lindt seventypercentdark. peanutbutter!!! apples slices. etc. [i thought this probar was loads better than the first flavor i tried. check it out yall. haha. ‘AMAZING GRASS.’ i suppose ‘SAMBAZON’ is pretty fun as well.]

and lord knows i went back for way more peanut butter. had to make a dent in the new jar. you know how it is.

i ended the evening with some nice detox yoga. it was a pretty lowkey day on the exercise front [as my mondays always are].

this morning i woke up and opted for some cereal. which is weird. because i never actually eat cereal when its to be expected. ill blame the hormones.
heaven. otherwise known as kashi h2h. fone. frozen banana. dried berries [last of the bag. tragic.] and chopped almonds. oh. any soymilk. yum.

then i went for a fabulous sixmiler. it took me fiftytwominutes ish based on the clock when i left and returned but i had to jog in place for FIVE full red lights. obnoxious for sure.

and um. hello gorgeous weather. it was highsixties/lowseventies all day long. with a nice cool breeze. i was so happy. yay yay yay.

in not so happy news. i managed to bleed all up in my shoe. the same thing happened in the other shoe a few weeks back. classy. [at least now theyre balanced?]

bleeding makes me hungry. or maybe running six miles does. or maybe breathing does. yeah. im gonna go with that one.

lunch was three eggies scrambled up with black beans. random veggies. turkey. and salsa. garnished with my roommates hot sauce. super good. and the rest of last nights apple cinnamized.

a cutie. my fav clif. an iced coffee/latte of sorts. and water. all packed up for class. i didnt end up eating the clif though. dont worry. its time will come. mwahahaha. ?

dinner was sooo good. i had a butternut squash that needed to get eatin before heading home for break so i roasted the whole thing up. then i mixed up some chickpeas. pepper. corn. and carrot. with some rice wine vinegar and bbq sauce and let the flavors all meld together. after the squash was ready to i plopped my mixture into the seedcubbiehole and popped it back into my toven [oaster takes too long to type?] and broiled it for a few minutes. SO GOOD. too bad i totally burnt my thumb off through the pot holder. i mean towel. that i was using to get it out of the toven. totally worth it though. i had some grapies to go along. picture that wee dish times thirtyseven. give or take.

now im just sort of hangin out. realizing that i ramblepost. sorry yall.

i think im going to do some yoga now.
i think youre going to go check out the jenns stellar giveaway.

that is all.

wait. no its not.

as much as i appreciate when everyone posts teabag/dovechocolate wrapper/etc wisdom i prefer to get mine elsewhere.

talk about a great product. leakage protection and motivation all rolled into one.

hahaha. sorry im so crude.

now for real. that is all.


i mean catch up.

i have a lot of that to do.

i have waaaaaay too many pictures of food from thursday friday saturday and today so ill just pick the best ones from the bunch.

thursday i woke up to some fab fig/pistachio oaties.
we all know what oats look like. but before i added the bulk of my toppings i tried to make the bowl look classy so youre gonna look at them gosh darnit!


then i went for a nice six mile run. did some quick arm weight doodles. and eventually came home and did some yogaaaa.

lunch was leftover subway [ovenroastedchickenbreast – wheat] and a delicious apple.

i snicksnacked on a larabar in class and then came home to the most superb dinner!!

a big ole spinach/romaine salad with roasted veggies and pineapple and turkey meat. of course i had to have some kashi lovebites on the side. what made the salad was the super dressing i managed to concoct. bbq sauce. rice wine vinegar. hummus. and a splash of pineapple juice. it was heavenly.

i ended the night with a h2h. chocochunk. dried berrie medley.
and the rest of this:
peanut butter monster for sure.

friday was mostly the usual. oats. turkey wrap. clems. random nibbles. etc etc.

then i headed home for the weekend. wooo!

only not. because i came home to this:
slim pickins yall.

heres the deal. the cathmeister was on a two week cruise throughout the holy lands so there was no food to be found. oy ve.

i managed to whip up a beautious bowl of lovin though.
sweet potato [surprise surprise] with black beans frozen veggies and salsa! nom.

then there was lots of this:
and this:
and this:img_0057

and maybe an ice cream bar i found in the back of the freezer.
hey i was lonely. mum needed to come back to the states. asap.

at some point in the munching i took a break long enough to do jillian michaels thirtydayshred. level three. i love her. girl knows how to make me sweat.

saturday morning i woke up to some scrumptious peanutbutterybananesquedriedcranberryoatgoodness and then headed off to my lovely galpals baby shower. [eep! twins!] lots of typical large social gathering food was consumed. casseroles and such. definitely not my thing. but i had just ran six miles so i managed. the large table of cookies help. ;]

i got home. did some yoger and cleaned up the house for the arrival of my mamacita. all the while munching away on chocolate and an apple and some more cereal because its what i do.

dinner was an eggiescramble with lots of veggies and blackbeans and a frozen waffle with peanut butter and jel schmeared on top.

after the meister returned home and we gabbed about her travels i settled in for a snack or several.
airplane toblerones. schwing!

there was lots more cereal and peanut butter too. but that goes without saying.

this morning was obviously more oats after a divine yoga sesh.
then i ran ten miles. this was my third time running this distance but today it was excruciating. my legs were so heavy and my nose is still a drippin away. i thought the run would never end. i still managed to pound out around eightthirty miles so i suppose i cant complain.

lunch was delicious considering what i had [or didnt have] to work with since rather than stocked up on groceries while i was out running for an hour and a half cath decided to get herself hardees for lunch. grumblegrumble.

packet of tunerfish all mixed up with salsa. kashi lovebites. a bigass apple. and some carrots. munchcrunchyum.

then on the trip back to school i had a cinnamon dolce latte from starbucks. so good so good. and lots of snickysnacks. yum.

once back i decided i needed some green so i had a little dinner of sort though i really wasnt all that hungry.
lotsa random veggies on a sandwich thin and grapes. i ate a hoard of the veggies in the chopping process. mmm. fresh!

the night is young so im sure the kitchen raid will soon begin.

yowzah. i definitely need to figure out how to upload pictures onto my mac without doing so via my printer because once im home for spring break homegirl is gonna have to lots of good eats to show!

well. ive babbled and drabbled on for long enough.
so now i will direct your attention elsewhere:
sweet british bar giveaway alert!


wet dog.
March 10, 2009, 8:51 pm
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check out what i received in the mail the other day!! :]


my great swag from the heather/marks giveaway from way back when.
thanks again you two!
[yeah. i alphabetized them for the picture. oy. i need a hobby.]

since i know youre all curious [/horribly concerned] yes..im still sick. its a total buzzkill.

i started my morning off with a great twentyminute power vinyasa flow [number four] from yogadownload. perfect.

tuesday morning means no class til three so PLENTY of time to make my favorite oaties. delicious as always.

after piddling around for a bit and then polishing off my fig stash i got my workout on in hopes of sweating this crud out of me. it was a pretty chill workout since i didnt want to die. success!

lunch was sort of weird. i guess you could call it a lettuce wrap? im seriously low of food these days so my carb options were slim to none so i threw some hummus. turkey. carrots. and pepper on a big ole romaine leaf. on the side i had half an apple with hummus and one of my favorite combos: kashi fireroastedvegetable crackers with cottage cheese. i love salty crunchy things with cottage cheese. bbq chips and/or tortilla chips are definitely the bestttt.

i ended up rolling up the lettucething and smoking it it. wait. no.

class snacks included a cutie and half of arts original blend it seems. i wasnt sure what to expect. i mean there are papayas and such on the wrapper but i hadnt really read the ingredients. it was pretty interesting. i think i need to have the other half to fully decide on it. i cant wait to try the rest of the flavors! oh. and this was my first experience with carob chips. as far as i can tell theyre good but its hard to say because this bar had LOTS of flavors going on. [fyi i just brought the part in the baggie but i thought the wrapper was cute and i was just feelin the orange vibe.]

class. class. group meeting at the library.

and then just to solidify the fact that im NEVER going to get better i got poured on for a good fifteen minutes on my walk home tonight. [way to forget your umbrella. nincompoop.] now im smelly and damp. herein lies the inspiration for this posts title.

dinner was super scrumptious. flatout bbq chicken pizza with carrots and peppers and pineapple and such. on spinach. yum. and of course i could not resist more of my stolen fruit. its all gone except a couple of blackberries that ive been saving. so sad. but i certainly enjoyed it while it lasted.

well. nature calls. and by nature i mean college.

wet dog. over and out.

oh hey. its me.

hey my bad.
things were gettin crazydaisy on this end.

i managed to take two pictures over the course of friday and saturday.
breakfast each day of course. at least i started off well?

fridays frozen banana frozen blueberry cottage cheese cereal jumble.
that was the last of my kashi golean. and im out of crunch too. sad.

then i ate lots of other things. delicious im sure. use your imagination!

saturdays breakfast was a yum bowl of naneroats with peanut butter and coffee. notice the line in the peanut butter. weird. maybe because i had just opened the jar. saturday morning. new jar. well discuss this more later.

then i had to jet off to an all day workshop of sorts for the college of media. stimulating. heh.

i did manage to swipe a few extra boxed up lunches on my way for the superb fruit it had. mmm. dont worry. its comin up.

sunday morning i woke up still sick. but im a silly goose.
so i made this yummy oatmeal and then after a bit of digestion and a few too many figs i headed out for another ten mile run.

still being sick and all i should NOT have ran i know. but it was so niiiice outside. oops. it wasnt the most attractive of runs. me hacking up phlegm and coughing all the while. mmmm. i sure know how to paint a pretty picture. eh?

im blaming the fact that im still sick on that run.
im also blaming my tight ass on that run. ;]

lunch was a fab flatoutwrap stuffed with eggwhites and a bit of yolk [creepy. but it broke.] and salsa and spinach. alongside i had a hunk of carrot i had in the fridge with hummus and pretzels. and some of the stolen fruit. delicious.

then during my intense afternoon of school work i had some kashi h2h and frozen blues.

and a cherry tootsie pop! cherry are definitely my favorite flavor so i love when valentines day rolls around since you can get a whole bag of JUST cherry. hot damn.

dinner seems to have been a FIESTA salad of sorts. i cooked up some chicken and peppers and carrots and corn and black beans on the stove with some lime juice and spices and such. and then plopped it on romaine/spinach with pretzels and salsa. ole.

!!! i love this ice cream. edys loaded butterfinger. i die. [hahahaha. rachel zoe you crazy.] with fiber one. because i can. i ate waaaaaay more than this. its so good. so good.

unpictured eats of the day included but were not limited to:
lots of figs. [almost out. must steal more from work!]
half a lindt dark chocolate bar.
the last of my cashew stash.
and uh..half a jar of peanut butter?! well. minus two scoops. for breakfast saturday and sunday.
as i mentioned earlier i opened the jar on saturday morning. and somehow throughout the day managed to polish off half of the damn thing.
word to the wise: dont just leave a jar of peanut butter with a spoon in it out on your desk while you work on your huge midterm project that you put off until the last minute. crazy things happen.


this morning i had more of the usual fruit cottage cheese cereal thang. i took the picture premix because it looks nicer.

but then i realized i like to keep it legit. this is what i eat yall.

obligatory class snackies.

i pulled a bagel out of the freezer and made a hummus veggie turkey bagelwich with some more of that fruit from saturday. doesnt it look so good?! i was flabbergasted when i opened up my box on saturday to find not only melon and pineapple but berries and kiwi and the likes.

a lot of one of these went into my nose. a lot of the other went into my nose.
ill let you decide.

it was gettin close to dinner time but i couldnt hold out so i had a snack. or two. or three.

lots of crunchin and saltin and sweetin goin on over here.

dinner was divine and another go at the congestioncoughingscratchythroat comfort food.

sweet po with broccoli black beans and corn. all jazzed up with some chili powder.

and now its about time for some yoga and peanut butter.
not together. well..maybe? ill try just about anything once.


oh. and check out this stellar giveaway.
i want to win so badly. ive been dying to
try pb2 and barney butter and that tea!!

and the darlin honeynutlo is doin a NOLA-themed giveaway. too fun.

santa got sick.

when i was in second grade i co-authored a story entitled ‘santa got sick’.
the premise of the story was..santa got sick.

well move over santa because erin got sick.

thats right folks ive got it all.
cough: check.
sore throat: check.
achy body: check.
headache: check.
major congestion: check.

i am starting to feel much better than i have the past thirtysix hours or so though. yay for that.


here are most..erm..some of my eats since we last chitted and chatted.
imagine copious amounts of peanut butter and chocolate and frozen bananas for throat easing purposes [just the bananas were for the throat. the chocolate and peanut butter were for my soul.]

i really like this picture. haha.
here we have a mix of cottage cheese. kashi golean. kashi heart to heart. frozen blueberries. and frozen banana. super yum.

nice little snicksnack to get me through my morning classes.

flatout wrap stuffed with romaine. spinach. peppers. carrots. chicken. balsamic. etc. extra carrots and peppers on the side with salsa. and apple chunks.

this is when i started to feel like death so comfort food was very much in order. baked sweet potato with chickpeas and bbq sauce. all atop some wilted spinach and cinnamon coated apples. divine.

and then the snacking began. popcorn. cereal. chocolate. etc. you know the drill.

wow wow wow. so good. chocolate covered pretzels and peanut butter get me EVERYTIME. picture this. times a million. because thats how many i ate. :]

simple banana oats with a fig and peanut butter.

a ‘green’ smoothie. which was not green at all. too many blueberries. not enough spinach. also contained more frozen banana. soymilk. and chocolate protein powder. topped with a heap of kashi golean.

class fuel. kashi h2h. almonds. dried berries. and of course a cutie.

all i wanted for dinner was soup but i have none. so i cooked up some carrots. asparagus. corn. peas. and tofu. and mixed it all up with lots of tomato sauce and spices. and pretended it was soup. alongside i had a sandwich thin for dipping.

i burnt my tongue on the damn ‘soup’ so i think some ice cream is my near future. out of necessity of course.

ETA: yep. we got some edys loaded butterfinger goin on up in here. drool.

also. somewhere in that mishmosh i did an hour on the arc trainer. ran fourandahalf miles. and did two twenty minute yoga sessions. woo. go me.

i only intended on doing the arctrainer for fortyfive minutes but i got sucked into the damn episode of without a trace. i had to know which twin killed her!

and the run that took place this morning should not have happened. because well..im sick. but it was SO nice outside today and i wont be able to run tomorrow or saturday due to my schedule. ergo i ran today. feeling like death. and into intense gusts of wind. but running always makes me feel better so i did what i had to do. haha.

sorry for such a spastic lame post but now i must depart.

i will leave you with this.

[i just noticed what a scrub i am. nice water spill in the background.]